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Are Dishwasher Power Cords Universal?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

When we hear the word ‘universal,’ what comes to our minds is something that’s one for all? For example, power cords play an essential role in transferring current from power outlets to appliances.

Because of their usefulness, you may wonder whether power cords can be used for all appliances, especially with dishwashers that often come without cables.

Dishwasher power cords are not universal. Dishwashers do not come with power cords, but you can buy power cords with three-pin prongs in the market. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot use a dishwasher power cord for another model or any other appliance because they’re specifically meant for it.

Do All Dishwashers Have Power Cords?

Dishwashers don’t have power cords. There are no attachments of power cords from the manufacturers.

It is now widespread that people no longer buy power cords for their dishwashers since they don’t have power cords. Instead, they are hardwired. Dishwashers do not have power cords, not even some.

This is because they’ve been designed to be hooked up on an electrical circuit in the home. But for people who can’t afford the hardwire installation, you should go and purchase a power cord because it still works.

However, if there is an electrical outlet close to where you might want to mount your dishwasher, you can get a suitable power cord for it. Then the cable can be connected to the junction box of the dishwasher, then to the electrical outlet to draw current for its functioning.

Are Power Cords Interchangeable?

Power cords are interchangeable depending on the appliance in question or the location.

The power cords in a particular country may be interchangeable and otherwise in another country. This is because of different countries and different ways of manufacturing.

Nonetheless, computers, televisions, laptops, and many more would use the same power cords as long as it fits. But, the dishwasher would not use the same because it requires a 110 volt 3 pin plug receptacle.

Again, there should be some considerations for a power cord to be interchangeable. Firstly, the power cord should be suitable to power the device. An interchangeable power cord should have the ability to act as a replacement if a previous power cord is missing or damaged. The replaced one should be able to work on the device. In addition, it should also be durable.

Furthermore, power cords can be interchangeable when careful selection is made. What do I mean by this? First, you should carefully select the power cord used as a replacement to make sure it looks like the former. This is because the connector that plugs into your devices may have a specific shape. So, it would be wise to use a similar connector.

To interchange a power cord, length is significant to consider. A short cable may not reach your desired spot. Also, a very long cord would make the place untidy, and it may also cause falls. Some people might want to fold it, but this is not even safe.

Folding the power cord would lead to electromagnetic interference. It is also essential to know that buying quality power cords would help. Avoid cheap power cords because they might be dangerous.

Can I Re-use Dishwasher Power Cord?

You can re-use a dishwasher power cord. However, it can only be re-used if it’s in good condition.

You can re-use an old power cord if it’s in line with current safety codes and there is nothing wrong with it physically. If you want to re-use a power cord, remove the electric cord from the junction box and then you can either leave the cable clamp on and use it again or disconnect the cord.

When you disconnect the cord, you can re-use it on a new dishwasher.

Many people do not even know when their dishwasher power cord is faulty. This could pose a significant risk to our lives if a faulty one is used. Therefore it is crucial to know when your dishwasher power is defective. To test it, you will need a multimeter set on resistance times one. If you can still use the power cord, the meter would read 0 ohms.

Again to follow it step by step, one of the cord’s prongs should be connected to one of the multimeter probes. Then, it would be best if you also touched the other probe of the multimeter to the other connection on the switch.

If you are observant, you should know that when you touch either of the power switch connections, the multimeter will beep if you have a good circuit otherwise bad.

Sometimes your dishwasher power cords might be faulty, and you’re unable to re-use them. If you want to re-use the wrong dishwasher Power cord, you should trim the ends leaving the frayed edges.

It would be best to use a knife to slice the outer sheathing to about 2 inches. Then, it would be best to separate the black and white wires, and the stranded copper shouldn’t be cut.

Next, you should twist the wires, and a soldering device should be used to melt the solder. When the splices are cooled, low heat should be applied with a hairdryer, and finally, remove any overlapping sheathing and wrap everything with electrical tape. Voila! This could help.

Is It Better To Hardwire Or Plug-In A Dishwasher?

Whether a dishwasher is better hardwired or plugged in depends on the individual. But basically, plugging in a dishwasher is better. However, some people may feel otherwise.

When a dishwasher is hardwired, it is connected to the circuit wire that leads to your home electrical panel. Plugging in a dishwasher means using a power cord to connect an outlet to a dishwasher.

Before installation, one should think of the possible outcomes of either hardwiring or plugging in a dishwasher. Hardwiring is relatively more expensive than plugging in.

Furthermore, expertise is needed in hardwiring a dishwasher. If you get an installer who is still a novice, you are causing more harm than good. If this is mishandled, it could be hazardous and cause hazards to your home.

Using a plugin is relatively safe because when the dishwasher malfunctions, one can quickly run to disconnect the plug. But if your dishwasher is hardwired, before you run to switch off the breaker, the dishwasher would have caused harm.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t if you prefer to hardwire your dishwasher. On the contrary, as long as you are conscious and sensitive, you will enjoy hard wiring your dishwasher. This is because hardwired is less visible and looks more organized.


It is okay to purchase a dishwasher and don’t see a power cord because dishwashers do not come with power cords. These power cords are bought for them separately. Power cords are interchangeable but not dishwasher power cords.

The dishwasher’s power cords can also be re-used if it’s in good working condition. However, you’ve been taught how to fix one when the need arises.

Choose the method of installation more convenient for you. There’s absolutely no penalty in choosing one over the other.

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