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Washing machines are a staple appliance found in nearly every household in the USA and worldwide; washers replace the traditional and slow method of hand washing clothes. 

Modern washers have different features like delay washing, making washing clothes more straightforward and convenient.

Delay wash is a feature on modern LG washers that you can use to delay the time a wash cycle begins on the machine. Delay washing helps consumers manipulate the time their washing machines begin washing and optimize time spent doing laundry.

Delay wash is unavailable on some older models of LG washers, but you can find it on a few older and most newer models. 

In this article, I will explain the delay wash feature and when/how you can use it.

What Does the Delay Wash Feature Do on an LG Washer?

Delay Wash on LG Washer

The delay wash feature on washing machines delays the time before a loaded washer starts washing the laundry.

Early washing machines required someone to be present to start the wash cycle manually. And physically transfer the laundry into a dryer, but modern washers do not have this disadvantage.

When you activate the washing feature on your machine, it prevents the machine from starting immediately. And this is very useful if you are busy and your schedule is congested.

You can set yours to start washing a few hours before your job closing time and be ready for drying just a few minutes before you are home.

Parents can also set theirs to start washing when the kids are safely tucked in and are fast asleep. 

The delay feature is essential, and it would be best if you choose an LG washing machine that supports this feature.

How Do You Use Delay Wash on an LG Washer? 

You can use the delay wash feature on an LG washer by pressing the delay wash button on the preferred number of hours you want before your laundry begins.

You can find instructions on setting your specific washing machine delay wash in its instruction manual or searching for your particular model online.

Setting up your washer delay feature is easy and can be done by following the following steps.

#1. Turn On the Washing Machine

The first step you should take is turning the machine on because the delay feature needs a steady power supply to track the hours before the washer starts washing.

If you stay in a place with an epileptic power supply, it would be best to avoid using the delay wash feature because it won’t work if there’s a power outage.

#2. Arrange the Laundry

You can now arrange and separate your laundry; you should separate the clothes into different batches if they are of different textures and colors.

Avoid mixing light and white clothes with different colored clothes. Your colored clothes might bleed while washing and stain your light-colored fabrics.

#3. Insert the Laundry

After arranging the clothes, you can pour them into the washer. You can presoak the laundry before putting it in the washing machine to soften stains and help it wash off easily.

#4. Pour Detergent 

If you plan to use delay wash, use powdered detergent instead of liquid soap. Liquid soap degrades during air exposure, so you should use detergents as your cleaning agent.

#5. Press the Delay Button

After preparing the machine, it is time to set the number of hours it needs to delay before starting.

While the washer is on standby, press the delay button the number of times you need it to delay.

The number of clicks corresponds with the hours the washer will wait before starting. Therefore, you should measure the hours you want to wait before pressing the delay button.

#6. Click Start Button 

After selecting the hours you want the washer to delay, you should press the start wash button so the timer will start counting down.

Always remember to press the start button because if you don’t, the timer will clear, and your washer will not start at the set time.

When Should I Use Delay Wash on an LG Washer? 

You should use the delay wash feature when busy and cannot attend to the washer immediately.

The delay feature is also a great addition if you are a parent because it will help you start your laundry without disturbing your children.

Apart from improving your laundry convenience, there are multiple situations in LG washing machines delay washing comes in handy.

Here are some instances you should use your washer delay wash feature.

#1. Cheaper Electricity Periods

It is common for power companies to charge less per kilowatt of electricity used at night or in periods of lower consumption.

If you have lots of laundry and want to save up on your electric bill, you can set your washer to delay start late at night when the electric charge is lower.

#2. Sleeping Hours

Washing machines, especially older modeled washers, are known to be noisy during use.

Although modern washers use brushless motors that are more silent in their operation, they are still noisy and can disturb your sleep a lot.

It will help if you set your washer to delay washing until you are out of the house or at work.

#3. Busy Work Days

Workers working long hours find it hard to plan their day-to-day activities effectively, making it hard for them to do their laundry on time.

The washer delay feature can help you manage your time and customize your laundry to be ready immediately after your closing time.

#4. Simplifying House Chores

We all wish our house could be cleaned and our laundry would be done automatically. Sadly, that is impossible, but you can still make your house chores more manageable.

LG washer delay feature simplifies previously complex laundry tasks and allows you to plan and fit your laundry according to your schedule.

How Long Is the Delay Time on an LG Washer? 

The delay wash feature on LG washers can delay the time your laundry starts by about 12 hours for some models and 19 hours for others.

12 – 19 hours should be enough to set your delay to wash at your preferred time.

It would help to avoid setting your delay wash for extended periods so your clothes don’t get damp enough to trigger mold growth.

Try to limit your delay from 8 to 12 hours so you do not increase your energy bill, and reset your delay timer if there’s a power interruption.

If you delay your machine for up to 19 hours, you can experience a motor malfunction that can cause a fire outbreak, so it is best to do your laundry only when you are home.

Pros and Cons of Delay Wash on an LG Washer 

There are many advantages of using the LG washer delay wash feature but some disadvantages.

You can get a lot of utility out of the washer delay feature, with over 12 hours of delay time, but there’s a catch while using the delay feature.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the LG delay wash feature.

Advantages of LG Delay Wash Disadvantages of LG Delay Wash 
It is convenient. Higher electrical bills.
It gives more freedom for your daily schedule. Requires a specific cleaning agent.
Reduces noise pollution.Possible fire hazard.
Increases sleep quality.I am starting failure during power loss.

LG washing machine delay washing has more advantages than disadvantages. 

You can reduce or eliminate these problems by following one or more of these tips.

  • Set delay wash at night to save power.
  • Use delay wash when there’s a steady electricity supply.
  • Use the proper fuses, and do not leave the washer on standby for long hours.
  • Use a good detergent that doesn’t degrade when exposed to air.

From the points above, You can mitigate most of the disadvantages of using the delay wash feature by performing a few tasks and making different choices.

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