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Does Chamomile Attract Butterflies? (Answered)

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Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 11:43 am

Butterflies are a must-see in any herb garden that is growing correctly.  This Insect is attracted to any plant that has a beautiful and enticing scent and color too.

If you know the Chamomile plant very well, you will see that it is in all shades beautiful. Starting from its magnificent scent to the color of the leaves and how beautiful they make a place look. All these are what attract a butterfly to a plant.

Does chamomile attract butterflies? Chamomile attracts butterflies. It possesses every quality a butterfly wants in a plant. These butterflies come around and enjoy the glorious scent of the plant while they pollinate it. In the cause of this, they benefit from each other ( the chamomile and butterflies).

Why Are Butterflies Attracted To Chamomile?

Chamomile is a very remarkable plant. Its strong scents and expertise in soothing many respiratory issues make it even more awesome.

A Lot of people love this plant, and this has made it a must-see in many gardens. But, on the other hand, the butterfly doesn’t want to be left out of any of the goodness of the chamomile plant.

Butterflies are known to be attracted to any plant that has a beautiful scent and nice color. Luckily, the chamomile plant possesses all of these characteristics and has won its way through the hearts of the butterflies.

So you can agree and affirm anytime that the butterfly is attracted to the chamomile because of its:

  •  Beautiful and enticing scent.
  • The brightness of the plant. (The chamomile is not a dark green herb. It has sharp and attractive green colors).
  • The Physical Nature of the plant. (Butterflies love plants that do not carry thorns).
  • The plant’s formation. (Chamomile doesn’t grow in a haphazard form. Instead, they grow in uniform structures like they were planted).

How Are Butterflies Important To Chamomile?

If anything is not of benefit at any point in time, it is better to cut off. For example, we have seen and heard that butterflies love chamomile plants because of their great possessions.

At a point, you may begin to wonder how exactly this unison between the butterfly and the chamomile is helpful.

Actually, a butterfly plays a very substantial role in the pollination of plants. This insect is attracted to any plant with a strong yet sweet scent. This is where the chamomile plant comes in.

A butterfly does not only gain from the chamomile plant by sucking its nectar but also contributes to the plant growth by:

  • Aiding the plant with natural pest control.
  • Pollination.

On the other hand, the Chamomile plant also is beneficial to the butterfly, as aforementioned.

It is safe to say that the plant and butterflies practice symbiosis. ( Symbiosis is also known as mutualism. This occurs when there is a mutual relationship between two organisms of different classes or species).

 The chamomile helps the butterfly by:

  • Providing a house for the butterfly’s eggs.
  • It feeds the butterfly without losing anything.

Do Butterflies Have Negative Effects On Chamomile?

On this planet earth, it is believed that everything with a good side has a wrong side to it. So anyone who has been seeing butterflies around their chamomile garden may begin to wonder if it could harm the plant.

If you have seen butterflies in your chamomile garden and it has done nothing but make you worry, then relax. Yes, relax because it is absolutely not necessary to worry about. The butterfly doesn’t harm the Chamomile plant in any way at all.

Yes, it might be true that everything with a good side has a wrong side, but not with chamomile and butterflies. It hasn’t been recorded anywhere that butterflies ever harmed any chamomile garden before.

In Fact, the reverse is always the case. Butterflies help carry out pollination on the plant. But, not just that, they help deposit nectar into other plants that are not doing so well in the garden either.


The chamomile plant is a multipurpose herbal plant, just like the rosemary plant and any other herb in its species. It is a must-have in the home. Its use in and around the home cannot be underestimated, from medicinal purposes to its repellent abilities.

While it does a lot for man, it also does the same for the butterfly. For the butterfly, it provides both nutrients and shelter for laying eggs, among other things.

This aesthetically pleasing plant often attracts the butterfly. Unfortunately, it needs the butterfly as much as the butterfly needs it.


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