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Why Are Dishwasher Racks So Expensive?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

The price of appliances and their components is crucial in determining many decision-making processes, and dishwasher racks are not an exception. A regular dishwasher rack can cost as much as $80 per one. Yes, that is quite expensive, but why are dishwashers that expensive?

Many factors contribute to the price of an average home dishwasher. Racks assembling, building space, and getting a person to stock the parts and retrieve them cost a lot. Mainly and generally, part stocking is very expensive for manufacturers of dishwashing machines.

How Much Are Dishwasher Racks?

New dishwasher racks cost around $80 and above in retail stores and online marketplaces.

However, fixing a broken dishwasher rack is possible as it costs less than purchasing a new one. The racks on the bottom part of the dishwasher are mostly interchangeable. This means that you can change the rack on the stainless steel tub model with the plastic tub model.

One way to avoid purchasing a new dishwasher rack is by maintaining the old one and preventing rust. You can prevent it by keeping the rack away from excess water. This means that the only time the dishwasher rack should be in the water, Is during washing.

To achieve this, you should ensure you always have the vinyl coating in place. The rusting on the dishwasher rack is experienced whenever the vinyl coating gets nicked. This, however, is only when you use a stainless steel dishwasher rack as plastics don’t rust.

You should know better than to use a broken dishwasher rack as you can incur more loss from it. It can break completely when you put dishes in it and break the dishes too.

Is A Dishwasher Third Rack Worth It?

Generally, the third track on your dishwasher can help make a difference when you’re running a dishwasher. The third rack is more of a luxury feature in the dishwashing machine. Nonetheless, getting one isn’t a waste of money, neither is it so important.

This is to say that the dishwasher can function to the maximum without the third rack in place. Despite being a luxury feature, dishwashers with a third rack come with some benefits.

They include:

1. The third rack in the dishwasher allows you to wash wider items. Such items are cooking utensils, knives, and silverware.

2. Whenever an additional space is needed at the upper rack, you can use this rack. You can place it above the upper rack to create more space up and hold more wares.

3. It serves as a drawer for flatware or a utensil drawer/holder. This is for cooking tools and other small kitchen items.

4. This third rack in a dishwasher provides you with more space to expand your dishwashing capacity.

5. It can be removed and returned when a need for it arises.

6. A third rack in the dishwasher aids with reorganizing cooking wares. Especially when there are many of them.

These are a few of many reasons why a dishwasher needs the third rack. It is not a waste of money, especially when you have a large household or run a catering service.

Also, if you buy a dishwasher that doesn’t come with a third rack, you can purchase one. Remember this is necessary only when you are sure you need one also if the dishwasher you purchased had enough room for it.

What Do You Do With Old Dishwasher Racks?

A dishwasher rack starting to go old or rust doesn’t mean you cannot use it for other purposes. You can use an old dishwasher rack for various purposes. One of them includes serving as a kitchen basket and such uses.

You can do several things with an old dishwasher rack rather than throw it away. But, unfortunately, for a good number of them, you might spend even more trying to get an essential tool for that purpose.

Some of these uses of an old dishwasher rack include:

1. Storage of kiddy dishes and utensils

You might want to put their stuff away separately when you have kids around. This is because kids disorganize stuff easily. When this happens, having their dish rack can help you organize faster.

The good news is, you can use your old dishwasher rack for this purpose. You can use the vertical slots to arrange or file flat plates. You can also use the tines to organize cups and water cabs in place.

2. It can serve as a basket

When you have a lot of kitchen clothes around, you might need this. First, fold all kitchen clothes like table towels and gloves and keep them in the rack. This helps them stay in place and is easy to find whenever you are looking for them.

Also, it keeps them clean and safe from dust. It can also serve as a basket to keep small tubers instead of holding them directly on the floor.

Furthermore, an old dishwasher rack will serve as a basket for tubers like:

  • Potatoes.
  • Small yams.
  • Yatut.

You can also keep onions in them.

3. To organize all of your storage container lids

Finally, if you have a lot of kitchen wares that have lids, you need this.

An old rack can assist in arranging the lids of:

  • Plates
  • Takeaway packs
  • Bottle water Kegs
  • Jerry cans
  • Extra parts that come with certain kitchen wares

A rack helps you find them easily when you need them. It also keeps them complete at all times since they have a place to be.

4. Weighing down light containers

During washing sessions, light kitchenwares and plate lids tend to fly around. You can use the old dishwasher rack to keep them in place to avoid this. This will reduce the number of dishes lost during dishwashing.

5. A set-up command central

If you work and your kitchen is your office, this can serve as a file rack. You can use the old dishwasher rack to stack up files and keep them organized at all times. This will help to avoid mix-up of documents and misplacement too.

6. Additional fridge rack

If you have a deep freezer, an old dishwasher rack can serve as an extra rack. You can use it to store the additional foodstuff and keep them from falling off their standing positions. It can also serve as a rack where you put vegetables like:

  • Cabbage
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Eggplants

And any other vegetable that needs to be in the part of the fridge that is less cold.


Dishwasher racks are an essential part of the dishwasher, and as such, their uses can not be over-emphasized. This is the main reason for how much they cost.

You can change them and use old ones to do several things whenever they get old. Moreover, there are many things to do with old dishwasher racks.

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