5 Reasons Your Discovery Plus Not Working On Sky Q!

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Discovery Plus is undoubtedly a favorite among many Sky Q box users. There’s a lot to draw Sky Q customers to Discovery Plus. It’s a VIP Reward, after all.

The streaming service is at no extra for the first 12 months. So, it would surely not go down well when customers can’t access their beloved Discovery Plus.

But not to worry, you can resolve any issue with streaming Discovery Plus without much stress.

When Sky Q customers can’t get Discovery Plus, usually that’s because they haven’t finished the activation journey. Sky Q users should fully activate their Discovery Plus accounts and log into the app. Also, Sky Q users may not find the Discovery Plus app because the Sky Q box software needs an update.

Why Is Discovery Plus Not Working On My Sky Q Box?

Discovery Plus Not Working On Sky Q

Remember to activate your Discovery Plus account to enjoy the service fully. Please, follow the steps below if you haven’t activated Discovery Plus on your Sky Q box.

  • Use your Sky iD username and password to log into your account.
  • Tap “continue.” That’ll redirect you to the registration page on the Discovery website.
  • Fill in your email address and choose a unique password.
  • Tap “next,” and the system will request a six-digit pairing code. You can get the code via your Sky Q box.
  • Press “Home” on your Sky Q remote, select “Apps,” “Featured,” and choose “Discovery+.”
  • Next, select “Continue with Sky activation.” That’ll reveal the six-digit code you need.
  • Go back to the Discovery website and input the code. After that, the system will authenticate your Sky Q box, and you can enjoy seamless streaming of Discovery Plus.

Below are other possible reasons Discovery Plus isn’t working on your Sky Q box.

#1. Free Streaming Over

Discovery Plus is initially for the first 12 months. After that time, Sky Q users will have to pay an upgrade fee to enjoy the streaming service.

#2. Software Error

It may happen that you’re missing the Discovery Plus app on your Sky Q box. That’s often due to a need to update the Sky Q box software.

#3. Server Error

Discovery Plus servers are also likely to glitch. No server is 100% efficient. So, a temporal failure can happen sometimes.

#4. Poor Internet

A good internet connection is vital to streaming Discovery Plus. But no internet connection will also make the app not work.

#5. TV Glitch/Bug

TV software or firmware errors can also affect the Discovery Plus app. An error with the TV system will likely affect the app.

The errors we looked at above are common among Sky Q box users. But if your description doesn’t match any of them, you can reach out to discovery+ Support.

Why Can’t I Log into Discovery Plus On Sky?

You won’t be able to log into Discovery Plus on Sky Q if you haven’t activated your account. So, that’s the first thing you need to sort out.

Ensure that you fully activate your Discovery Plus account before you try to log in. If not, you won’t be able to access Discovery Plus because your details aren’t registered.

Be sure to follow the correct activation link for your region. Links differ slightly according to region. Also, you need to have an active subscription to activate Discovery Plus.

Remember that the Discovery Plus login is for the first time only. After that, you won’t need to log into the app whenever you have to stream.

Also, you may have trouble getting into your Discovery Plus account on Sky Q due to password errors. So, resetting your password, in this case, can solve the problem.

You can select “Forgot password” on the login screen. That’ll give you the prompts to reset your password. Then enter, choose a new password and try to log in again.

Resetting your password should do the trick and allow you to log in to the Discovery Plus app.

Please, follow the steps below if you haven’t logged in to your Discovery Plus account before.

  • Press “Home” on your Sky Q remote, select “Apps,” “Featured,” and choose “discovery+.” That’ll open the Discovery Plus App.
  • Select “Login.”
  • On the next screen, follow the instructions you see.
  • Log in with your email and password.
  • Follow through with the steps on the website. You’ll eventually come to a six-digit code.
  • Enter the code on your Sky Q box. That’ll authenticate your box and give you access to Discovery Plus.

If resetting the password and proper login doesn’t work, you can reach the discovery+ help center to assist you.

How Do I Get Discovery Plus Back On Sky Q?

Depending on the error type, you can make a diagnosis and take the right step to fix it. We’ll discuss quick fixes to help you get Discovery Plus back on your Sky Q box below.

#1. Check Your Internet Connection

You need an internet connection on your Sky Q box to access the Discovery Plus app. So, the app won’t work if there’s a problem with your network connection. Do well to check your settings and assess the network setup.

