Comfort Aire Vs. Goodman (In-Depth Comparison)

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When purchasing home appliances and equipment, there is always a tendency to compare two similar appliances capable 0f serving the same purpose.

However, reliability, cost, size, performance, efficiency, and physical features are considered. 

Even though home appliances are inefficient, a more reliable brand always stands a better chance than another. The Comfort Aire and Goodman is a distinctive brand of contrast. 

Choosing between the Goodman brand and the Comfort Aire is usually based on individual preferences and needs. However, Goodman is a more reliable brand than Comfort Aire. It has outstanding efficiency levels and top SEER ratings and also comes with technology features to aid use. However, they are more expensive and complex to use than the Comfort Aire. 

Four Features That Distinguish Goodman From Comfort Aire Brand

Comfort Aire Vs. Goodman

Some features set these two very reliable brands for better reviews and recommendations.

They are unique in their performances, conveniences during usage, time management, mode of operation, cost, and even their respective manufacturers. 

They are both ranked by consumers to give satisfaction. They are cost-saving and economical, with the most exciting part being that you can get them within your budget or close to what you can afford.

First, let’s go through the distinguishing factors between these two very reliable brands without further ado.

#1. Efficiency

Regarding efficiency, the Goodman brand is rated a premium brand and ranks as the third most efficient, reliable, and more satisfactory than the Comfort Aire brand.

The Comfort Aire barely survives the listing and is preferred when no higher brand is readily available. 

#2. Technological Features

The exclusive technological features of the Goodman brand give it an edge over other high-end brands.

For example, the ComfortBridge technology is responsible for maximizing the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system. 

Air conditioners receive data from their system to aid performance and carry out self-adjustment functions. This makes it easier for the HVAC system to self-monitor performance.

The Copeland Ultratech scrolls have compressors that help to regulate the cooling and heating effects. It also enhances temperature and humidity control.

The Comfort Alert Diagnostic is a high-tech feature that helps identify faults and malfunction through LED lights to signal or show an error code. 

This way, potential faults on the HVAC units such as pressure, electrical, cooling, and heating cycle issues are addressed.

In addition, the CoolCloud HVAC  App is installed on mobile devices to help you remotely control and detect faults quickly without having to go through the stress of opening up your HVAC system. 

#3. Warranty Policy

Goodman brand also has a top-notch warranty policy that spans at least 10 years, primarily for premium tier models.

For instance, the GVXC20, GSXC18, and GSXC16 all have a 10-year part warranty, a 10-year warranty on unit replacement, and a lifelong compressor warranty. 

In addition, the GSX16, GSX14, and GSX13 models all have a warranty of 10 years for parts replacement and two years for a unit replacement.

Generally, the ideal warranty policy for the Goodman brand is between 10 and 15 years.

#4. Cost

No matter your price range, a Goodman product is always available. However, a Goodman usually costs at least $3000 and $5500 or more, specifically in states like Canada.

Generally, a Goodman air conditioner has a price tag ranging from $3188 to $4275, including all installation costs.

 Furthermore, since they have varying SEER ratings, noise levels, and efficiency, it is best to choose the most reliable model because it would reduce costs after purchase.

For instance, the premium GSX16 SEER 16 rating air conditioners cost not less than $3655.

Is Comfort Aire a Reliable Brand?

Comfort Aire is quite a fantastic brand. Hence, a series of five-star reviews are given daily concerning their products.

For example, a review on the Comfort Aire brand in Palm Spring shows that the products ensure consumer satisfaction is always met. 

So many positive reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers continue to spread on and on.

Most of these consumers go as far as recommending the Comfort Aire to others homeowners for all their air conditioning needs and help to boost confidence in its products.

Comfort Aire stands out regarding time management, delivery, installation processes, and professionalism. 

Comfort Aire brands are one of the trusted producers of most heating, cooling and dehumidification products.

They have been around for some decades and, over the years, have built confidence in the hearts of consumers for durability, high efficiency and performance, and energy management. 

They are not only helpful in homes but are essentials for commercial uses such as geothermal heating and cooling effects.

Its commercial usage spans offices, retail outlets, and other more extensive establishments.

Comfort Aire brand is so reliable that no matter your budget, you can be assured that there is a Comfort Aire air conditioning system for you. 

