Concord Furnace Troubleshooting! (Read This First)

The Concord furnace is reliable to warm the house during cold seasons. But in the long run, the concord furnace could begin to malfunction.

And sometimes, it’s advisable to look into the problem yourself before calling a technician. 

Hence, let’s delve into some troubleshooting hacks that will save you the cost of a repairman’s service.

Meanwhile, it would help if you had extra care while troubleshooting to avoid causing more problems.

Since furnaces need air and power to operate, power outage or blockage in airflow can stop the work of concord furnaces. If the concord furnace doesn’t turn on, the thermostat and the circuit breaker might be responsible. The thermostat may have stopped working because of its low battery life or automatic reset of its settings during a power outage.

How to Troubleshoot a Concord Furnace?

Concord Furnace Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a concord furnace is no easy feat as some problems might be difficult for you to tackle. In this scenario, you must seek the expertise of a professional to help you out.

Notwithstanding, below are some troubleshooting hacks you can attempt without consulting an expert. 

#1. Check the Thermostat 

If there’s power in the furnace, but the furnace is not functional, you might want to check the thermostat setting first.

But, it requires some steps, which you’ll find below.

  • Check to see whether the thermostat is on or off. Some thermostats can automatically reset themselves once the power goes out. Reset the thermostat again.
  • If you see dust and dirt around the thermostat’s wires, clean it. They could be disturbing the electric connection.
  • For the thermostats that work with batteries, open the batteries’ housing and replace them. It would help if you made it a habit to replace the batteries regularly.

#2. Clean the Furnace Filters 

Constant airflow is a compulsory requirement for the concord furnace to perform at its best.

But when the filters become dirty, the dirt limits the amount of air the furnace gets. In other words, the more the accumulation of dirt, the less the air supply. 

You can also change the furnace filter if you have used it too long. Moreover, the size of the filters determines how long they will spend before replacement.

Small size filters shouldn’t take more than a month to 3 months before you change them.

How do you Reset a Concord Furnace?

To reset a concord furnace, you must push the reset button whenever it pops out. The button comes out whenever there is a problem like an overheating blower, insufficient gas, etc.

To easily check the button, you can find the button to be either yellow or red in the blower enclosure.

Although pushing the button is what to do when resetting the furnace, you must take some protective steps before pushing the button.

#1. How to Reset the Concord Gas Furnace?

  • Put out the pilot light.
  • Reduce the temperature of the thermostat.
  • Using the breaker, turn the power supply off from the circuit box to the furnace. 
  • Consider turning off the furnace’s main gas supply, leaving the hose in its position.
  • Light a match and bring it closer to the hole of the pilot flame jet to ignite it.
  • Now, you can turn on the gas supply and the circuit breaker.
  • Press the reset button, hold it for almost 30 seconds, and increase the thermostat’s temperature.
  • Release the button, and readjust the thermostat.

#2. How to Reset an Electric Furnace?

  • Turn off the power supply to the concord furnace, using either the power switch or the circuit breaker.
  • Open the blower compartment and find the reset button beside the blower motor.
  • Press the button till it clicks, then you can go ahead to restore the power supply.
  • The furnace begins operation as soon as the thermostat sends a signal.

#3. How to Reset a Concord Oil furnace?

Unlike the other two concord furnaces, you must know why the furnace stopped working. It could be because of a power outage or the oil is exhausted.

Resetting the button would be the only necessary step if the button popped out due to a power outage.

Meanwhile, if the oil has finished, you have to refill the oil tank first. Upon refilling, find the fuel pump bleeder valve and put a container below the valve to collect excess oil.

Here’s the whole procedure;

  • Turn off the furnace.
  • Find the furnace’s fuel pump. It’s a small black box or cylinder with fuel pipes entering it.
  • Check the side of the fuel pump to find a small fitting. That’s the bleeder valve.
  • Place a container under the valve, or run a medium length from the valve to a plastic bottle that can hold more than a liter of oil. 
  • Now, turn on the furnace and loosen the valve to release oil and prevent overflowing. Press the reset button again to cause the furnace to work.

However, if the furnace refuses to start and no fuel bleeds from the valve, it would be necessary to call a maintenance specialist.

Why won’t my Concord Furnace Ignite?

Although proper furnace maintenance will avoid ignition problems, electricity not getting into the furnace won’t permit ignition.

If the concord furnace doesn’t ignite, some faulty components in the furnace could be the cause.

Find below some other possible reasons behind your concord furnace ignition failure.

#1. Insufficient Oil

When you’ve run out of gas, the pilot light will turn off, making ignition impossible. On the contrary, the pilot lamp ignites the furnace and starts heating the house.

When the pilot light is off, it’s advisable not to ignite the furnace if you perceive the gas smell.

#2. Faulty Thermostat 

The thermostat is a device that signals to the furnace when to turn itself on or off. But when the thermostat works wrongly or stops, it affects the furnace’s operations.

Consequently, the furnace might begin to work disorganized or fail to ignite. Alteration in the thermostat’s settings is another reason ignition fails in the concord furnace.

During a power outage, the thermostat might have reset itself, so you should check the settings to see if changes have occurred.

#3. Faulty Ignition Switch

A dirty ignition switch won’t function because the dirt will interfere with its performance. You might need to consult the manual to locate the furnace ignition switch.

Before troubleshooting the ignition switch, ensure you have a good grasp of electricity.

The reason is; that you might further detect some other electrical issues that a layperson wouldn’t be able to, and safety.

#4. Blocked Furnace Filters

For the furnace to function properly, it requires enough air, irrespective of whether the furnace uses electricity or gas.

If there’s a restriction in the airflow, the furnace won’t work. Furthermore, dust on the filters could prevent enough quality airflow from getting into the furnace.

Therefore, you should check the air filter because dirt could probably be on it.

#5. Faulty Blower Motor

This blower motor is one crucial component that moves air through the HVAC system.

On the blower motor, there’s one aperture, and when you look through that medium to check for a blinking green light.

That light is a notification that the furnace’s heating system needs a Technician’s intervention. You can call a Technician and inform him of the blinking light.

How to Repair a Concord Furnace?

Repairing a concord furnace requires you to do enough troubleshooting by observing the signs during the furnace’s operation.

But even after noticing the signs, the right step depends on the malfunction’s causes and effects. Thus, let’s delve into some ways to repair the concord furnace.

Dirty Furnace Filter Dust particles inside the house.
The home isn’t warm enough.
Persistent Sneezing by Occupants house, due to inhalation of the dusty air. 
It limits the quality of air that the furnace will use.Change the filter 
Overheating Furnace The furnace emits a hot or burning smell.
A loud humming noise while the furnace works.
The furnace cycling suddenly stops and doesn’t start again.Turn off the furnace to check the airflow for blockage and heat exchanger. Adjust the fuel flow 
Non-functional pilot light It doesn’t burn regularly.
The furnace doesn’t supply enough warmth to the house.
The furnace stops working since the pilot light is responsible for ignition and combustion.If you smell gas, don’t re-ignite the pilot lamp to avert an explosion.
Check the main gas supply for any disconnection in the lines.

Final Thoughts

It’s sometimes advisable to do some DIY faulty concord furnace procedures before the arrival of a professional.

To troubleshoot the furnace, check different components like the circuit breaker to detect faults.

You can also reset your concord furnace, although the button pops up when problems arise in the furnace.

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