Dawn Dish Soap Stained My Shirt? (Must Do This)

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This American dishwashing soap called Dawn has proven vital for stain removal. But the question of whether or not it should help carry out laundry carries much weight.

And that brings us to our topic above of dawn dish soap stains on your shirt.

As we approach this article’s conclusion, you will see whether or not the dawn dish soap can stain clothes.

And whether it can get stains out of clothes, or damage clothes, we will also see how to get rid of them and whether the blue dawn dishwasher can remove stains. These and many more I will be unveiling.

The dawn dish soap can stain your shirt when not correctly used. For instance, using this soap in a washing machine in place of detergent, mixing or using it with bleach, and leaving it on clothes for too long will cause it to stain your clothes. But there are also steps you can take to correct such steps.

Does Dawn Dish Soap Stain Clothes?

Dawn Dish Soap Stained My Shirt

Apart from keeping sinks, dishes, and kitchen clean, dawn dish soap also helps take stains out of clothes.

Note that this dish soap will never stain your clothes nor destroy your fabric when used as a pretreatment option. It is safe to use on things like grease stains.

There are three reasons why this dish soap stains your clothes, and these reasons you can see below:

#1. When Used to Wash Clothes?

Dawn dish soap is very effective when placed on a particular or isolated area on your clothes and removed when washed by hand.

However, you will only bring problems when you put a dawn dish soap in a washing machine; this will ruin the entire clothes completely.

Another reason you should not use dawn dish soap on your clothes is that these soaps have a lot of suds (lather).

So, getting the foam from the cloth will become challenging when used on clothes.

Furthermore, any attempt to dry these clothes will leave your clothes with either whitish spots or a continuous white line.

And finally, always remember that too much lather on the washing machine can damage your laundry machine.

So, it shows wisdom on your part to limit yourself to laundry soap when engaging in a complete or whole wash of your clothes.

#2. When Mixed or Used With Bleach?

Although it clearly says not to do so on its label, so many people choose to ignore this warning.

They still use bleach and dawn dish soap on their clothes, causing the emission of dangerous fumes that could harm you and your clothes.

Dawn dish soap is so effective that it functions like bleach on your clothes to remove grease or adamant stains.

So, if after using the dish soap, you still find stains on it, this can be a sign that bleach is also in use with it.

#3. When Left on Clothes for Too Long?

There is no doubt about how strong a dawn dish soap is, which is why you must never leave it on your clothes for so long.

You will only bring about discoloration of your clothes by leaving dawn soap with clothes for a long time to ensure it works better.

It can cause whitening of clothes, making them look dissimilar from other areas of the clothes.

The two best ways to resolve this issue are to remove stains, and the first is to put the soap on that area on the clothes before wetting and washing them.

While the second is to dilute the dish soap in water before using it to wash your clothes.

Does Dawn Dish Soap Get Stains Out of Clothes?

Yes, your dawn dish soap can get stains out of your clothes. Naturally, stains from make-up, oil, ink, food, grass, and even sweat are the most common sources of stains on your clothes.

And so, for this reason, you will need a pre-washing stain spot treater, and what better than your dawn dish soap.

The good news is that there is a way to remove stains from oil, dirt, and grass from your clothes using a dawn soap.

You can use a concentrated dawn dish spray like the dawn platinum powerwash dish spray as a pre-spot treatment.

You can follow it up here with a laundry detergent as a post-spot treatment.

It is only regular for stains to occur, but when this happens, you must do your best not to let it set in because if it does, it never gets out.

Below is a simple guide on how you can win against stains with the aid of a dawn dish soap;

  1. With your dawn platinum powerwash dish spray on hand, infuse one to two sprays directly on the stain spot on your fabric and then rub with your finger.
  2. And then use any laundry detergent for the regular washing to be carried out in your washing machine.
  3. On no condition should you reapply the dawn dish soap to the same spot on a cloth

Note that the application of dawn platinum powerwash dish soap should be less than three sprays on a particular spot.

And this is because you shouldn’t use it on delicate fabrics and fewer drops of dish soap on less visible areas keeps cloth fabric safe.

Can Dawn Dish Soap Damage Clothes?

Yes, dawn dish soap can damage clothes, but it will happen over time. And also, using dawn dish soap instead of laundry detergent in a washing machine will never wash your clothes well. 

Furthermore, this is because as time goes on, the soap will begin to leave signs on your clothes as well as make the clothes look dingy (dull).

But first, I think it’s a good idea to establish a clear difference between a soap and a detergent.

The primary reason why detergents are preferable today when it comes to laundry is simply because of the reaction of soaps with water.

Detergents never leave residue (free-rinsing), whereas soaps leave a film on clothes if not rinsed with clear water.

Another thing is that hard water is an enemy of soap, so imagine applying dawn dish soap to hard water.

The hard water will make your dawn soap form scum; if this continues, the cloth will become dull, and the fabric will end up destroyed.

But the reverse is the case for detergents due to their less reaction with nutrients in the water.

Nevertheless, the absolute difference between soap and detergent is that soaps need warm water even to work.

Meanwhile, detergents work with water of any temperature. And this ability is why shampoo, hand cleaners, stain removers, and laundry liquid.

When it comes to its effect on clothes, one thing that puts the dawn dish soap at a significant disadvantage is its lack of surfactants.

The surfactants in detergents reduce surface tension on clothes and increase the chances for water to spread evenly over the clothes.

And this constant wetness makes it easy for dirt to come off the clothes.

How Do You Get Rid of Dawn Dish Soap Stains?

Identifying these stains should not be a problem for you since they are usually a form of white streak that forms from the suds of your dawn dish soap.

We will identify two ways to remove these stains and the five steps we are to follow. 

#1. Technique 1- Vinegar and Warm Water

Vinegar plays a vital role in relaxing the materials of the clothes, allowing the residues like dirt to move out quickly.

And the best part about it is that it never changes the clothes no matter how long it stays with the clothes.


  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Bucket

#2. Technique 2- Using Baking Soda

Most people like me have the habit of going for this option. And this is because baking soda not only takes stains off clothes but also deals with odor and deodorizes the clothes.

Below are steps you should follow to achieve the desired outcome:

StepTechnique 1Technique 2
Step 1Bring in 1 cup of vinegar and 1 quart of water, and then mix them both properly in a bucket.Let ½ baking soda cup and 1 gallon of water should be poured into a bucket.
Step 2Next, place these clothes with stains in the bucket. Then rub the clothes as though you are washing with more focus on where there are stains.The clothes with stains should be put in and allowed to soak. Meanwhile, those that bleed should be soaked separately.
Step 3Let the clothes remain in the solution for not less than an hour.Allow clothes to soak for an hour without washing them.
Step 4Wash a second time and then rinse in cold water. But if there are still stains, you can still repeat the process.Wash these clothes without adding detergent after an hour and be attentive to the part with stains.
Step 5Dry the cloth.Allow drying after rinsing the cloth in lukewarm water.

Does Blue Dawn Dish Soap Get Stains Out?

Unlike the orange dawn dish soap, when it comes to getting stains out, the lists are endless for blue dawn dish soap. And it does so with just a few sprays on the surface that need cleaning up.

Below are the lists of just a few of the surfaces that it can effectively get stains out of;

  • Clothes
  • Tub and shower
  • Windows
  • Pool
  • Hair
  • Automotive tools
  • Eyeglasses
  • Driveway
  • Fireplaces
  • Grease-coated grill


Dawn dish soap can stain clothes even though there are also great removers. And another thing is that Dawn does not just cause stains but, over time, damages the clothes.

But I am sure you now know how to remove these stains with two different methods and the steps you should follow.

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