As a result, your home’s heating and cooling effects are easily covered without incurring so much cost.

Comfort Aire brands have a warranty of at least five years, within which owners are allowed to replace defective parts.

However, it does not include the maintenance and labor of the products. The warranty is known as the baseline warranty. The commercial warranty is viable for at least one year. 

The Comfort Aire company also manufactures and sells different air conditioning system parts. An insurance policy is much more potent when selling them out than a basic warranty policy.

The assurance plans could last two to ten years and cover labor and maintenance costs.

The product lines of the Comfort brand include central air conditioners such as:

  • RSG –R
  • RSN 13
  • RSG13
  • RSG14 and 
  • RSG16

On the other hand, the gas furnaces are rated on AFUE to have efficiency levels of 95%, 92%, and 80%. Heat pumps are usually of the same kind as central air conditioners.

They include:

  • HRN 13
  • HGR 13
  • HRG 14 
  • HRG 16

Lastly, the oil furnaces, a product line of Comfort Aire, is otherwise known as Patriot 80. The Comfort air brand started as far back as 1955, known as a Heat Controller.

However, it moved to Jackson, Michigan, and started manufacturing air conditioners and dehumidifiers under Comfort Aire. 

Heat Controller inc. went a step further to purchase a brand known as Century in 1975 and Atons in 2000.

Later, they merged with MARS, an HVAC components and accessories dealer. For now, Comfort Aire has its headquarters in Jackson with other warehouses in Ontario, Las Vegas, and Chicago. 

Is Goodman a Good AC Brand?

Goodman brands have been serving consumer needs for a very long time now. They are not only efficient but also very economical and reliable.

Regarding the strengths of Goodman brands, they are very energy efficient and have significant warranty policies for all their products.

Their products have high reliability and quality. Its technological features are top-notch.

These technological features include:

  • CoolCloud Air Conditioning App
  • Copeland  Ultratech Scroll Compressor
  • Comfort Alert  Diagnostics, and
  • ComfortBridge Technology

The Goodman brand has a variety of products consumers can easily choose from, such as single-stage models, double-stage HVAC systems, and other high-end speed models.

Unlike other brands, the Goodman brand is free of developing constant faults. Instead, they have continued to update and create room for improvements.

As a result, they are better described as entry-level economy brands. However, with the recent introduction of better products, Goodman now has high-end products such as variable speed models explicitly made for areas with hot or warm climates.

If getting a reliable, efficient, and quality air conditioning system with a good warranty policy is what you look for in purchasing an air conditioning system, then Goodman is a great option. 

Goodman brand has several high-end product lines up, which include;

  1. GVXC20
  1. GSXC18
  1. GSXC16
  1. GSX16
  1. GSX14
  1. GSX13

The various models of Goodman are entirely satisfactory and have distinguishing features.

They all differ in size, efficiency, cost, technological function, and use areas. For example, some models are best for areas with warmer climates, high humidity, and hotter temperatures. 

Goodman ModelFeatures
GVXC20This brand has a very long warranty policy. It is highly efficient and energy-saving. This model is also very efficient in an area with warmer temperatures. 
GSXC18The GSXC18 is the most energy-efficient of all Goodman brands. It has a top SEER rating of 19 guarantees and is cost-effective.
GSXC16This is cost-efficient and has a two-stage fan operation system. Also, it has a 17 SEER energy certification with a noise reduction feature. It offers a self-diagnostic unit.
GSX16This brand offers a single-speed compressor option with outstanding cooling and heating effect. They lack the necessary technological features.  
GSX14This brand is budget-friendly and cost-efficient. It has a SEER of 15. It is used by homeowners who require heavy cooling effects
GSX13This Goodman model is budget-friendly. It is needed mainly for an environment with high temperatures. It has a single-stage compressor option.

Another amazing feature of the Goodman premium brand is its low noise production feature, mainly attributed to the fact that they have double-stage compressors and a two-stage fan option.


Before any Goodman product is sent out for purchase, it is first subjected to a series of inspection processes and tested at least three times. 

The Comfort Aire and Goodman brands are great air con brands but differ in cost, efficiency, maintenance level, and warranty policy.

However, the Goodman brand is more efficient and reliable than the Comfort Aire.

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