Doterra Humidifier Not Working! (3 Causes & Solutions)

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Having a device to change the air in your room is brilliant, but it’s annoying when it stops working effectively. 

A humidifier acts as a device that helps level up the humidity in your room to counter moldy air. 

Doterra humidifiers are amongst those that have faults at some time, especially issues such as low power and leakage.

Whatever the problem is, this article is here to give a step-by-step method to solve it.

Humidifiers are very sensitive and have special features that trigger on/off in the machine to make it last longer. Doterra humidifiers stop working most times due to lower power. Aside from that, the reason why you may be experiencing low efficiency could be that your humidifier is leaking. 

Why is my Doterra Humidifier not Working?

Doterra Humidifier Not Working

Many causes hinder your Doterra humidifier from working effectively, including the following:

#1. There is no Power Available

One of the major causes of lack of efficiency in doTerra humidifiers is the lack of energy. This situation affects your humidifier and causes it not to respond.

To ensure that your humidifier is working well, confirm that it’s properly plugged in and its cables are working perfectly. 

#2. Electric Humidifier Appears to be Drowning in Water

Most problems might not come from a shortage of steam but from your humidifier because it’s leaking.

Before you try to clean up a leak in your electric humidifier, you should always unplug it first. This precaution helps in protecting you from electrocution because leaving puddles can trigger it.

#3. The Spray Outlet of the Electric Humidifier is not Working Due to Debris

The final possibility is that debris obstructs the mister in some way. However, this may be due to the accumulation of mineral particles, which occurs when you use water from your humidifier. 

To accomplish this, first, remove the cap from the humidifier and then scrape the sediment that has accumulated inside.

Meanwhile, you’ll need to remove the particle buildup causing the humidifier to produce no steam. 

How do I Fix my Doterra Humidifier?

Before you move on to fixing your Doterra humidifier, first ensure that your electrical power is working well. And if that is confirmed, go on with the following steps. 

#1. Step 1

Ensure that the humidifier is turned on and plugged into a power outlet. Make that there is power from the electrical outlet by utilizing a lamp, appliance, or power tester.

Check the circuit breaker or switch that protects the humidifier’s electrical circuit if the outlet doesn’t appear to be working.

#2. Step 2

Make sure that the humidistat is at the appropriate level. If it’s set lower than the relative humidity in the room, the humidifier will not turn on.

However, it may take hours for the humidistat to adjust to the changing humidity in the room.

#3. Step 3

Ensure that the water reservoir of the humidifier is full.

#4. Step 4 

Remove the plug from the humidifier. Examine the power cord and, if necessary, get it fixed or get a new one.

#5. Step 5

Take off the cover panel that is on the humidifier. Please take off the humidistat and examine it using the methods outlined before. Whenever it becomes required, replace it.

#6. Step 6 

If the humidifier is still not functioning properly, you should either call an electrician to run a quick checkup.

If the issue persists, try replacing the humidifier or return it if your warranty still counts. 

Why is my Doterra Flashing Red?

There are many reasons why your humidifier is indicating red. Check below to see why your doTerra humidifier is flashing red.

#1. Humidifier with Empty Water Tank

One of the major causes for a red flashing light on a Doterra humidifier is that there is an empty tank.

When the water level in the tank drops below a certain level, the red LED light will flash twice.

The humidifier tells the user to refuel it when the tank is empty because humidification is impossible without water. Every model has specific moisture content and run time.

#2. Uncontrolled Humidification Output 

The inability to manage the humidification output is the second significant cause of the red illumination on doTerra humidifiers. When setting up a humidifier, you must choose a precise humidity level. 

Relative humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent are desirable, but this might vary depending on the individual.

An ideal humidity level is good even if humidifiers combat dry air.  The machine works to increase the humidity in the air until the room reaches the desired level of moisture content. 

A decline in relative humidity occurs due to this point in time when it ceases creating moisture.

Because of this, the humidifier frequently activates to maintain a stable humidity level in the house. 

#3. Activation Of Auto Shut-Off Feature

Doterro humidifiers have an auto shut-off feature. This feature, also known as water shortage protection, allows the humidifier to turn off when the tank is completely dry.

The humidifier will not work if the tank is empty because water is vital for the process. The humidifier shuts off on its own to save energy.

Those steps are things that trigger the red indicator in your doTerra humidifier. I’d be putting up steps that would help you fix that if it comes up.

#4. How to Fix Doterra Humidifier Flashing Red

Fixing your Doterra humidifier red light can be demanding, but with these steps below, your humidifier will work well.

Below is what you should do.

  • You can turn off the humidifier manually if it hasn’t started shutting itself off.
  • Disconnect the device from the wall outlet.
  • Allow the humidifier to cool down for 15-20 minutes if used for a long time.
  • To get to the tank’s top, unscrew the tank cap.
  • Detach the tank carefully if it’s removable.
  • Dust and mineral deposits in the tank can clog the system and prevent the humidifier from performing as intended.
  • Fill the tank to the maximum mark with cold or room temperature water, being careful not to go over the mark.
  • Ensure the tank cap is tight before reinstalling the tank.
  • Start the machine again.

How do I Clean my Doterra Humidifier?

Cleaning your Doterra humidifier should be done once every two weeks to protect you from inhaling moldy moisture.

The procedure below will guide you on how to clean your Doterra humidifier.

#1. Disassemble Humidifier

You’ll need to dismantle your humidifier to clean each part thoroughly. Drain the water tank and remove any removable pieces before unplugging the machine.

Remove the humidifier’s air filter if it has one to tell if it needs replacing. While doing so, look out for a hard crust or an odor.

#2. Clean Humidifier with Vinegar

Add enough white vinegar to the humidifier tank to cover the most frequently loose parts close to the water.

You can dilute the vinegar with warm water for a less concentrated cleaning solution. But this depends on the size of your humidifier. 

Place the tank cap in a big container filled with vinegar and soak for a few days. It’s advisable to wait a few minutes to let the vinegar break down any scale buildup.

After that, remove the humidifier’s water and clean the filter with a soft-bristled brush. 

#3. Disinfect Humidifier

It’s useful to use a bleach solution. Fill the humidifier tank halfway with one teaspoon of liquid chlorine bleach solution to 1 gallon of cold water.

Let it sit for a few minutes. And wait for the solution to sit for 20 minutes before scrubbing the container’s interior.

#4. Rinse with Water and Let Dry

Rinse the humidifier several times with running water to remove the bleach smell. Place each humidifier component under running water. Before reassembling the parts, allow them to dry out. 

How Long do Doterra Humidifiers Last?

Doterra humidifiers can stay up to ten years if handled properly. The longevity of a humidifier depends on how It’s serviced and the quality of the water it supplies. 

Humidifiers are expensive and should be vital in any facility’s long-term capital spending plan. 

Furthermore, if the humidifier has an old controller that has failed, it may be tempting to replace the panel.

Check below for the pros and cons of having a humidifier.

A humidifier solves issues caused by dry air. Bloody noses, dry sinuses, and cracked lips create dry air.Regularly maintain humidifiers. They need refills. Always clean and in functioning order. Modern families are time-strapped, especially if everyone works or studies.
The optimum humidity or moisture in your home’s air is better for all fixtures. Your seats, hardwood, tiles, and appliances will last longer.A humidifier might cause condensation if broken or the settings are improper. Such a humidifier encourages bacteria, mold, and dust mites.


Doterra humidifiers tend to stay if maintained well. The work of your humidifier is to improve the humidity level in your room and make you comfortable.

Problems such as humidifiers not working properly and their solutions are here for you. Having a humidifier is one step, and maintaining it is vital.

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