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Does Dishwasher Heat Water?

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Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 01:34 pm

It is impossible to use a dishwasher without water. Water and the machine work together to clean out dishes. However, not just water but hot water. But is it necessary to heat the water before pouring it into the dishwasher, or can the dishwasher help?

Yes! Dishwashers heat water. One doesn’t have to heat the cold water before putting it into the dishwasher. Rather the cold water is heated by the dishwasher to a temperature as high as 155°F – 165°F with the use of its heating element.

Do You Need Hot Water To Run A Dishwasher?

Hot water is needed to run a dishwasher. Hot water can remove bacteria, oil, and grease. Thus, when spun around with utensils, they wash them perfectly aided by detergents.

No matter the type of dishwasher used, it requires hot water. Either the water is heated in the dishwasher by heating elements, or your dishwasher is connected to a water heater in the house.

This way, water is supplied from the heater to the dishwasher. Therefore, hot water is something a dishwasher cannot do without if you want your dishes to be properly washed and rinsed.

Do Dishwashers Heat Their Own Water?

Dishwashers heat their own water with the use of sensors in the heating element. Normal water could be about 100°F, but the heating element warms it to a higher temperature suitable for washing.

A dishwasher has a tank for water storage. This tank is used to supply cold water to the dishwasher by the user. Normal water is not suitable to clean dishes because cold water doesn’t have the strength to kill bacterias.

Therefore, it is important to use hot water to clean dishes. So, the heating element heats the water to sanitize the dishes killing bacterias.

After heating elements heat the water, the sensor detects when the water gets too hot and prevents it from damaging your dishes. Sensors also detect when the hot water is too much in the dishwasher and make some parts drain.

What Dishwashers Heat Their Own Water?

Dishwashers like Miele, Beko, Blomberg, flight, conveyor, Frigidaire Gallery, and Frigidaire professional are from Energy star, Hobart, and Frigidaire companies which heat their water.

Apart from the importance of having a dishwasher, the following are exceptional companies with dishwashers that heat their water:

1. Energy Star

Examples of dishwashers that heat water made from this company are Miele, Blomberg, and Flight conveyor. Mieles dishwasher has low water usage and uses just about 6 liters of water to clean dishes about 12 times.

This dishwasher heats their water and lasts for about 20 years of regular use. This time frame is twice as long as other dishwashers.

Blomberg is also an exceptional dishwasher that heats its water. It is also important to know that this is the least water-consuming dishwasher. The Blomberg dishwasher uses about 7 liters of water for overall performance.

Beko dishwashers heat their water; it is energy efficient and has the latest technology, enabling it to clean the hardest of dishes.

The cost of these dishwashers is worth it because of the special components designed to help make work easier. The special components have been mentioned above.

These dishwashers also help protect water resources by reducing water consumption as they save about 18 gallons of water.

Again, dishes are loaded in this dishwasher, and they are properly washed and rinsed instead of washing each dish one after the other.

2. Hobart

Two good examples of dishwashers made by the Hobart Company are the Flight type and Conveyor dishwashers.

The Flight type is well known for combining high performance, labor, and innovative technologies with low water usage. This dishwasher reduces energy use. It also heats their water.

Conveyor dishwashers are multipurpose dishwashers and are perfect for performing multiple tasks with them. It uses less than half the rinse water, and half the energy other models use.

These dishwashers provide enough hot water to clean greasy dishes, pots, and pans. It performs tasks more efficiently. This dishwasher has an inbuilt booster heater that monitors water temperature till it reaches a high temperature suitable to clean dishes properly.

These dishwashers also have a special feature that gives a final rinse to dishes. This feature helps to remove any trace of bacterias that could still stick on the dish and cause health issues. With dishwashers from Hobart, there’s no fear of having traces of chemicals too from soaps.

3. Frigidaire

From this company, there are Frigidaire Gallery and Frigidaire professional dishwashers that heat their own water.

These two dishwashers are similar as they are very calm and quiet dishwashers. They do not disturb with noise and, as such, make dishwashing peaceful. They also have a good drying system.

These dishwashers are known for their stealth while operating. Its sound is not louder than a whisper when in use. It is spacious and can contain about 150 items in a single load.

It has a door seal that helps prevent water from leaking out of the bottom.

This part is always exposed to water and detergents, and as such, the chemicals from the detergents and water wears it out. This exposure could cause leaking at the bottom of the dishwasher door.

Again, these dishwashers are made up of a lower spray arm that helps spray water on dishes to clean them, located at the bottom of your dishwasher tub.

It is important to know that the spray arm could be damaged by heat. So it is advisable to always control the heating elements and regulate the temperature.

How Much Hot Water Does A Dishwasher Need?

A dishwasher needs a minimum of 150°F for detergents to clean dishes properly. However, many dishwashers have their inbuilt temperature boosters.

For a dishwasher without a heater, it is necessary to connect the dishwasher to a heater in your house or heat the water separately and pour it into the dishwasher.

But, for a modern dishwasher with a heater, you should heat the water to about 155°F. You can measure the temperature of the water with a thermometer. You should place it in a glass, and the water could run into the glass until the temperature stops rising.

If you’re using a dishwasher with a heater, and the water isn’t hot enough, it should be adjusted. But, if your heater is far from the dishwasher, you run the water into a sink till it gets to the desired temperature, hot enough to wash dishes clean.

These are the two ways to get a high temperature for your dishwasher. It is also important to know that very hot water is not good for the dishes and cold water is not good enough, so the temperature should be high yet in moderation.


The use of hot water in a dishwasher cannot be overemphasized. We can say a dishwasher works efficiently with hot water. We can also say, some modern dishwashers we discussed earlier have exceptional qualities that make them stand out from others.

We are also made to understand that although some dishwashers heat their water, dishwashers also need to be connected to a heater in the house.

Temperature also plays an important role in how our dishes come out. Coldwater doesn’t give us that desired sparkle, whereas hot water does.

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