Does Charmin Clog Toilets? (Must Know, Before Flushing)

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Having toilet paper that won’t clog your toilet is vital to keeping your water supply running smoothly and saving you money.

So if you’re among the millions who love Charmin toilet paper, you may wonder if it can cause clogs in your bathroom toilet.

This article will answer that question and other questions you may have about why your toilet clogs and how long Charming takes to break down.

Charmin, a brand of toilet paper made by Procter & Gamble, is made not to clog your toilet. Although it is more durable than other toilet paper, it is a kind of toilet paper that breaks down by itself, so it won’t clog your toilet if you use it correctly. However, if you use it excessively, it can clog the toilet. 

Does Charmin Cause Clogs in Toilets? 

Does Charmin Clog Toilets

No, Charmin does not cause clogs in toilets. Charmin manufacturers designed them to be flushable and septic-safe.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not you should switch to Charmin, the answer is yes!

Charmin’s 3-ply toilet paper and flushable wipes can block toilets and plumbing. However, 1-ply or biodegradable toilet paper is less likely to clog your toilet.

Although possible that any toilet paper could cause a clog if you use too much at once, the amount of Charmin needed to create a clog is significantly higher than with other brands. 

That is because Charmin is ultra-absorbent, meaning it can take in more water more quickly.

So, while it may take a little longer to use up a roll of Charmin, you’re less likely to run into problems down the line. The best way to avoid toilet paper clogs is to use only as much as you need.

Use a few sheets in one sitting, and it’s unlikely you’ll ever have any issues with your pipes or toilet or wait several minutes before flushing after doing your business.

The longer time allows extra moisture on top of your toilet paper to dissipate into the toilet water.

Toilet paper that’s too small can cause problems since it can get caught in your plumbing pipes and lead to a clog.

It’s also worth noting that even toilet paper marketed as flushable can clog your pipes.

So, if you’re having issues with clogs in your home, you may want to consider replacing your plumbing and sewer lines before switching toilet paper brands.

Why Is Toilet Paper Clogging My Toilet?

Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper, 24 Family Mega Rolls = 123 Regular Rolls

Toilet paper clogging your toilet is a common problem. However, there are a few reasons why your toilet paper may be clogging your toilet. 

#1. Excessive use of toilet paper.

Using excess toilet paper can create a blockage in pipes. If you use too much of it, the toilet paper doesn’t break down fast enough, and waste gets stuck in the toilet, causing your toilet to clog.

#2. A low-flow toilet.

In a low-flow toilet, the water flowing through the pipes is insufficient to flush all the toilet paper away.

In addition, they don’t have enough flush pressure to push all the waste down the drain; if you don’t flush it with enough force, it gets stuck.

#3. Old or damaged pipes.

If your pipe is old or damaged, it can clog your toilet paper.

#4. Thick toilet paper.

Some brands of toilet paper are thicker than others, which can cause problems if your toilet manufacturer didn’t design it to handle thicker paper.

#5. Plumbing issues.

If there is a problem with your plumbing, it can also result in toilet paper clogging your toilet.

Now that the possible causes of toilet paper clogging your toilet are known, you should know that there are things that you can do to fix it.

The good news is that it’s usually easy to fix a clogged toilet, and you can often fix it without calling a plumber.

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#1. How to Fix Toilet Paper Clogging?

  • One way to avoid future paper clogs is to use less toilet paper and flush once. If your clog persists, try plunging or using a chemical de-clogging agent before you call a plumber.
  • If you have a low-flow toilet, reduce the amount of toilet paper you use or upgrade your toilet to a newer one.
  • Try flushing your toilet with hot water.
  • Put on rubber gloves and reach into the toilet with a plunger or a hanger to remove the paper clog. Once you’ve removed the clog, flush the toilet again to ensure everything is clear.
  • If you have a septic tank, don’t flush any paper down your toilet. Instead, use toilet paper made from recycled fibers, or switch to all-natural alternatives like sea sponges and reusable cotton rounds. These products are environmentally friendly and won’t clog your pipes.
  • If you have an older toilet, your best bet is to replace it. It isn’t a massive project, but it’s also not something you can do in one afternoon. Even if you don’t plan to replace your toilet immediately, keep plenty of plungers on hand and learn how to plunge a toilet like a pro.
  • Try using a thinner brand of toilet paper. 
  • Also, check if there is anything on top of or in front of your water intake valve. It could be causing extra back pressure that prevents your toilet from flushing correctly.

