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Dish Soap For Bubble Bath? (Should You Use It?)

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Who cares if it’s a dish soap or shower gel used for a bubble bath. Normally people wouldn’t mind using dish soap as long as it foams, brings out bubbles, gives us a nice feeling and a sweet scent. After all, it’s a bubble bath.

You can use dish soap for a bubble bath. It can wash dirt from the body, has foaming properties, and gives sweet scents depending on the type of dish soap used. Dish soap also contains some ingredients such as sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate found in most body wash.

Can You Make A Bubble Bath With Dawn Dish Soap?

You can make a bubble bath with Dawn dish soap. After all, it’s dish soap.

A bubble bath requires soap that can foam and bring out bubbles, whether dish soap or a body wash. Dawn dish soap is no exception.

You can use a Dawn dish soap to make a bubble bath; in fact, many people have used it for a bubble bath when body wash isn’t available.

Dawn dish soap is one of the best soaps in terms of foaming ability. This is because it contains a lot of sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS). The more the SLS, the more the soap foam. This property has made it suitable for bubble baths.

Again, Dawn dish soap is less expensive and easy to use. It doesn’t need extra ingredients to make it suitable for a bubble bath. Its scent is nice; it cleans the skin, although a little too much.

Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe For Bubble Bath?

Dawn dish soap is not safe for a bubble bath. As much as you can use dish soaps for a bubble bath, you should use a mild one, and Dawn dish soap is not one.

Dawn dish soap is good for removing tough stains and greases, bathtubs, toilets, and windows. This is because it contains chemicals such as 1,4-dioxane, a groundwater contaminant, and methylisothiazolinone, a corrosive chemical that irritates the skin and eyes.

This means dawn dish soap is not safe for a bubble bath. Again, Dawn dish soap was made basically to remove grease. It is not calm for the skin. Therefore using it for a bubble bath would make your skin dry and cause skin irritation.

What Soap Can I Use For A Bubble Bath?

You can use soaps like shower gels, body wash and Castile soap (added with vegetable glycerin), mild shampoo, liquid hand soap, and mild dish soap for a bubble bath.

Those mentioned above can be used for a bubble bath, especially the body washes, shower gel, and Castile liquid soap if you don’t want to use dish soap or a liquid hand wash.

Body wash hydrates your skin, is easy to carry around, and is hygienic to use. Castile liquid soap is one of the best to use, but it foams when vegetable glycerin is added. It is also nontoxic, made up of natural oils and hemp.

The shower gel, as its name implies, is a jelly-like soap. It is a good cleanser for your skin. Again, mild baby shampoo, dish soap, and liquid handwashers aren’t a bad idea. They are more economical and less expensive. Easy to get and easy to use. This only works when the right ones are used.

Shower gels and body washes are good exfoliators and moisturizers. They produce lather and bubbles easily. This means if you’re someone that loves bubbles a lot, shower gel should always be your choice.

Having dry skin could be embarrassing; to get rid of this, a shower gel or body wash is advisable while having a bubble bath. They remove dead skin cells and dirt from the skin, keeping it moist and beautiful.

To use these soaps for a bubble bath, the bathtub should be clean and warm water should be allowed to run into the bathtub while the bathtub’s drain is temporarily blocked. You should pour these soaps into the bathtub as much as you want.

The higher the pressure of the running water, the more bubbles it forms. After the bubble bath, You should rinse the bathtub thoroughly because these soaps might cause it to be slippery.

How Do You Make Bubble Bath Soap?

You can make a bubble bath soap by mixing honey, rosewater, egg white, olive or almond oil, and mild liquid hand soap.

Sometimes it is good to try out things. It would be best if you didn’t always rely on processed bubble bath soaps. What if there’s scarcity? Does it mean you wouldn’t have your bubble bath?

Then you should know what to do and how to do it when the need arises. The first thing to do is have a clean bowl where you can pour your mild liquid hand soap, baby shampoo, or mild dish soap.

It could have a scent or not. If it doesn’t have the desired scent, you can add rose water to it. The liquid soap used should be almost half a cup or half a cup. Let’s simply say a 100 millimeters measurement is fine!

Secondly, You should add honey. This is because honey helps to moisturize the skin. A tablespoon of honey would do.

The third step involves adding some essential oil to your mixture. This is important if you have dry skin. It would be best if you used a tablespoon of jojoba oil or Olive oil. Also, you can add milk if you desire to.

In addition, the egg white should be used. Just one egg is fine. It is important because it will help make your bubbles last long.

Instead of having just water at some point in your bubble bath, egg white would make your bubbles stay for a long time, probably till the end of your bubble bath. Make sure you separate the yolk from the egg white.

Lastly, normalize using oil with sweet scents. After all, what is the use of a bubble bath if you don’t smell nice? Therefore You should add oils like lavender, vanilla, sandalwood in drops to your mixture.

After this is done, your mixture should be slightly stirred to not foam too much while in the bowl. Voila! Your bubble bath soap is ready!


Using dish soap for a bubble bath isn’t bad, especially if it’s mild. Because the hike in prices of household items is alarming, I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money going for expensive body wash. So what do I do?

I stick to the available. Either I make use of my dish soap, or I make bubble bath soap. However, You shouldn’t use these dish soaps too often as they may have side effects. This doesn’t mean You can’t use them.

Soaps that are good to use are body wash and shower gel. These are made mainly for cleaning the body and are mild to the skin.

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