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No electrical equipment stays forever because they get old and become inefficient as time goes on.

A wall air conditioner can last up to 15 years depending on the quality and once it reaches its peak performance, replace it.

The air conditioner will begin to make noise, start giving problems, and it will no longer be able to blow enough cool air. All these are signs you need to remove and replace your wall air conditioner. 

It costs 80 to 100 USD to remove your air conditioner from the wall. The removal cost also does not cover disposal, and the service provider might charge you a couple of dollars for disposal. Nevertheless, the cost of disposing of a wall air conditioner is not up to 50 USD.

How Much does it Cost to Remove Wall Air Conditioner?

Cost to Remove Wall Air Conditioner

Removing a wall air conditioner will cost $80 to $100, depending on the size. It is a task that requires high technical know-how and physical strength to be able to pull off.

Therefore, it is ill-advised to attempt to remove it yourself or seek the assistance of a non-licensed individual to do the job.

Although the charges might be a bit higher than $100, it covers the removal and disposal of the wall air conditioner.

It is cheaper and safer to call the air conditioning company to bring in professionals to remove your air conditioner. Better still, contact a licensed rubbish removal company to handle the job.

You might not need to dispose of your air conditioner, depending on why you must remove it.

It is also an advantage of having an expert remove the air conditioner. Most of the time, it may only need servicing.

Notwithstanding, you can determine what is wrong with the air conditioning system by considering certain factors.

The most important factor is the age of the system. An air conditioner has a lifespan of 12 to 20 years.

Therefore, if your system is already 12 years old or older, it probably needs replacement. However, it only needs servicing if it is not up to the lifespan.

If that is the case, you will only pay for the removal, which you can pull off with the proper knowledge.

How do you Remove an Old Wall-mounted Air Conditioner?

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The first thing to do is to disconnect the air conditioner’s power supply. Then, cut the caulk lines at the edges of the air conditioning unit.

Use a screwdriver to lose the screws used in tightening the unit’s cover inside and outside the house before removing it.

It may sound a bit easy to remove an old wall-mounted air conditioner. However, it takes a lot of carefulness and consideration to do it perfectly.

That established I’ll give a detailed explanation of the steps.

#1. Disconnect the Air Conditioner.

It is the first thing to do before you think of anything else. Remember, it is an electrical device and a threat to life.

Although you can connect your air conditioner to a normal outlet, a dedicated circuit is preferable. So, if it is hard-wired, you will need to turn off the circuit breaker.

And this may become a pain in the ass if they do not indicate the same breaker for the air conditioner. You will need an electrical engineer to help you in such a situation.

#2. Cut the Line of the Caulk.

A wood framework is at the edges of the wall where they install the air conditioner. However, only a few installations have wooden casings at the edges.

So, use a knife to cut the caulk line at the edges. You can also use a hammer and chisel to lever the pieces of wood.

#3. Unscrew the Cover of the Air Conditioner 

They use a cover to protect the main air conditioning system. The installers fasten them with screws.

So, look for the fitting size of the screwdriver to loosen it and remove the cover of the air conditioner. That is all you need to do from the inside, so only the outer part remains.

#4. Detach the Vent from the Outside Wall Framework 

Remove all the screws they use in holding the outer cover of the air conditioner. Then gently detach the vent from the framework of the outside wall to enable you to remove the air conditioner.

#5. Remove the Air Conditioner

Finally, carefully remove the air conditioner from the framework. If the reason for removing the air conditioner is to replace it, remove the framework; otherwise, leave it on the wall.

With the explanation given, you can unmount your wall air conditioner without paying someone to do it. 

Notwithstanding, you may still need assistance removing the air conditioner because of its weight. You will also need a screwdriver, hammer, chisel, knife, and ladder to reach the air conditioner.

How do I Remove an Ac Unit from my House?

It would be best if you had the aid of a licensed professional in removing an AC unit from your house. It is prohibited to dump AC units anyhow due to the harmful refrigerant gases it contains.

Do not unmount the air conditioners that they install in windows and walls. However, when removing it from the house, seek professional assistance.

It is okay if you can unmount your air conditioner properly. But disposing of the content is where the issue lies, as the cooling refrigerants are harmful to humans.

They contain a gas known as hydro chlorocarbon (HCFC), which negatively affects global warming.

It might seem easy to unmount the air conditioner, but you may damage a tube. And this will make fluid leak and spread the harmful refrigerant into the environment.

That is why a licensed professional should carry out the removal and disposal.

What is the Cost to Replace Wall Air Conditioners?

The cost of replacing a wall air conditioner is between 1,890 and 3,838 USD for a 340 and 1,000 square ft room.

It might be more expensive depending on the brand, air conditioner, room size, and labor rate. High-end wall air conditioners may cost up to 9,000 USD to replace.

I will draw a table below to illustrate the cost of replacing an air conditioner for two different room sizes. It will help to give you a picture of the cost of replacing a wall air conditioner.

340 sq. ft room measuring 17′ by 20′.8000 BTU and 115 VAC air conditioner and its components.$856
Installing a dedicated circuit of 15 amp breaker. $0.85The labor cost of installing an air conditioner. $34
The labor cost of installing the circuitry. $42
Masonry work on the wall.$75
Cost of materials you need.$883
Total Cost of Materials$1,890
1,000 sq. ft room measuring 25′ by 40′18000 BTU and 230 VAC air conditioner and its components$1,817
Installing a dedicated circuit of 30 amp breaker. $1.66
The labor cost of installing an air conditioner. $34
The labor cost of installing the circuitry. $42
Masonry work on the wall.$75
Cost of materials you need.$1,869
Total Cost of Materials$3,838

A bigger room will need a bigger air conditioner. Therefore, the cost of replacing it will be more compared to a smaller room.

That is the average cost of replacing an air conditioner that would be okay for a 340 and 1,00 sq. ft room.

How Long does it Take to Install a Wall Air Conditioner?

It takes a maximum of eight hours to install a wall air conditioner. The installation sometimes takes up to eight hours due to certain factors.

These factors include the size of the house and the material used in building the house. If the factors are favorable, installing the wall air conditioner will not take up to eight hours.

There is a survey before they begin the installation of the air conditioner. However, the surveyors do not consider the survey time as part of the installation.

It is done a day before the installation to ease the process. The survey provides insight into the kind and size of the air conditioning system that will suit the room.

It also covers a rundown of the cost of labor and electrical equipment. Once this ends, the service provider will carry out his duty the following day.

One or two things may make the work last longer than the average time it takes to install an air conditioner.

So, if the work requires the removal of the old air conditioner, it will take more than eight hours. We are talking about the whole day to remove, dispose and fix a new unit.


It is advisable to remove your air conditioner once it starts giving off warm air and is above 12 years old.

The freon gas at this point becomes unhealthy and harmful, which is why improper disposal of AC units is prohibited. It costs roughly 150 USD to remove and dispose of your wall air conditioner.

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