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Do Catnip Repel Fleas And Ticks? (Let’s Find Out)

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Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 09:21 am

Animals do not like fleas and ticks, neither do you. If you like to take your animals on a walk-in or around the garden, you sure wouldn’t want them latching into your pets or following you into the house. I know I wouldn’t.

Some garden plants repel bugs, insects, and even ticks. If you have such plants in your garden, the pests will not be crazy about coming into your garden. However, is catnip one of those plants?

Does catnip repel fleas and ticks? Like most herbs in the mint family, catnip, widely known as catmint, is a multi-purpose herb that will repel fleas and ticks. The plant has a peculiar smell that fleas do not enjoy at all. Apart from serving as a tea to aid sleep and relaxation, catmint is a very effective flea and insect repellent.

Do Catnip Get Rid Of Fleas?

Finding fleas on your cat or having them follow you into the house can be very frustrating. But it is very likely that if you usually bring your cat with you outdoors, you will find fleas on it.

Also, you may find fleas in your garden. They just love naturally cool shady spots, and you may find them under trees, shrubs, and clutter. Fleas have become unnecessary pesky buggers that we can’t seem to get rid of unless you use chemicals.

But there’s an even better natural way you can get rid of fleas or at least stop them from taking up residence in your garden.

Catnip! Yes, catnip does repel fleas, and not just that, it is also safe for your plants. Cats relish the plant, but fleas, on the other hand, cannot stand it.

You can plant catnip in or around your garden to repel fleas because catnip has a strong, pungent smell that fleas just can’t tolerate.

The smell is harsh and is quite similar to that of regular mint plants. And while the minty smell may attract humans, fleas find it overpowering.

Do Catnip Repel Ticks?

Anytime a tick pops up, the usual reaction is Yuck! Ticks are a lot of trouble when you have a garden. It’s even worse when they latch onto your animals and pets.

Not to worry, there’s an easy way to keep them away from your pets and your garden. Ticks hate catnip as much as humans hate ticks. The pungent overpowering smell of catnip makes the tick very uncomfortable.

 So you can simply grow catnip in your garden, and rest assured that the strong smell will chase those disgusting ticks away. If you don’t want them to enter, you can grow catnip on the outside of the garden around the other herbs.

Or you can take some of the foliage and leaves and spread them around.

The pungent smell of catnip will deter ticks because the essential oils produced in the flowers contain a substance called nepetalactone, which ticks cannot tolerate.

So simply grow some catnip in your garden and wait for it to work its wonders in ridding your garden and pets of unwanted ticks.

Additionally, you can even crush the catnip and rub it on your felines. You can be sure that they’ll love it, but the tick will hate it. Catnip is one of the most effective tick-resistant substances out there.

There you have one more reason to grow some in your garden.

Can Catnip Repel Other Garden Pest?

Catnip not only acts as a flea and tick repellant and a good herb for our little feline friends. However, its presence in the garden can deter other common insects and pests as well.

That is because the insects find the oils in the herb overpowering.

Researchers have shown that catnip is a more active mosquito repellent than deer, the insecticide designed for repelling mosquitoes. Not just that, but the herbs are also valuable for repelling cockroaches, flea beetles, rats, and bugs.

The reason is simple; nepetalactone is a substance found in catnip plants. It is the substance that gives the plant its peculiar odor that is about ten times more potent in repelling bugs than DEER, the compound used in most commercial insect repellants, which is harmful, by the way.

So, you can sprinkle dried catnip leaves all over your plants and your garden as a natural repellent against bugs, mosquitoes, rats, fleas, beetles, and other garden insects.

Which Other Garden Herbs Can Repel Ticks And Fleas?

Probably, you’re wondering what else you can do to repel bugs, ticks, fleas, and other pesky pests. Although there are always industrial repellants, pests and animals are not resistant to the effects. And you may be allergic to some of those powerful chemicals.

However, there are natural garden herbs that you can grow right in your backyard that can act as repellents against those troublesome pests.

It may not necessarily kill them, but they will not come into your garden because they find the smell or odor of the pests overpowering.

1. Mint

Catnip is a herb of the mint variety, and just like catnip or catmint as it is otherwise called, other mint or minty herbs can serve as repellents for bugs and other insects.

A strong fragrant odor repels fleas and ticks, like most insects, so mint plants are excellent options to use in repelling stubborn pests.

2. Rosemary

Rosemary is another plant that bugs hate. It is an earthy-smelling evergreen bush herb. Not only does it repel ticks and fleas, but flies and mosquitoes also can’t stand the pungent smell of rosemary.

Seeing as it grows well in containers, you can grow it and set it at various places in your garden. Bye, bye bugs.

3. Chrysanthemums:

These beautiful flowers are not only valid for their aesthetic quality, but they also repel ticks, fleas, and other pesky pests. The flowers contain a chemical compound called pyrethrum, which disables the nervous system of fleas.

So, of course, the fleas stay away. You can grow them in and around your garden. For the beauty, of course, but then you’d also have a natural insect repellent.

4. Fleabane Daisy

The clue is in the name, right? Well, yes, fleabane daisy is another plant that fleas and ticks hate. It is not just beautiful, but a natural repellent against mosquitoes, gnats, and flies.

Sage, lavender, lemongrass, and several other plants can be used to repel bugs and insects from your garden.


Fleas and ticks can be a severe problem for your garden and your pets. But some plants can repel them and make them stay away from your garden. Catnip is one of them.

Fleas and ticks cannot stand the pungent oils that give catnip its overpowering odor. Apart from catnip, other plants can send fleas and ticks running from your garden.

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