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Are Cutco Knives Good? (Everything You Should Know)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

Choosing the right kitchenware to purchase can be a daunting experience. This is significantly worse in accessories like knives which provide a wide range of options.

However, it is still essential to make correct choices even in these circumstances.

So, most people have asked questions about the quality and reliability of many knife brands in the market.

It isn’t any different with Cutco; how good are they?

Cutco knives are exceptionally great and highly reliable. These knives with laser-stamped blades, a body forged from high-carbon stainless steel, and a 440-A grading has proven worth buying. On the other hand, the heat treatment and buffering wrap up an outstanding creation. Cutco Knives are pretty much the deal.

Are Cutco Knives Good Quality?

Cutco knives are among the best knife sets in the market; this kitchen knife sets its entire manufacture and places it above most other manufacturers.

Also, users of this brand of knives have attested to its impeccable quality and undiminishing strength and sharpness.

From my firsthand experience and the multiple reviews  I’ve seen about this product, I can conclude that Cutco Knives have excellent quality.

Firstly, the high-carbon stainless steel blades that characterize these knives provide immense durability.

Also, this stainless steel material creates a superior corrosion resistance and places the Cutco above knives of similar build.

On the other hand, these knives stand awesomely to accommodate their handles which attach superbly, thanks to the thermo-resin technology.

Consequently, the handles of Cutco knives are not porous, free from BPA, and extremely dishwasher-safe.

Unlike most knives with wooden handles, Cutco knives do not harbor bacteria. Also, moisture and high temperatures do not pose harm to these tools.

On the other hand, the entire build, assemblage, and set-up of Cutco knives do not create scenes of mediocre quality.

But instead, these accentuate the strength of these knives.

Cutco knives possess bare rivets, consisting of an impressive nickel silver grade. This material mixes copper, nickel, and zinc; it contains a silver color.

So, this material is renowned in the industry for its resistance to stains, pitting, corrosion and tarnishing.

Although the rivets have been an external attachment, there’s no possibility of these knives trapping food because they are cleanly attached.

So, you do not have to worry about the growth of microbes within the enclosure of your Cutco knife.

Also, most Cutco knives carry a highly-treated thermo-resin handle which is very durable. However, you can also find ones with stainless steel handles.

On the other hand, Cutco creates knives with two blades: the double-D blade and the straight blade.

So, these allow for versatility on the user’s part because a Cutco kitchen knife set should carry knives with both of these edges.

The edges of these knives carry witty edges which protect them from external surfaces, which could cause them to become dull.

You could consider these edges to be something like serrated edges, although it’s similar in the real sense.

Another enticing feature of the Cutco knives set is its extraordinary length. These knives are longer than most knives, creating extra convenience for the user.

The eight-inch chef Cutco knife possesses a 5.5-inch blade instead of knives of similar length that carry five-inch handles.

So, the additional half-inch allows for a better grip and consequently creates added convenience for cutting materials.

Overall, Cutco knives provide exceptional quality as one of the best in the knife manufacturing industry.

In addition, Cutco’s limited lifetime warranty should assure you of their immense faith in their products.

Where Are Cutco Knives Made?

Cutco manufactures its knives in America. But more specifically, the manufacture has been going on for over 70 years at the Cutco factory in Olean, New York.

They have posited that they do not just intend to make their knives in America; they aim to provide jobs and support as many families as possible.

Cutco corporation, previously Alcas Corporation, opened in 1949 to manufacture knives for a division of one of the founders called Alcoa’s WearEver Cookware.

Nonetheless, ever since then, they’ve been in the business. Several management metamorphoses and a name change in 2009 did not change the purpose for which the company opened.

Although many people mistake Cutco for a Chinese company, they always emphasize their true origin and reiterate their American roots.

And despite being an American company, its quality remains top-notch. 

Are Cutco Knives Dishwasher-Safe?

Cutco knives are dishwasher-safe; however, it is always advisable to avoid washing them in the machine.

Instead, the best thing to do is hand wash your knives with care using warm water and a mild detergent.

This is to avoid any unnecessary risks which may arise if the dishwasher malfunctions.

Despite the knives being designed to be dishwasher-safe, there’s always a chance that dishwashers would make your Cutco knives blunt.

So, avoiding this circumstance is the best way to ensure your knives’ extended lifespan. 

Additionally, you should always dry your Cutco knives after a wash to prevent stains that may occur due to some water impurities.

Also, you should avoid soaking knives from the Cutco knife set in water at all costs.

When food dries on your knife, make it wet with a bit of water and wash the food immediately, softening; it is always a good idea not to soak your knife in water for the food to unwind.

Also, you should avoid using hard sponges and materials to wash your Cutco knives.

Instead, softly clean the blades and dry them immediately; this ensures that your knives attain their maximum expected lifespan.

Also, taking care of your knife allows you to enjoy it without frequent sharpening; sharpening causes your knife’s quality to deteriorate little by little until the damage becomes permanent.

Do Any Chefs Use Cutco?

Professional chefs often love to use Cutco knives; this is another remarkable thing about this brand. The high durability and proper functionality of these knives make them ideal for use by chefs.

So, because you can use this knife in multiple circumstances, chefs always favor it over others.

Also, chefs pick these over others because you can rely on Cutco knives in many cooking activities.

However, there’s a little bit of discrimination regarding these knives because of how they became popular in the market.

