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Does Costco Install Dishwashers?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

We often feel relieved when we purchase an appliance and have everything connected at the point of delivery. Who would want the extra expenses and stress of having to contact an electrician separately to help connect a newly purchased dishwasher?

At least some companies are willing to help install your newly purchased dishwashers, but it depends on the company you choose.

Costco offers the service of dishwasher installation. Once you order a dishwasher on the Costco website, you are assured of having an expert to help with installing the appliance. Although, this has a regional variation that will be made known to you when ordering the dishwasher.

Does Costco Dishwasher Price include Installation?

Once your location has been confirmed for delivery and installation, Costco includes the installation price in the sales price of the dishwasher. There is nothing like paying a separate fee to get that done. So you will just have to pay in one installment and relax while the company takes care of the other aspects after purchase.

Costco is a highly recommended company for anyone who wants to purchase a dishwasher. I would personally recommend it for anybody who seeks my advice to buy any appliance, particularly a dishwasher. Their terms of service are very much friendly to customers.

The price also is well within range, and it covers any damage that might come up within the delivery.

Costco Dishwasher Installation Cost?

A Costco dishwasher installation cost is around 200 USD. This fee is normally included in the price of your dishwasher by Costco. And it only covers the installation aspect of assembling the different components of your appliance and connecting them to the outlet. The price of this is fair compared to when you hire a technician to do it.

Your price might vary if the work that needs to be done exceeds the required specification mentioned above. This price variation usually affects those that have an old dishwasher and wants to replace it.

The installation function does not include the disintegration of the old dishwasher. The service is rendered just as the name suggests “installation.” And it comprises of;

  • The standard connection of your power cable or wiring is based on the region you are staying circuitry system.
  • And the fixing of other relevant parts like the hoses, drying vent, e.t.c to form a single unit.

The circuitry system of some regions does not encourage the hard wiring of dishwashers. So in such regions, a power cable is connected directly to the power circuit. And the other components are put together and tested to ensure the dishwasher works fine.

Any other addition to your dishwasher installation will solely be an agreement between you and the expert rendering the service.

Most of the time, the technician will kindly tell you to take care of the other amendments, after which he will begin the installation. He may also tell you to pay a specific amount of money to handle everything together.

Some customers usually misquote this as being charged extravagantly, a very wrong perspective to conceive. It should be seen as a kind act of favor by the technician. Moreover, you have been given an alternative to choose from, so it depends on what you want.

And when there is a need to make any further adjustments to your dishwasher in the kitchen, especially for hardwired connection, you can still call Costco.

Even after purchasing the dishwasher, you will still be considered. The initial installer will be communicated to go help you out.

The reason is that most of those experts are from the region where you order the dishwasher. And it will be better for the person that installed it to be the one to repair it in the case of any damage.

So whenever an agent of Costco is called to assist in any repair, the company has nothing to do with the payment. Except that certain damage is covered

Costco has already made provision to take care of the charge placed for installation by sending an expert to handle that. So on that end, Costco is justified and fair enough. If you want more to be done in the installation of your dishwasher, then you will have to pay more to the technician.

Why should I buy my Dishwasher from Costco?

You should purchase your dishwasher from Costco because it offers various services like online shopping, home delivery, installation at the point of delivery, and warranty. Some other companies also offer these services, but what makes Costco unique is its consistency and the customer-friendly nature of its operation.

For some years now, the Costco company has been making tremendous efforts to improve its brand. It has achieved the following breakthroughs to ease customer service;

  • Online shopping
  • Home delivery
  • Installation at the point of delivery
  • Warranty

Let us briefly look at these with more details.

1. Online Shopping

Retail stores for the sales of Costco products are gradually becoming scraped out of the picture. In some countries, those stores are just put in place for the display of their products only.

If you are interested in purchasing any of their products, you can simply do that in the comfort of your home with your mobile devices.

All you have to do is visit Costco’s website and you can make your purchase. It is a major burden for customers, especially for heavy appliances like a dishwasher, because it is directly from the company.

2.Home delivery

We don’t need to step an inch out of your house to get our dishwasher to make things more interesting and easy for us.

Costco has saved us the stress of going out and spending cash in bringing a heavy appliance such as the dishwasher home. After placing our order, the product will be shipped directly to our mailing address.

3. Installation Upon Delivery

Costco has also given us the privilege of having our dishwasher and other products that need the installation done at the point of delivery.

At least this is a huge aid to those that know nothing about the installation of appliances. It requires expertise to set up a dishwasher, so it is good news that Costco has gotten us covered on that.

4. Warranty

Warranty is one of the best privileges you will enjoy from Costco as it has gone past the normal two years warranty to offer a whopping three to five years warranty. It is put in place to check some of the manufacturing excesses of the product.

This protection plan for appliances varies directly with the cost of the product. And this plan only covers genuine reasons like; incomplete or bad wares, break down at the point of shipping, e.t.c. So if your dishwasher gets damaged as a result of mishandling in the house, the warranty will not be responsible for that.

As aforementioned, Costco is notable for its consistency and user-friendly nature. Nothing is more convenient than looking for ways to make people comfortable, which Costco is doing. You are even allowed to choose the time you want for installation.


If you are looking for a place to buy a dishwasher, Costco is the best option. It makes your purchase easy regardless of distance, and installation is part of the package. You are also assured of quality, and you can equally ask for a replacement if you are not satisfied.

Buying a dishwasher from Costco is also relatively cheap and affordable. There are no large margins between how it is sold in Costco and other brands despite the other services it renders. Costco is indeed the best place to purchase your dishwasher and probably any other home appliance.

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