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When planning your new house project, it is crucial to put into consideration the plumbing installation cost.

Although you may think of a particular style for your bathroom and kitchen, these ideas may bring about an additional cost or heavy price tag. 

Imagine building a house with three bathrooms; you may be thrown into anxiety and complication if you fail to plan your plumbing installation properly.

To avoid such situations, this brings the question of how much it costs to plumb a three-bathroom house.

Plumbing a new house may cost you up to $1500 or even more; this depends on factors such as the square feet of the house, the location of the pipes, the number of bathrooms, the cost of plumbing materials, and the plumber’s hourly wage if applicable. All these factors can affect the plumbing installation cost of your new house.

Average Cost To Plumb A Three Bathroom House

How Much Does It Cost To Plumb A Three Bathroom House?

The average plumbing installation for a house with three bathrooms may cost $7,000 to $10,000.

However, more detailed work due to personalized ideas or some circumstances can drive the cost to exceed even $12,000.

Here are a few factors that can influence the price of installing plumbing in your new house.

#1. The Pipes’ Location

If connecting your bathrooms to the sewer or septic tank is complex, you will have to spend more.

Because you will require the plumber to spend more time working on your house, you will need more pipes to connect the bathrooms to the sewer.

The plumber might also need special tools to access other parts of the house to install plumbing.

Therefore, making the bathrooms more accessible can help reduce the cost of installing plumbing.

If possible, place them on the edges of the house just by the septic tank or sewer line instead of your house’s interior to cut the number of pipes you’ll need. 

#2. Number Of Bathrooms

The cost of plumbing will be higher for houses with a greater number of bathrooms.

The price of plumbing installation is also determined by the fixtures you have in the rooms because every fixture will require a pipe to be installed. 

Therefore, a house with two or three bathrooms will require fewer fixtures, making plumbing installation cheaper than a house with four or five bathrooms.

You might also require the plumber to install plumbing for a hot tub. 

Number Of BathroomsAverage Cost Of Plumbing
One bathroom$2,000 – $4,000
Two bathrooms$4,000 – $6,000
Three bathrooms$7,000 – $8,000
Four bathrooms$9,000 – $11,000
Five bathrooms$11,000 – $13,000

The more fixtures in the house due to the number of bathrooms, the more you will spend. You can limit yourself to a few bathrooms to reduce the cost of plumbing.

#3. Plumbing Materials

The type of plumbing material used also impacts the cost of plumbing installation. Many materials are used for plumbing, but the pipes are the most expensive.

And the most expensive type of pipe material is copper, while PVC and new materials known as PEX are the least expensive. 

Using a greater number of copper pipes will make installation more expensive than using a greater number of PEX or PVC pipes.

It can be a great idea to pick PEX or PVC if you would like to reduce the price of installing plumbing.

#4. Plumber’s Pay

The plumber’s pay is an additional consideration when considering the plumbing installation cost. Some plumbers may charge by for hourly work while some charge flat.

For a big project, a plumber who charges by the hour will be more expensive than the one who charges a flat rate.

On the other hand, a plumber who charges a flat rate will be less expensive than one who charges by the hour if it’s a small job.

You can consider both options when choosing a plumber to work with on the new house.

But it would be best if you estimated the project length so that you can know which to choose between the flat rate and the hourly pay.

How Long Does It Take To Plumb A Three Bathroom House?

The time it will take to install plumbing in a home depends on the number of bathrooms in the house.

Except for specific reasons, a three-bathroom house will take approximately four to five days to plumb.

However, here are a few things that may delay the time for plumbing installation.

#1. Inclement Weather

Weather conditions such as snow, hail, sleet, rain, and thunderstorms can lead to muddy conditions, making construction sites unsafe. So during these periods, construction doesn’t take place.

#2. Specialized Requirements

When there is miscommunication between the construction team and the plumbing team about special requirements, it may delay the installation time.

To prevent this, your construction and plumbing teams must have a copy of the plan to address all concerns early.

Plumber’s Fees To Plumb A Three Bathroom House

The cost of hiring a plumber depends on your location and the variety of work to be done by the plumber.

Typically it will cost an average of $20 to $200 for a plumber who charges hourly and a flat rate between $150 to $250 or even more. 

The grade of the plumber you are hiring also determines the charge rate. For example, it will be more expensive to hire a master plumber than a journeyman plumber and less expensive to hire an apprentice than a journeyman plumber.

The table below shows various grades of plumbers and their average pay:

Grade Of  Plumbers The Average Cost Per HourFlat Rate
Apprentices$20 – $40$100 – $500
Journeyman $45 – $90$500 – $800
Master plumber$70 – $200$1,500 – $5,000

Therefore, choosing a plumber that charges hourly for plumbing a three-bathroom house is advisable.

Average Cost To Replumb A Three Bathroom House

On average, it will cost between $5,000 to $7,000 or even more replumb a house, depending on the location of the pipes, number of bathrooms, plumbing materials, the number of fixtures, and the plumber’s wage. 

However, a house with three bathrooms will cost less to replumb than a house with four or more bathrooms.

In addition, if the pipes are not accessible, a technician will be required to spend more time repiping, which will be more expensive.

Replumbing a three-bathroom house is not a big job. Therefore, it is better to pick a plumber charging by the hour.

In addition, if you use copper pipes, be ready to spend more than PVC or PEX pipes. The more the fixtures, the more expensive it is to replumb the house.

What Cost More To Plumb A Three Bathroom House?

There are so many materials used in plumbing. However, pipes are the most expensive material used in plumbing.

Copper pipes are the most expensive for plumbing compared to other pipes such as PVC, CPVC, and PEX. Copper pipes cost around $300 for 100 ft which is relatively more expensive than other pipe materials.


Plumbing a new house may cost up to $15,00 or even more; this depends on the location of the pipes, the number of bathrooms, the cost of plumbing materially, and the plumber’s wages.

The average cost of a three-bathroom house is between $7,000 to $8,000. Without inclement weather and specialized requirements, it will take four to five days to complete plumbing.

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