Does Toilet Paper Expire? (Do This To Make Them Last Longer)

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Toilet paper is an essential utility for our hygiene practice. Consequently, it is not strange to wonder if it expires and if you have used it wrongly.

You might have some concerns so that you do not harm yourself due to negligence.

So, whether you are asking out of curiosity, you are here because you want to know how long toilet paper lasts. So, does toilet paper expire?

Toilet papers do not necessarily expire; as long as you store them properly, your toilet papers can last for a very long time, decades even. You have to ensure that you keep them in a cool and dry place, preferably a waterproof material. If you expose your toilet paper to moisture, it might grow mold and eventually rot. 

Do Paper Products Expire?

Does Toilet Paper Expire

Papers do not expire, but just like food, they can go wrong if not kept in the right conditions. A good example is toilet paper.

The toilet paper does not expire, but when you expose it to unavoidable factors like moisture, molds can start to develop on them.

The paper industry is one of the major industries in a sector of the economy. 

Paper does not decompose, so if not stored correctly, it can also contribute to environmental pollution and health hazards.

After using your paper products like tissue papers, cardboard, and even paper packaging, ensure that you get rid of them correctly so you can recycle them in the future. 

Does Toilet Paper Expire?

Toilet papers do not expire, but they can go wrong if you do not store them properly. Like most paper products, toilet paper does not do well with water.

Toilet paper is just barely thin; if exposed to moisture, it would go bad before you even have the chance to use it, and worse, molds start developing on it. 

If you live in an area where the climate is humid, you should ensure that you store your toilet paper properly to prevent molds from growing.

Not only the cold but heat can also affect your toilet paper. If left under direct sun for too long or in extreme heat, your toilet paper might begin to dry and break down. 

If you wish to store your toilet paper for a limited time, then keeping it in your cabinet should do the trick, but if you want to keep it for a longer time, you should keep it in these three ways.

I’ll be listing it below; 

#1. Keep It Dry 

Most people keep their toilet paper underneath their bathroom sinks, which is good until you have a leaky toilet sink.

When your toilet sinks leak, water splashes from the toilet bathroom to your toilet paper, making it moist and susceptible to mold. 

You should store your toilet paper in higher areas in the toilet where it cannot be easily reached by water or even outside the bathroom in a cabinet inside your room.

You can still decide to keep one or two toilet papers by your toilet sink just in emergencies. 

#2. Making Use of Waterproof Containers

If you must store your toilet papers in the toilet, you should keep them in watertight containers first.

This method is not expensive because these containers can come in different shapes and sizes. 

Your toilet paper can last for months and even years in watertight containers, depending on how strong the container is.

Several people say that toilet paper can even last for decades in waterproof containers, but this is just a hypothesis since the life cycle of toilet paper hasn’t been up to a decade. 

#3. Original Packaging 

When you shop for toilet paper, you realize that these toilet papers come in their original packaging—another effective way to preserve your toilet paper for longer Is by leaving it in its original package. 

Can I Use Expired Toilet Paper?

There is no such thing as expired toilet paper. Toilet papers can only go wrong and not pass.

Most toilet papers tag expiration dates on this product, but your toilet paper can last much longer than the date it started there if preserved correctly.

Also, the paper form can last very long if you do not get the toilet paper wet and don’t allow dust to touch. 

What Does a Toilet Paper Have an Expiry Date?

Although toilet papers last for a very long period ranging from months to even years and decades, there are expiry dates on toilet paper.

When you expose your toilet paper to unavoidable conditions like moisture and even dirt, molds start growing on them, which may lead to severe health issues. 

Sometimes, you might not detect these molds with your naked eyes because it tends to be fluffy and white and blends in with the texture of the tissue paper; not all types of molds but some.

So, when you make use of these toilet papers unknowingly, it might lead to specific health issues like; 

  • Runny nose. 
  • Sneezing
  • Inflammation of the eyes. 
  • Skin irritation. 

Usually, you would not think your tissue paper is the reason for all these, but when scrutinized, you realize that it indeed is.

For this reason, most production companies tag their toilet papers with expiry dates to protect the users because they feel that you would expose these tissue papers to certain conditions that can threaten them after some time. 

What Is the Shelf Life of Toilet Paper?

If you do not allow dust or dirt to get to your toilet paper, it can last for months and even years, courting onto decades.

Furthermore, you do not have to leave your toilet paper in the original packaging before it is good; once used, you can store it properly in cabinets and watch it last for long periods. 

Some people prefer buying toilet paper in bulk. Still, it is not advisable because it can eventually get wet or even develop mold or dirt, rendering it useless.

If you prefer buying it in bulk for reasons well known to you, ensure that you store it in;

  • A sealed cabinet. 
  • A watertight container. 
  • A dry and large basket 

How Can I Store My Toilet Paper Long-Term?

Toilet papers are one of the things that would disappear rapidly from the market in case of a disaster or unforeseen emergency. For that reason, some people buy toilet paper in bulk, just in case.

 If you decide to buy toilet paper in bulk for that reason or several other reasons, this article segment will provide you with ways to store your numerous toilet papers to prevent them from getting worse.

Some creative ways you can keep your toilet paper in the toilet include; 

  • Storing them neatly on a rolling cart in the bathroom. With this method, you can move your toilet paper around and still let it maintain its neat arrangement on the cart. 
  • Placing them in a little bracket mounted on the wall in your toilet 
  • Please place them in a hurricane vase to match the season. 
  • Stock your toilet paper on a shelf or cabinet over your toilet door. 
  • You can use a more straightforward method and store your toilet paper in a basket in the corner of your bathroom that water can’t go close to. 

Can You Use Moldy Toilet Paper?

Making use of moldy toilet paper is not recommended at all. Molds usually smell bad because you store them in a damp environment for too long.

In addition, molds can cause severe health problems if inhaled or even come in contact with your skin. So, it would be safe for you to avoid moldy toilet paper. 

Some ways to keep your toilet paper safe from molds include storing your toilet paper in watertight containers and cleaning and spraying your toilet and bathroom with anti-fungal spray every weekend to help fight these molds.

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Why Does My Toilet Paper Smell Weird?

There are several reasons why your toilet paper develops a weird smell. Common reasons your toilet papers develop an odd smell include mold growth and damp and old rolls.

If you notice that your toilet rolls are old, replace them with new and fresh ones. You can even place a few drops of scented essential oils on the rolls for a fresher scent.

While spraying, ensure that it doesn’t get into the toilet paper as this can also lead to the growth of mold on your toilet paper,


So, if you thought your toilet paper could expire, then with this article, I hope you are aware that it cannot, and if stored the right way, it can last for a very long time.

Ensure that you keep your toilet paper out of the water at all costs to prevent it from coming up with mold growth.

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