How Long Does It Take for Charmin Toilet Paper to Dissolve?

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The Charmin toilet paper takes between 10 and 20 minutes to dissolve in water, but it can take much longer if the toilet paper gets stuck.

So although all toilet paper manufacturers make it break down in the pipes, manufacturers also try to make the toilet water last longer.

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Durable toilet paper takes longer to degrade, so you should use less. However, the rate at which it dissolves will depend on how much water is present.

Generally, a sheet of Charmin toilet paper should take about twenty minutes or less to dissolve entirely in a toilet bowl full of water. However, if there is less water present, it may take longer.

Which Brand of Toilet Paper Breaks down the Fastest?

The Scott 1000 is the fastest toilet paper brand to break down. It is a one-ply toilet paper that falls apart faster than any other.

If tested with water, after 15 minutes, Scott 1000 will break down into pieces so small that you won’t be able to pull anything out of the water.

Due to Scott 1000 being a one-ply toilet paper, if you use more of it in your toilet compared to thicker toilet paper, the Scott 1000 will still break down faster than the thicker toilet paper.

However, you can break Scott 1000 material down in a compost pile, so it’s suitable for people who want toilet paper without plastic.

Scott toilet paper is from materials that are safe for the environment; not only that, but it is the best RV and boat toilet paper available on the market. It is very absorbent, soft, and gentle on the skin and doesn’t have a smell.

Scott 1000 manufacturers made it with thinner sheets that dissolve four times faster than the average toilet paper.

That makes it ideal for septic and other plumbing systems where clogs can be a problem.

One reason Scott 1000 stands out is its price—it’s often less expensive than other fast dissolving toilet paper per roll basis.

That makes it an affordable option for your home, RV, or boat. In addition to its superior performance in septic systems and plumbing fixtures, Scott 1000 also has excellent softness and durability.

What Is the Best Toilet Paper That Won’t Clog Pipes?

Betterway Bamboo Toilet Paper 3 PLY - Eco Friendly, Sustainable Toilet Tissue - 12 Double Rolls & 360 Sheets Per Roll - Septic Safe - Organic, Plastic Free, Compostable & Biodegradable - FSC Certified

If you’re looking for toilet paper that won’t clog your pipes, bamboo toilet paper is the best toilet paper there is that won’t clog your pipe.

However, before choosing the best toilet paper not to clog your pipe, you should keep a few things in mind.

First, look for toilet paper that is septic tank safe. Second, choose eco-friendly toilet paper. Third, look for toilet paper free of dyes and fragrances.

Fourth, make sure the toilet paper is strong and absorbent. Fifth, choose toilet paper that is soft and gentle on the skin.

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Since bamboo toilet paper manufacturers make them from organic bamboo, they don’t get stuck in toilets as quickly.

It also breaks down faster because it breaks down naturally. These bleach-free chemicals are better for your pipelines and septic systems.

Toilet paper made from bamboo also breaks down quickly in water. As a result, water won’t get stuck in your pipes because of clumps of toilet paper, making it safe for septic tanks.

However, some toilet paper brands, such as Scott, make a single product that breaks down faster in the pipes.


In summary, Charmin manufacturers designed this toilet paper to break down quickly and, as such, does not clog toilets.

However, this doesn’t mean you should use it excessively because using it in such a manner may result in clogging as the toilet paper is durable and thicker than some other brands.

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