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Are Coffee Grounds Good for Peace Lilies?

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Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 01:14 pm

When growing a plant knowing the best natural fertilizers suitable for it is fundamental. Peace lilies are lovely plants to have around, and applying certain substances is beneficial to their growth and health.

Thus, your quest to apply just the right substances to help yours grow better may have led you to wonder if coffee grounds could be good for peace lilies.

Coffee grounds are good for peace lilies. They provide them with many essential nutrients and many other important benefits needed just for the growth and maintenance of the plant.

Coffee grounds can serve as a fertilizer to peace lilies due to their many nutrients. Also, coffee grounds help in lowering the pH of the soil due to its acidity-rich contents.

Does a Peace Lily Like Coffee Grounds?

Peace lilies like coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are quite acidic, and peace lilies are lovers of acidic soils. When it comes to acidic contents, coffee grounds are best preferred because they contain an acidity range that is accepted by peace lilies. This acidity range is 5.8 to 6.0 on the pH scale.

Apart from the nutrients coffee grounds provide peace lilies with, they also help keep indoor pets, such as cats, away from the plant. Also, coffee grounds are used widely in reversing various kinds of leaf discolorations in peace lilies.

The most common type of discoloration in peace lilies is browning the tips of the leaves of the plant. Furthermore, coffee grounds aid in maintaining the acidity of the soil which also, in turn, maintains the pH of the peace lilies.

Also, coffee grounds are loved by peace lilies for the organic matter they provide. Organic matter increases aeration in the soil and boosts the water retention capabilities of the soil, making it suitable for peace lilies.

Another importance of coffee grounds for peace lilies is improving soil drainage by the organic matter they provide. Soil drainage is important for peace lilies as it helps in preventing water logging in the soil.

Proper soil drainage will help get the right amount of nutrients absorbed by peace lilies, thereby, helping in their metabolism and growth.

How Do You Put Coffee Grounds on Peace Lily Soil?

There are three proper ways or methods of applying coffee grounds to the soil. They include the following:

  1. Applying coffee grounds as compost
  2. Applying coffee grounds as a mulch
  3. Applying coffee grounds as a liquid fertilizer

Also, knowing how to put coffee grounds to the soil peace lilies are planted on is key in proper utilization.

As easy as applying coffee grounds may seem, it’s not a simple process. Peace lilies require a special method for putting coffee grounds in the soil they are planted on.

Without proper application of coffee grounds to the soil, peace lilies will lack the benefits that you would have provided if you applied the coffee grounds properly.

Spreading coffee grounds directly to the soil is not proper because coffee grounds are not easily dissolved in the soil, thus, requiring adding of other substances for increased dissolution.

Also, when spread directly, ants may carry most of the coffee grounds, and the ones available for the plant may not be enough, therefore, causing deficiency and leading to wastage.

So, it’s best to apply it properly. This is how you can do it:

1. To apply coffee grounds as compost, you can add 20% or more coffee grounds to either garden or kitchen waste.

2. This mixture makes the compost richer in nutrients because there is a combination of nutrients from the garden/kitchen waste and the nutrients provided by the grounds of coffee. Compost serves as an organic method of fertilizer application.

3. Putting coffee grounds as a mulch on peace lily soil requires mixing with organic matter, which could be leaves, branches, or wood chips, and then spreading over the soil.

Mulching is a very beneficial method of adding nutrients to the soil. It is the most popular method of fertilizer application.

4. One importance of mulching is that it increases the moisture content of the soil by increasing moisture retention. Also, mulching helps in promoting the growth of bacterial and microorganisms that are beneficial to plants.

5. Although, mulching is not usually considered for indoor plants such as peace lilies and others, it has no negative effects; thus, mulching can be used.

6. The method of applying coffee grounds in peace lilies as a liquid fertilizer is classified as the most suitable application method. This is because it is easily absorbed into the soil and is absorbed faster by the plant.

7. Two key ingredients are required, and that is water and coffee grounds, the steps involved in making the liquid fertilizer are listed below:

8. Take an empty container and fill it with water, then heat it until it simmers.

9. When water begins to simmer, remove it from the heat source and allow the water to cool down a bit.

10. Add coffee grounds into the water after leaving the water to cool down for up to 5 minutes.

11. Next, allow the mixture to stay for days while stirring occasionally.

12. Strain the mixture, pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and spray it to the plant when needed. Also, a spray bottle is preferred for easy spraying over the plant.

How Often Do You Put Coffee Grounds on Peace Lily Soil?

Coffee grounds can be applied to peace lilies twice or thrice a month. Nonetheless, the frequency of applying coffee grounds to peace lilies is predominantly dependent on the type of peace lily and the year’s season. In winter, the application ought to be reduced to prevent over-application and the possible effects that often come with it.

The main purpose of avoiding over-application is because coffee grounds can retain too much moisture in the soil, making the soil susceptible to fungal infections and pests.

Also, due to the acidity of coffee grounds, too much application can increase the pH of the soil above the requirement. This would affect peace lilies negatively and may sometimes destroy the plant completely.

What is the Best Fertilizer for a Peace Lily?

The best fertilizer required for a peace lily plant is one that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in equal quantities, preferably with a ratio of 20:20:20 diluted to one-half or one-quarter strength. Fertilizer in the above ratio will provide equal amounts of the nutrients to avoid imbalance in the nutrients available to the peace lily planted.

Coffee grounds do not contain all the nutrients required by peace lily. Therefore, you cannot use them without compensating with a real fertilizer. The application of coffee grounds should be from time to time.

The best fertilizer to use on a peace lily is one of the natural sources such as vegetable peel fertilizer and grass clipping fertilizers as they contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.


Coffee grounds are good for peace lilies as they provide important benefits such as maintaining the soil’s acidity. Also, they serve as an alternative source of nitrogen apart from the one found naturally in the soil.

But remember, although, coffee grounds are good, they do not provide all the required nutrients for peace lilies.


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