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11 Reasons Disney Plus Downloads Not Working Offline!

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You can stream any content without internet action on the Disney Plus app. You only need to download the content ahead.

However, some glitches could affect your download and make it unable to view them offline. Most glitches are not usually severe, and you can easily resolve them.

You should understand the cause of such glitches. After going through this article, you can know the causes and solutions to your Disney Plus not working offline.

Disney Plus downloads won’t work offline if you have technical issues with your app or device. You need to troubleshoot any issue to get the downloads to work. Also, your downloads won’t work offline if you do not renew your Disney Plus subscription or connect to the internet once in a while.

Why Can I Not Watch Disney Plus Downloads Offline?

Disney Plus Download Not Working Offline

There are several reasons you can’t watch your Disney plus downloads offline, but the most common reason is the app’s issues. Also, you might have lost access to the content at one point or the other.

However, eleven reasons you can’t watch your Disney Plus downloads are outlined below.

#1. Disney App Needs Updating

The Disney plus app could prevent you from watching downloaded content offline if it is out of date. You need to update the app from your phone’s app store to resolve this.

Open your app store and check the listings under your installed apps to know if an update is available. For example, you would see an upgrade notification for your Disney plus app.

It is best to enable automatic updates on your device so you don’t experience this issue in the future. You only need to enable this function from your app store.

However, the update may fail if you do not allow your app store to use mobile data for updates. So, you should either allow it or use WiFi for your updates.

#2. Disney Plus App Needs Restarting

Sometimes, you may need to restart your Disney plus app for your downloads to appear offline. You can restart your device, close the app, and then open the app again.

The downloads would be available after reopening the app. However, if the app refuses to close, you must forcefully close it.

You only need to find the app under the list of applications on your device, open the Disney plus app, and click on ‘Force Stop’ or ‘Force Close.’

#3. Disney Plus Subscription is Over

Once your Disney Plus subscription ends, you cannot access and watch your downloads. Plus, the downloaded movies will disappear from the list.

Hence, you must renew your subscription and download the movies again. It is best to renew your subscription before it lapses so you don’t lose your downloads.

The Disney Plus app offers you a monthly or yearly subscription option. You can choose the subscription plan you can afford. However, there are pros and cons of monthly and yearly subscriptions.

The pros and cons are outlined in the table below.

Monthly Subscription Yearly Subscription 
It is cheaper and easier to renew every month.It is expensive to pay at once.
You can opt out of the app in any month you desire.You have no choice but to use the app to utilize the subscription.
The accumulated cost is more than a year’s subscription at the end.It is more cost-effective to pay in bulk than monthly.
You can only opt out when the year ends.

#4. Payment Details Error

When your payment details are incorrect or outdated, your Disney Plus app subscription could end. Such errors mostly occur when the payment method you saved expires.

Additionally, it could occur if you do not have enough money in the payment account. You need to update a new payment method to resubscribe and re-download to resolve this error.

#5. You have Not Signed into Disney Plus in 30 days

The download mechanism ensures that any downloaded movie automatically deletes if you do not sign in for 30 days. You won’t have access to watch your downloads after 30 days.

So, you need to subscribe and sign in before the end of this period to keep your downloads. If your subscription is still active, just connect to the internet once every 30 days.

#6. Disney Plus App is Uninstalled

Uninstalling your Disney Plus app means your downloads also delete automatically. The downloads won’t return even when you reinstall the app.

So, you must keep your Disney Plus app on your device to always access your downloads offline. In addition, it would help to write down the downloads before uninstalling the app.

#7. Downloaded Content is Unavailable

It is common for content to be temporarily or permanently unavailable on Disney Plus. You would be unable to watch this content offline and online when this happens.

You would have to wait for Disney to add content to the app’s services. Then, you can re-download them to watch offline.

#8. Need to Clear Disney Plus App’s Cache and Cookies 

Accumulating the cache and cookies of your app could take up space or corrupt the app. When your Disney Plus app is corrupted, it restricts how you can use it.

You would no longer be able to watch your downloaded content offline when this happens. Instead, you need to clear the cache and cookies from your device’s storage.

#9. Corrupted Contents

When an error occurs while downloading the content, it will successfully download and occupy space on your device. However, the content would be unable to open.

