Ceiling Light Stays On When Switch Is Off

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With the increased cost of electricity these days, no one wants to waste electricity.

However, wasting electricity doesn’t just affect the cost but can also be dangerous. Certain electrical malfunctions lead to the destruction of property or loss of lives.

 Your light switch must be appropriately connected to the light to function correctly. A malfunction in your electrical circuit can be a cause of wasted energy.

You get worried in situations where you notice your ceiling light is still on after you’ve turned the switch off.

Your ceiling light stays on after putting the switch off because of its wiring. The proper connection is having the light connected to the switched leg conductor. When the light is connected directly to the hot wire, it maintains the electrical current whether the switch is on or off.

Why Is The Ceiling Light Still On When The Switch Is Off?

Ceiling Light Stays On When Switch Is Off

Whenever you notice this malfunction of your ceiling light is on even after turning the switch off, your first concern should be the wiring.

The ceiling light is supposed to be connected to the switched leg conductor for it to work.

However, if you make the error of connecting the light to a hot ceiling wire, it will remain turned on. 

The switched leg conductor is the main reason the switch affects the light. You must ensure the light is well connected to the conductor for the switch to sync with the light.

When the switch gets turned off, the conductor stops the current flow. So your light remains on after the switch is off, the conductor may have a problem.

When the light gets directly connected to the hot wire, it maintains an electrical current regardless of the state of the switch.

This undisturbed electrical current flow is because the switch doesn’t affect the hot wire.

As long as there’s nothing in the way of the current, it’ll keep flowing steadily. You must trace the hot wire and check the connection to confirm if this is the actual problem.

LED Ceiling Light Stays On When Switch Is Off?

 The switch is designed to put off your light bulb completely. The connection between it and the conductor is supposed to stop the flow of electric current to your light.

In situations where you notice your LED light still on after turning the switch off, you may get bothered.

However, there’s no need to panic as this isn’t as complicated or serious as you think. 

Your LED light bulb is a form of the fluorescent bulb with a residual glow. When you turn the switch off, the filament takes time before cooling.

As a result of the filament being hot, the LED light glows faintly.

The LED ceiling light has been designed in a way that it stores electrical energy. The phosphor layer of this bulb is responsible for storing energy in the form of visible light.

Unfortunately, this stored energy gives out the afterglow effect, making some people think it’s still on.

The wiring also plays a vital part in regulating if the bulb will stay on when the switch is off.

If the bulb has an afterglow after removal from the socket, it’s due to the LED driver. You need to check your installation if it goes off when removed from the socket.

The continuous glow of the LED light can be because of the dimmer, type of light switch, or a wrongly connected cable or switch.

Neon Ceiling Light Stays On When Switch Is Off?

The wiring is the primary cause of your neon ceiling light staying on after the switch is off.

The electrician must adequately install the electrical to ensure that your light acts following the switch. The faulty switch during connection will not let your neon light go off.

The neutral and earth wire must be tightly bonded and correctly. If the polarities get reversed, it’ll cause malfunctioning of your light.

In addition, an electromagnetic induction (EMI) may lead to picking up residual electricity from the cables. Your switch must be connected appropriately to ensure its good performance.

Here is why LED and Neon ceiling lights stay on after the switch is turned off:

LED Ceiling LightNeon Ceiling Light
Wrong wiringNot connecting to the load side
Residual electricityElectrical circuit problem
High resistanceWiring the switch wrongly
Operating temperatureWiring to the permanent feed terminal

How Do You Know If A Ceiling Light Switch Is Bad?

Light switches are vital for every house and serve a long time. Unfortunately, we tend not to pay it much attention until it gets faulty and needs to get replaced.

Therefore, it is essential to be observant and know when your light switch gets faulty.

Once your hand comes in contact with a bad light switch, you’ll know because the switch toggle lever will feel different.

Your ceiling light switch consists of moving parts that will wear down over time. After a long period of use, their connections begin to fail, and the plastic parts will get broken.

There are clear signs you’ll see in a light switch that needs replacement.

When connections begin to get loose, your switch begins to flicker. It’ll turn on immediately sometimes, and it fluctuates before turning on.

You will occasionally notice a tiny spark when you flip the switch on. This small spark is due to the load arc; the switch’s connections are pulling away.

If you turn your switch on and notice a large spark with an audible “pop, ” you need a replacement.

If this spark gives out smoke, you should immediately get an electrician for a switch change.

Switches in good condition don’t make noises. Therefore if you hear any snapping, clicking, or buzzing, you have a faulty switch. 

The ceiling light switches are usually cool when touched. However, if it begins to feel warm, the switch has gone defective.

A multimeter is a trusted device to check if your switch is bad. Either call an electrician or use the multimeter to verify the state of your switch.

How To Fix If Ceiling Light Stays On When Switch Is Off?

When you notice abnormalities in your ceiling light function, it is imperative to fix them immediately.

For example, should your light stay on when the switch is off, it has to be corrected, or the bulb may get damaged.

If you don’t have any knowledge of electrical connections, then you should get an electrician.

Primarily, the cause of the light being on after the switch is off is because of wrong wiring.

You should check this by opening the switch box and checking the connection of wires. The faulty wiring must get fixed immediately once discovered.

Firstly you must trace the position of the hot wire that the light is wrongly connected. The next thing to do is, check for the switched leg conductor.

After identifying these two, you’ll make a proper reconnection. The ceiling light should be connected to the switched leg conductor to regulate current flow. 

Ensure you can differentiate these two wires to avoid endangering yourself because of a bad connection.

Connecting the light to the switched leg conductor will ensure that the light is in tune with the switch. 


The proper procedures to follow when your ceiling light stays on when the switch is off. When you take note of the proper steps, your ceiling light will serve you for a long time.

However, if you’re unsure or inexperienced, employ an electrician’s services. Electrical corrections done wrongly or neglected are fire hazards and should be avoided.

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