Discontinued Bosch Dishwashers (Should You Buy?)

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Most house owners are filled with questions about why some models of Bosch dishwashers are no longer produced or sold. Bosch dishwashers are high quality because they are a reliable brand.

In addition, over the years, the cleaning performance of Bosch dishwashers has been excellent.

Some models of Bosch dishwashers have been discontinued. Discontinued Bosch dishwashers may have safety issues and dangerous defects, leading to fire outbreaks. However, there are new series and models of dishwashers produced by Bosch. These new models have more unique options and features to improve customers’ satisfaction.

Why Are No Bosch Dishwashers Available?

Some models of Bosch dishwashers are not available due to logistics issues and a global materials shortage.

Due to the recent pandemic that ravaged the world, raw materials for production have become limited and inaccessible for manufacturers. 

The pandemic also caused the factory to shut down, making it almost impossible for the manufacturers to keep up with the demand of users.

This period created a backlog for the industry, and they are yet to recover from it.

Is Bosch 500 Dishwasher Discontinued?

This particular model of a dishwasher has been discontinued. This means that the dishwasher is no longer produced and sold.

The Bosch 500 dishwasher has a unique design style that makes it blend with other appliances.

However, reports say that the dishwasher’s power cord can overheat and cause fire incidence, resulting in property damage and loss of life.  

Should I Buy a New but Discontinued Bosch Dishwasher?

It is not bad to buy a new but discontinued Bosch dishwasher, especially if the discontinued dishwasher is a good model.

However, there are safer options, such as the Bosch 800 series 24 inches built-in dishwasher. This dishwasher has all the features you might be looking for.

The 300, 500, 800, and Bosch benchmark Series dishwashers operate according to the same wash system. The significant difference between them is the feature they added.

Also, the detergent dispenser feature on all Bosch dishwasher models is designed to work with tablets. 

The Bosch 800 series is the most efficient of all the models. This is because Bosch uses CrystalDry technology, transforming dishes’ moisture into heat up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit to get dishes drier.

CrystalDry technology works well without increasing energy consumption.

Tips and Tricks for A Bosch Dishwasher

Bosch dishwasher has been a top choice for shoppers of home appliances. This is because of the benefits the brand offers.

Apart from the fact that Bosch dishwashers come in various colors, styles, and prices, it has many other features that the users love.

Bosch dishwasher offers the dry crystal property in Bosch benchmark series and 800 series models.

This is the most recent dishwasher drying technology and a natural way to dry your dishes. This feature uses natural minerals that cause water to evaporate when hot.

This makes the dishwasher have a high drying performance even when drying plastics. 

Also, Bosch dishwashers are very quiet during operations. Sometimes, you need to check whether the switch is on to know that a cycle is in progress.

Reports say Bosch dishwashers are the quietest dishwasher brand. Bosch has not sacrificed their high wash performance and cleaning operation for quiet operation.

Moreover, the Bosch dishwasher comes with a certified cycle that can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria. This makes your plates and dishes perfectly clean and free from bacteria.

These inbuilt modules will help to prevent germs and promote hygiene.

Furthermore, Bosch dishwasher has increased the item load capacity of their dishwashers. The new models have new rack features.

This feature allows you to adjust the height of your top rack even when it is loaded with dishes. As a result, they can house many dishes in their racks.

Wrongly operating a good appliance will not give you the best result. Whenever there is a problem with the dishwasher, you must detect and diagnose them on time.

There are several tips on how to avoid having problems with your dishwasher. Below are some points to note about operating a Bosch dishwasher:

You can prevent your Bosch dishwasher from breaking down by avoiding putting in strange objects. Some items are unsuitable for your Bosch dishwasher.

Examples are wood, crystal, copper, and items with adhesive. Ensure that your dishwasher is loaded with safe stainless, aluminum, and glass dishes.

Also, ensure you load your dishwasher the right way. Although Bosch makes excellent dishwashers, You should load a good dishwasher properly to get a great result.

Do not load wrongly or overload. Be sure that the plates do not overlap to make the water jets reach all the plates.

You should also check the spray arms to see if they can move freely and if dishes have not obstructed them.

To load your dishwasher correctly, ensure that you:

  • Place the dishes so that the dirtiest side faces the spray arms directly.
  • Place the large and flat dishes or items on the edge of the rack. This is to avoid them blocking water flow, detergents, and the dishwasher vents.
  • Place small dishes such as mugs on the middle rack
  • Choose the correct temperature setting to avoid damaging your dishes and cutleries. 

After loading your dishwasher, ensure that the rotating arms are not obstructed. Place the dishwasher tablet in its holder and ensure the flap is closed.

Turn the dishwasher on by pressing the power button located on the panel. 

Select the program for your wash and close the door of the dishwasher. You can select the delay timer if it is required. The machine will start automatically after these procedures. 

Finally, it is advisable to use the recommended detergent for your dishwasher. Bosch recommended FINISHTM detergent or tablet for use with their dishwasher.

However, some of the detergents out there can lead to clogs and poor drainage. Using liquid soap is not advisable, too, as using too much of it can leave a soapy residue on your dishes.


Bosch series dishwasher is regarded as one of the best and most used home appliances. Borsch produces high-performance dishwashers in various models and sizes.

Bosch dishwashers clean better than other brands, and they run quieter than most brands.

They also have the most spacious, beautiful, and versatile racks. In addition, they are durable, which makes them reliable and last long.

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