Where Are Controls Located On A Cooktop? (Explained)

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Cooktops are in existence to be of help to you in the kitchen. However, they may appear exhausting if you lack basic knowledge about them.

Perhaps, this is the first time you will be using a cooktop, and you’ve been wondering where its controls may be.

Worry no more, for this article will enlighten you widely on the necessary things you need to know about cooktops.

The controls of a cooktop are located at the top of the appliance. They are the knobs or buttons that control the operations of the appliance. Their works are critical, and that’s why they are located on top of the cooking surface to ensure the utmost safety of the young children in the house.

Where Can The Controls Be Located On A Cooktop?

Controls Located On A Cooktop

The controls of a cooktop can be located mainly on the top of the said appliance. If you are a first-timer, you may find it difficult to locate the controls of your cooktop, which is understandable.

To make it easy for you, check the top of your cooktop; the set of buttons found there are the controls.

For instance, Frigidaire gallery black gas cooktop with four burners with ceramic glass cooktop has plastic controls/knobs at the top.

In addition, this cooktop has a hot surface indicator that lets you know when the cooking components are too hot to touch. 

Another example is the 23″X20″ built-in gas cooktop. The controls of this cooktop are also located at the top of the appliance.

These controls are illuminated stainless steel; the gas cooktop has a hot surface indicator.

However, some cooktops do not have their controls on top of them. It depends on the gas, induced, or electric cooktop model.

If, after checking the top, you can’t find any knobs or set of buttons, then check either the front or the side of your cooktop. You will find the controls there.

What Are The Parts Of A Cooktop?

Knowing the parts of your cooktop will help you know how each of them operates.

But, more so, it will help you know if your cooktop works effectively, and on top of them all, it will help you discover whenever any of them is faulty. 

In turn, it will help you repair the faulty part on time, and if there is a need to replace it, it will help you choose the right new part for your cooktop.

Therefore, below are the parts of a cooktop.

#1. Grate

The grate is the one that’s found on top of the burner, and it’s the one that sits on the burner. Its grate is always made of cast iron with a porcelain-coated polish if it’s a gas burner.

This polish makes them easy to clean, and also, it makes them last longer.

 However, a tremendous electric burner is always made of ceramic. The function of the grate is to ensure that your pot balances well and helps distribute heat evenly under the pot.

#2. Control Panel

This part controls the whole function of the cooktop. It’s the part that enables you to operate your cooktop and helps you to adjust its different functions.

For example, it is the one that allows you to change the heat of your cooktop from high to low or vice versa.

#3. Burner

This particular part is very crucial to your cooktop. Without it, you can’t cook anything. It’s the one that supplies heat to your pot, and it’s the one that allows you to cook.

There are different types of burners, depending on the type of cooktop you are using. We have induced electric and gas-powered burners.

#4. Drip Pan/Bowl

This part is the one that’s located below the burner. The function of the drip pan is to collect any particles or overflow on the cooktop. 

How Does A Gas Cooktop Work?

Understanding how a gas cooktop works are pretty essential. It makes using the cooktop easy for you as long as you can follow every instruction.

If your cooktop works according to the below process, you should rest assured that it’s working perfectly. 

  • A gas cooktop always has burners that are connected to a gas valve. This gas valve helps to pipe natural gas into the burner. Turning the cooktop control on will open the valve regulator, and the gas will start flowing through the burners.
  • The next thing is the ignition that will bring about a park. The cooktop has an ignition; press it to generate a spark.
  • The spark produced will ignite the natural gas flowing until it distributes the heat evenly. You should note that natural gas burns very efficiently when it emits a blue flame. Suppose the flame that your cooktop emits after ignition is red or orange. 

Kindly adjust it till it emits a blue flame to ensure proper cooking of your dishes and save your pots from losing quality.

  • It’s necessary to know that you can adjust the heat of your cooktop to any level of your choice using the cooktop’s control. For example, you can change from high to low heat or any of the two to moderate heat.


To enjoy the operation of your cooktop, noting every piece of information in this article is essential. If you read it carefully, you should be able to use your cooktop without difficulties.

And of course, 100% performance is guaranteed if you couple it with taking good care of your cooktop.

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