Cutco initially sold their knives on a door-to-door basis; even now, they haven’t entirely marketed their products using 21st-century modes. 

So, many people do not consider Cutco a brand for professional chefs and cooks. Instead, people still believe that Cutco manufactures its knives for families and non-commercial organizations.

However, this is a common misconception that keeps Cutco from achieving the attention of a specific portion of the market.

Surprisingly, chefs who used Cutco knives have attested that they specifically served their needs precisely.

So, purchasing a Cutco knife set as a chef is always a great idea; however, ensure to pick one that suits your purpose.

Are Cutco Knives Worth Buying?

Cutco knives

Cutco knives are entirely worth buying; their durability and strength ensure their persistent lifespan in your kitchen.

In addition, the incredible lifetime warranty creates a scenario where you do not have to purchase another knife set again, at least for a long time. 

Despite the high price of this kitchenware, Cutco knives are worth it. Also, because these products last for many years, it is even cheaper to obtain one because its lifespan may cover the lifespans of two other brands.

So, in the end, it is still a financial advantage for you when you pick these knives.

What Type Of Knives Does Cutco Have?

Cutco manufactures chef knives that come in two types: the straight-edged blade and the double-D.

#1. Straight-Edged Knives

These are traditional knives that aim at cleanly cutting materials in a sharp and precise manner. You can find these on the Petite Chef’s Knife. Note that all paring knives possess straight edges.

 #2. The Double-D Knives

The double-D knives carry three recessed edges, which have something like pointed teeth. These teeth protect the blade from surfaces that cause dulling.

While Cutco says their Double-D Knives vary from knives with serrated edges, it’s quite the same idea.

It’s pretty easy to sharpen your straight-edged knives at home. But for the double-D, you always have to send it back to the company for sharpening.

Nonetheless, sharpening is always free; you’ll just have to pay the shipping fee.

Advantages of Purchasing Cutco Knives?

Cutco produces undoubtedly great quality knives; however, it’s still okay to emphasize why their products are unique and high on demand.

#1. High-Level Performance

Despite the stamped blades that characterize Cutco knives, they still efficiently cut and chop food materials without a fuss.

Also, the materials that make up these knives create value for chefs, cooks, and home use.

The blades of Cutco knives do not become dull with ease, and they are pretty unbreakable.

#2. Cutco Knives Are Easy to Clean

These knives consist of high-carbon stainless steel, which is strong and cleans easily. These blades which resist corrosion are also dishwasher safe

Consequently, the handles of these knives do not quickly falter, and they do not allow food to trap in the knife’s body.

#3. Cutco Knives Are Easy To Use

Cutco knives have a pretty sound design which provides ease of handling.

In addition, the stainless steel rod in its handle helps to improve balance and grip. So, all these factors generally offer ease of usage.

#4. Great Warranty, After-Sale, and Return Service

This is one of the most significant factors about Cutco knives.

Apart from the 15-day refund guarantee, there is a lifetime limited warranty and half-price replacement guarantee attached to purchasing these knives.

Free sharpening and a generally excellent customer satisfaction system make this brand outstanding and highly sought after in the market.

This is one prime factor that has kept Cutco adrift since its inception.

Disadvantages of Purchasing Cutco Knives?

Despite the incredible advantages that accompany the purchase of this product, there are several downsides to it.

#1. High Price of Purchase

Just as I’ve previously highlighted, Cutco knives are pretty pricey. So, you could also get knives within a similar quality range for a lesser price.

Also, you could obtain forged knives of excellent quality for more secondary. However, Cutco’s lifetime warranty beats all the advantages of going for other knives at lesser prices.

#2. Cutco Knives Have Stamped Blades

Stamped blades are not bad, especially with modern technology, which has pushed knife production to another level.

However, the issue with Cutco knives is that you do not get to choose between a stamped blade or a forged one because they produce only stamped blades. 

Generally, stamped blades do not possess as much integrity as forged blades.

However, there have been a lot of exceptions to this phenomenon, primarily because of improvements in modern technology. 

On the other hand, stamped blades do not carry the balance and weight that forged knives possess.

Nonetheless, most manufacturers add weight to the handles to balance their knives.

Also, stamped knives can be flexible and cut through thick and strong materials quickly; however, sharpening them presents a grave challenge.

Well, stamped knives aren’t generally better than forged knives.

#3. Steel Quality Isn’t Exactly Outstanding

Cutco makes use of mid-quality in the production of their knives. The AISI 440A grade steel does not carry as much strength as other steel grades.

Consequently, you would need to sharpen your Cutco knives more often than knives made of high-grade steel. 

#4. Cutco Knives Need Professional Sharpening

Unlike other knives you can sharpen at home, only the manufacturers sharpen the double-D edge Cutco knives.

So, this is a significant inconvenience and can be pretty expensive in certain circumstances.

However, you would only pay the shipping fee because sharpening comes for free.

Sharpening this blade yourself would create a risk of damage.

#5. No Bolster on the Knives

Cutco knives do not have bolsters on them, so they do not possess that guard and grip that bolsters give to a knife. 


Cutco knives are a generally great brand of knives.

Coupled with their highly durable products, the customer satisfaction they provide has nicked them a spot in the market and kept them there for a long.

But despite these fine features, certain factors like price and design do not sit well with potential customers.

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