To check your internet connection, please follow the steps below.

  • Press “Home” on your Sky Q remote. Select “Settings,” then “Setup.”
  • Select “Network.” That’ll show you if there’s an active WiFi connection or not.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to connect to the internet if the connection is broken.

#2. Check the Software Version on Your Sky Q Box

The software version of your Sky Q box should always be the latest. If you miss that, you may have trouble assessing apps on your Sky Q box.

Depending on the hardware version number of your Sky Q box, there’s a matching software version number.

See the table below for the matching hardware and software version numbers.

Hardware Version NumberSoftware Version Number

Ensure that the hardware and software version of your Sky Q box matches what’s on the table. Then, please, follow the steps below to check your hardware and software versions.

  • Press “Home” on your Sky Q remote.
  • Select “Settings” then “System info.” That’ll show you the info you need.
  • Please take note of the numbers you have on your screen and compare them with those on the table.
  • If the numbers don’t match, you’ll have to download and install the latest software for your Sky Q box.
  • If you need an update, follow through from the “System info” screen to get the option for “Software download.”
  • Under “System info,” select “Software version,” “Setup,” then “Software download.”
  • Leave your Sky Q box turned on while the software downloads. It’ll complete the installation the next time it goes into standby.

#3. Restart Your Sky Q Box

If you have an internet connection, but your Discovery Plus app isn’t showing, restarting your Sky Q box may help.

Please, follow the steps below to restart your Sky Q box.

  • Tap “Standby” on your Sky Q remote.
  • Switch off the power outlet and unplug the power cord.
  • Wait for the lights on your Sky Q box to go off.
  • Connect the power cord to the power outlet and turn on the power.
  • Hold on when your Sky Q box is on for the on-screen instructions to disappear.
  • Press “Home” on your Sky Q remote. You should have Discovery Plus back in your app area.

Please note that some features may take up to five minutes to appear on your Sky Q box.

#4. Refresh Your Apps

Refreshing the apps on your Sky Q box can help you regain Discovery Plus on your device. It’s a very effective method to get back any missing apps on your device.

How Do You Reset Apps On Sky Q?

Resetting/refreshing apps on your Sky Q box is one way to get them back on your device. So please, follow the steps below to refresh the apps on your Sky Q box.

  • Press “Home” on your Sky Q remote and select “Settings.”
  • Press zero, zero, one, and “Select” on your Sky Q remote to access the “Installer Menu.”
  • Select “Apps.” You’ll see an option to refresh apps.
  • Highlight the option for “Refresh all apps on this box.” Then, a message will pop up on the screen saying, “your apps are being refreshed.”
  • After the message, press “Dismiss.” That will return your Sky Q box to normal viewing.

Please, note that the app refresh can take up to 24 hours to complete. But sometimes, you can have a shorter timeline.

How Do You Get Discovery Plus On Sky Q Mini Box?

You’ll have to pair each Sky Q minibox separately to get Discovery Plus on the device. But that comes after login into your Discovery Plus account on your Sky Q set-top box.

Please, follow the steps below to pair the minibox device and access the Discovery Plus app.

  • Open the Discovery Plus app from the apps area.
  • Select “Login.”
  • Select “discovery+” in the app section on your Sky Q set-top box.
  • Press the blue “Login” button.
  • Next, log in to your Discovery Plus account.
  • A device pairing page will appear after you click the above link. Follow the prompts on the page, and you’ll get the code eventually.
  • Enter the code from your web browser on your Sky Q box. The system will show if the code is accepted or not.
  • Please, note that every code is valid for five minutes only. So, you’ll get a new code after five minutes or if you enter the wrong code.
  • When the system accepts the code, your Sky set-top screen will refresh automatically. That will take you into the Discovery Plus app.
  • After a successful pairing on the Sky set-top box, the Discovery Plus app will auto-login on your minibox.

You can now enjoy streaming Discovery Plus on your Sky Q mini box!

Final Words

An incomplete activation or software error will likely make Discovery Plus not work on your Sky Q box. A poor internet connection or none at all can also cause that error.

Sometimes restarting your Sky Q box will correct the error. Refreshing your apps also helps. But you can contact the discovery+ help center for further help.

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