It means the content is corrupted, and you need to delete it. Although you can re-download the content after deleting it, it would help the item to play successfully.

#10. Need to Sign out And Sign In to App

Sometimes, you need to sign out and sign in to your Disney Plus App again to get your downloads to load. Then, you can go offline and watch your downloaded content.

#11. Device Memory is Full

You won’t be able to download any content to watch offline if your device doesn’t have enough space. You can only stream content online in this scenario.

You need to free up some space on your device for your download to be successful. Also, you could change the storage location on your device’s storage manager.

How Do I Get Disney Plus Downloads to Work Without WiFi?

Watching your Disney Plus downloads without WiFi is the same as watching it without mobile data. You only need to download the contents on a device that supports offline viewing.

However, only mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets support offline viewing on Disney Plus. Therefore, your content won’t download on other devices.

Although downloading the items is easy. However, some glitches may cause it not to work without the internet.

Below are five solutions to get the downloads to work without WiFi.

#1. Restarting the App

Restarting or rebooting your Disney Plus app with an internet connection will help your downloads to load. 

You can then turn off the connection and view the downloads without WiFi.

#2. Use Mobile Data

You could use mobile data to download the contents. Although Disney Plus settings make it functional when connected to WiFi.

However, you can change the data usage settings on your device. The downloads will work efficiently without WiFi once the app settings are on cellular data usage.

It is essential to know that the video quality of your downloads would reduce because of the speed of your cellular data internet connection.

#3. Redownload the Content

You can re-download the content with an internet connection and watch it later when you are off the WiFi network. Your downloads will certainly work without the connection.

#4. Updating the App

Updating your Disney Plus app from your app store would fix the issue with your downloads. 

The updated app will play your downloads once you sign in, even without an internet connection.

#5. Restart Your Device

Rebooting your advice would help reset the applications on it. Then, after restarting your device, you can open your Disney Plus app and watch your downloads without WiFi.

Is There a Download Limit on Disney Plus?

There is no limit to the number of contents you can download on Disney Plus. Furthermore, Disney allows you to download every connection on the app effortlessly.

You would have access to all the contents as long as they are available on the app. Just make sure you successfully download each content without any In-app error.

However, you need to have enough storage space on your device to accommodate many downloads. Alternatively, you can delete any watched item and download a new one.

Additionally, you need to connect to the internet at least once every 30 days to keep your downloads. You can also log as many as ten devices on the same Disney Plus account.

How Do Downloads Work on Disney Plus?

Once you subscribe to Disney Plus, you can have unlimited access to the services. In addition, you can download any item and watch it without an internet connection.

Your downloads will stay as long as your subscription is active and you connect the device to the internet at least once every 30 days.

You can download any TV show or series for an entire season. However, the Disney Plus download function only works on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, you can access your downloads in a folder under the download tab. The tab is located at the bottom of the app’s menu.

To download any item on the app, you will need to select the item, the tap on the download icon for the item. The icon is on the right beside the play and added to watchlist options.

The download icon or arrow would begin a rotation to indicate the download is in progress. After successfully downloading the item, you can tap the play button to watch it offline.

You can check the download folder and select the item to watch the downloaded item later.

However, the download process for an entire season of TV shows is different. First, you need open the page of the show you intend to download and swipe to the bottom. 

You will see the number of seasons; tap the download button on the right-hand side. A pop-up window would appear at the bottom of the screen; choose ‘Download season’ in the pop-up.

Then, you can access the entire episodes from the download tab and choose any episode you wish to stream. You can download as many TV shows as you desire.

However, you don’t need to scroll to the bottom to download a single episode. Instead, you only need to swipe up until you see the episode and tap on the download icon on the right.

Can You Watch Disney Plus Downloads on a Plane?

Yes, you can watch Disney Plus downloads on a plane. You only need to download the contents before boarding the plane, and then you can view them offline on the plane.

You can free up some storage space to download as much content as possible. Then, you can binge-watch all the content while on the plane.

Also, you should ensure your device has enough battery power before boarding your flight. Once all these are in place, you can watch your content without the Fly-Fi connection.


In summary, using your Disney Plus app should be easier once you understand the mechanism to watch offline. In addition, you would no longer need to depend on an internet connection.

However, if your offline feature gives you more issues after trying all the solutions above, you should try to contact the app developer for further help.

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