Defrosting Samsung Ice Maker: All You Need To Know

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It can be very frustrating when your ice maker bucket gets stuck and wouldn’t even budge, but you should never attempt to force it out. 

There are several easy methods you can try to defrost your Samsung ice maker in the comfort of your home, so how do you defrost your Samsung ice maker?

In most cases, a simple jiggle would be enough to get the job done, but in more challenging situations, there are a few steps you would need to follow. Finally, you can reset your ice maker, which will begin defrosting. 

How Do You Defrost a Samsung Ice Maker?

Defrosting Samsung Ice Maker

Defrosting a Samsung ice maker is not as complicated as you think once you follow the simple steps and push a few buttons. 

Below are a few steps to ensure that your ice maker resets and defrosts so you can get your ice-cold beverage in no time; 

#1. Reset Your Ice Maker 

Resetting your ice maker is the first step because it automatically causes the ice maker to defrost itself. Move your ice bucket and locate the test button to reset your ice maker. 

The test button is rectangular and can be located either at the bottom, top, or side of the icemaker, depending on your model. 

When you find this button, there should be either an arrow or the word “TEST” inscribed. 

Press the button until you hear a chiming sound. The test cycle would go on for a few minutes, so you should be patient enough to wait until it’s over. 

You can now place your ice bucket below the ice maker so that any liquid from it drops into the bucket. 

When you hear the chime sound for the second time, it indicates that the test run is over. At this point, your Samsung ice maker should be able to defrost itself. 

#2. Manual Defrosting 

Sometimes, after doing all that, the icemaker would still not defrost automatically. So, it would help if you defrosted it manually instead. 

You would need a dry towel and a hair dryer for this process. To begin with, take out all the contents of your freezer and place them in a safe place outside the freezer. 

Use your hair dryer above the ice maker to melt the ice from around the ice maker. After doing this, you can now clean the area with your dry towel and wait for the freezer to dry completely. 

#3. Force Defrosting 

For you to be able to defrost a Samsung ice maker, you have to defrost the entire freezer, also. 

To do this, press the “energy saver” button and the “power cool” button simultaneously for about twelve seconds. 

Sometimes, you must wait until the display goes blank before releasing the buttons. 

Next, you should press the “power cool” button and any other button. Doing this would set the freezer to go into force freeze mode. 

After you do all that, your entire freezer would begin to force freeze, and also the ice maker. Although these methods work for most Samsung refrigerators, it doesn’t apply to all. 

How Long Does It Take Force Defrost a Samsung Icemaker?

It would take about six hours to defrost your Samsung ice maker. This process involves turning the refrigerator off and using a dryer to melt the ice. 

A forced defrost should take up to 20 or 30 minutes. Unlike when you’re defrosting manually, you wouldn’t need to remove the foods from the refrigerator. 

All you have to do is keep your freezer closed throughout the period. Your food would also remain cold but for the best results, ensure that you remove the ice bucket from the ice machine. 

Even if your freezer doesn’t show any sign of having a frost pile problem, you should defrost it once a year to remove excess ice and debris. 

Knowing why your Samsung ice maker is frosting up is vital to prevent it from happening again.

Some common reasons why this occurs are; 

  • Blocked air duct. 
  • Blocked fan motor with ice. 
  • Leaking ice room along the bottom left. 
  • Poorly manufactured ice bucket seal. This fault is from the manufacturers, and there is no way you can fix this personally. 
  • Inefficient defrost functionality. 
  • Failed fan motor.

You can fix most of these issues at home, while others would need professional insight. Your Samsung refrigerator frosting up is not a normal situation.

Some reasons why your Samsung refrigerator frost up includes:

#1. Ice Trays

When your ice trays freeze, it causes a barrier that eventually leads to freezing the ice maker. You should inspect the ice tray for a large ice cube and get it out of the way. 

#2. Low Refrigerator Temperature

 Low temperature directly affects the water inlet tube. When the refrigerator’s temperature is set low, it can partially freeze the water inlet tube.

You can fix this by slightly increasing the temperature and checking back after a few minutes. 

