Is Centura By Corning Microwave Safe? (Let’s See)

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Pyroceram or glass-ceramic dishes are cherished by people who have a thing for dish sets; silverware, glassware, and chinaware.

These cookware sets add a unique and classy touch to your kitchen and dinner table when it’s time for a meal. Although, it’s crucial to note that you cannot use all cookware on gas tops or microwaves.

But this all depends on their heat resistance capacity, which may be low or extremely high.

They need to know if you can use specific cookware in the microwave that is not different from the Centura By CorningWare. Because it is crucial to the dinner set; if it’ll last long or crack once it gets hot.

No, Centura by Corning is not microwaved safe as it does not possess sufficient heat resistance. There have been recorded cases of Centura dishes cracking when exposed to extremely high temperatures. However, other CorningWare dishware is thermal resistant and is microwave safe; unfortunately, this is not the case for the Centura.

Is Centura By Corning Microwave Safe?

Is Centura By Corning Microwave Safe

No, it’s quite unfortunate that Centura by Corning is not microwaving safe. Aside from the microwave, it’s not advisable to use the cookware on stovetops or direct heat.

The reason is that this stoneware dish cannot withstand high temperatures, unlike another CorningWare dishware.

Aside from microwaves, the Centura is also not dishwasher safe for dishwashers. After prolonged use of the dishwasher to clean the cookware depletes the dish and reduces its lifespan in the long run.

But, it’s safe to use the Corelle dinnerware set on your stovetop or oven. You can take the CorningWare straight from the fridge, onto the stovetop, the table, and finally into the dishwasher.

The versatility of this glassware is what makes it unique.

The latest pyroceram, glassware by CorningWare, has various patterns and designs and has a blue cornflower logo.

Most people easily differentiate the corning ware from other stereotypes with neatly arranged patterns on each cookware.

It mustn’t have the designs all over the body, and it could be underneath or in the center.

Pyroceram is the best material for corning ware because it has an extremely high thermal resistance most ceramics possess.

Hence, you don’t need to worry about the plates cracking on their own except when subjected to high pressure. 

What Is Corning Centura?

Centura By Corning or Corning Centura is a glassware dish known for its remarkable features, crack resistance, and unique appearance.

It was first produced in Japan during the late 1960s, but Centura is now a vintage piece. Centura might be mistaken for various CorningWare today, but they’re not the same.

 This set of cookware was the first manufactured by CorningWare. Unfortunately, they had to halt the production as customers complained of low thermal resistance.

Even though most CorningWare today is still made from glass-ceramic material or Corelle. Now, there are a lot of differences between the Centura and Corelle.

The corning Centura has several distinguishing features like;

#1. Thermal Resistance

Unfortunately, the vintage Centura Corning does not possess enough thermal resistance for a microwave.

Unlike other CorningWare, which are made from programs with a thermal resistance of above 200°F. This temperature is suitable enough to withstand cracks or breakage.

It’s rare to hear of broken or cracked CorningWare dishes as they’re solid and glazed.

However, although the Corning Centura has some thermal resistance, it is not enough to use on the stove or microwave. So, it’s best to restrict this dinner set’s use as only serving bowls.

But, of course, it doesn’t mean that you should go around bouncing your CorningWare on the floor. You’ll hear a crack if you decide to try.

#2. White Appearance

For a while, the signature of Centura dishes was the pure white appearance. Once you spot a white glazed plate, you could almost equate it to being Centura, and you may be right.

But, on the contrary, there are a few available colors of the vintage Centura Corning other than the signature white.

The other colors are rarer than the usual white-colored dinnerware. Centura by Corning are vintage pieces that have to be scouted for before finding, and it’s even more tedious for colorful sets.

#3. Signature Blue Logo

The  Centura is vastly available in the Blue cornflower pattern, among others. It was produced as saucers, soup pans, serving plates, bowls, e.t.c.

Thus, it provides a wide variety of designs to choose from.

#4. Three Pin Glaze Marks

The glass-ceramic material used to produce the infamous Centura undergoes glazing during production.

So, naturally, the vintage Centura Corning is self-glazing as it is formed under high pressure. So, sources say that the glazing leaves three pin marks at the bottom of each Centura cookware. 

This mark indicates where it sat while baked in the oven.

Is All CorningWare Microwave Safe?

The majority of the dinnerware by CorningWare is microwave and oven safe due to high thermal resistance.

Whether it’s the CorningWare casserole dish or the serving plate, they can withstand heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

This feature makes it a suitable choice for people who like to diversify their glassware with the three-in-one feature.

It would help to know that the thermal resistance of each brand of CorningWare depends on its material.

So even though most dishes are made with glass-ceramic, some are tailored to meet a specific need.

Of course, it’s hard to remove thermal resistance from the CorningWare cookware because of its origin; pyroceram.

The glass-ceramic is an extremely tough material that is best for the ability to withstand heat. However, one must be careful in handling such dishes.

 Always use the appropriate mittens and kitchen towels to lift the dish from the microwave or stovetop to avoid getting scorched.


Finally, we now understand that Corning by Centura is not microwave, oven, or even stovetop safe.

Due to one of the many shortcomings of first editions of products, it’s not surprising that it’s this way.

Consequently, CorningWare cookware is microwave safe except for Centura after a little trial and error.

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