#3. Clogged Up Water Filters

 If the water filters or lines are dirty, it could cause a blockage of flowing water flow.

When the flow is low, it can cause a blockage when the temperature is low. Try cleaning up the water lines and ice filters or replacing them to fix the issue. 

Can I Use a Hair Dryer to Defrost My Samsung Ice Maker?

Yes, you can use your hand dryer or hair dryer to manually defrost your Samsung ice maker

Before you begin, you must ensure that you plug the power cord out of the outlet. After that, you should shut your icemaker “OFF.” Using a hair dryer to defrost is very easy. 

All you have to do is ensure that your hair dryer is connected. Better still, you should use a non-electric hair dryer. All you need to do is place your hair dryer facing the icemaker for a few minutes. 

Please don’t hold the ice maker too close to the dryer because this could damage it. When the water starts dripping off the dryer, that means the process is working. 

When you complete the whole process, Essure that you clean any droplet with a clean towel and then switch the fridge back “ON.” 

How Do I Manually Defrost My Samsung Refrigerator?

There are several ways you can manually defrost your Samsung refrigerators. Knowing how to defrost your refrigerator manually may sound boring but trust me, it is an essential life hack. 

Before you manually defrost your fridge, you should always check the manual to ensure that you are not going against any rules. 

You shouldn’t assume your fridge works because you know how your neighbor’s fridge works if you use different models. Defrosting a fridge has similar processes from model to model, but you should still check yours. 

To defrost your fridge manually, you would need; 

  • A clean towel. 
  • A hairdryer.
  • A large bowl. 
  • Cool bags of ice blocks. 
  • Antibacterial spray. 

#1. Process 

  • The first thing you should do is unplug your fridge. You wouldn’t be able to work with a refrigerator plugged in. 
  • Take out all the food in it. This part is where the cool bags of ice blocks come in handy. Place your food in the ice blocks, so they do not melt before you finish defrosting. 
  • Remove all other drawers and compartments of the fridge. You would want to work with a spacer fridge. 
  • Place a towel on the floor and the large bowl directly below the icemaker compartment. 
  • You should now hold your hair dryer directly below the icemaker compartment. Please don’t hold it too close so as not to cause any form of damage to your fridge. 
  • Take the bowl out when the ice melts, and use the towel to clean the area. 
  • Replace your food in the fridge and turn your fridge back on. It should be working by now. 

Some other methods you can also try out to manually defrost your fridge without a dryer are; 

#2. Using a Bowl of Hot Water 

Using hot water is very easy. You can fill a bowl with hot water, place a tower on your fridge’s floor, and place the bowl on it. Close the fridge door and wait for the process to be complete. 

#3. Scraping off the Ice 

This method is even more effective if the ice has melted a little. Using a plastic spatula to scrape off the ice from the fridge’s ice maker compartment would be best

Ensure that you do not use anything metallic like a knife so as not to ruin the compartment. 

How Do I Force Defrost My Samsung Icemaker?

There are several models of Samsung fridges, and the method of defrosting each is slightly different.

Below are several ways you can force defrost some models of the Samsung refrigerator; 

FD= force defrost

Refrigerator Models Force Defrosting Methods 
Samsung RF28 ENERGY SAVER + POWER BUTTON for about three seconds. 
Samsung RF24FSEDBSR FRIDGE + POWER SAVE BUTTONS for about eight seconds.  
Samsung RF23M8070SRFREEZER AND CONTROL LOCK BUTTONS for about ten seconds. 

Where Is the Defrost Button on a Samsung Refrigerator?

Most times, you would find the defrost button by the side of the icemaker compartment, and this button is usually rectangular. 

 There are several ways to initiate the force defrost mode for different models of the Samsung refrigerator. 

You have to follow the procedure that works best for your model from the table above, and you are good to go. 


Defrosting the Samsung ice maker is not much of a big deal. All you have to do is locate the defrost button if you use the force defrost option. 

If you decide to go manual on this one, you should get your hair dryer ready, as it would be doing most of the work. You can also use hot water and a towel if you don’t have a hand dryer handy.

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