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In the past few years, our technology has become more pervasive than ever in the history of the world combined!

Everything is programmed to become seamless and streamlined, blending to absolute perfection! But unfortunately, our first powerhouse, the kitchen, is not left behind in this revolution. 

This perfect blend of the double wall oven in the kitchen goes a long way in instilling a sense of organization and compactness. It gives a seamless and modern look while helping you fill your desire to own a dream kitchen. Double-wall ovens could either be powered by gas or electricity. However, the electric-powered type is the most popular.

Can You Install a Wall Oven Under a Counter?

Despite being labeled ‘wall oven,’ You can install it under the counter. The major complaint users have made about installing a wall oven under the counter is the height.

On average, single-wall ovens and double wall ovens installed under a countertop are shorter than standard ovens.

Technology has strived very hard to make life much easier for us in this present age. One such innovation to do work in the kitchen easier is the invention of wall ovens.

This has been of great relief to people who have to bake a lot, as they do not need to bend over severally.

However, for some reason or the other, a slight modification might be made to a wall oven, such that it is considered to be installed under the counter.

However, this does not compromise their proper functioning in any way. Although, they might be a bit stressful when used by tall users.

This set of users might need to bend over several times while using the wall oven installed under a countertop.

For maximum safety and effectiveness, it is better to install the wall oven in a unique cabinet of its own, right under the countertop, rather than placing it on the floor or slightly elevated fur other in the kitchen. 

Ensure you engage the service of a professional while installing your single wall oven or double wall oven under the counter.

The professional’s expertise would go a long way in ensuring that your single wall oven and double wall oven are safely installed.

Safe installation of the wall oven is crucial under this circumstance, as the product is being adapted to a working environment slightly different from that for which it was designed. 

Ensuring that the gas and electric supplies are in the appropriate place; they are easily accessible and safely adapted to the single wall oven and double wall oven.

This would go a long way in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the oven.

Ensure the gas and electricity outlets are well-positioned and placed within reach. All these arrangements are essential to the safe and proper utilization of the equipment.

In addition, as we mentioned earlier, ensure the single wall oven or double wall oven is installed within a cabinet as the case may be.

This gives another level of protection in case of any accidents or possible explosions. 

The primary emphasis when installing single wall ovens and double wall ovens under a countertop is the safety and ease of access to gas and electricity supply.

Once these are correctly in place, single wall ovens and double wall ovens can be safely installed and utilized under a countertop.

Does a Double Wall Oven Need a Cabinet? 

A  double wall oven needs a cabinet. There are several reasons why this is required. Chief among the reasons is feature optimization.

Various users have observed that the performance of their ovens is quite substandard when used without a cabinet.

While it is true that some people operate their wall ovens without installing a cabinet, you must stress that such practice significantly diminishes the performance of the oven.

Also, it exposes the user of such gadgets to a high level of risk. 

The cabinet is an essential structure for any wall oven. It should be constructed and customized to fit your wall oven perfectly.

In addition, the cabinet should provide suitable openings for the electrical and gas ports to reach the designated outlets. 

The size of the cabinet would depend mainly on the wall oven capacity. The larger the wall oven capacity, the bigger the size of the cabinet needed to house the oven properly. 

Standard dimensions of cabinets for single wall ovens and double wall ovens are 24 inches in depth and 84, 90 & 96 inches in height.

Guidelines stipulate that the cabinet should be three inches wider than the oven. 

Furthermore, the cabinet serves a significant role in protecting the user and all other items in the kitchen in case of an explosion or malfunction within the single wall oven or double wall oven.

The cabinet would, at least, temper down the effect of any such occurrence.

Hence, to maximize your oven’s potential, ensure you engage the service of a professional to make a customized cabinet for your single wall oven or double wall oven. 

Again, the invention and inclusion of true or European convection features on both single and double wall ovens make these ovens even more effective.

In addition, the quality is such that a dedicated heating element within the oven performs the function of blowing heat into the items inside the oven. 

This makes the distribution of warm air much more effective within the oven. In extension, this makes the use of the oven much more efficient than in traditional or manual convection ovens.

Can You Put a Double Oven Under a Worktop?

You can put a double oven under a worktop. However, you would have to purchase a ‘built under a model.’

This model’s double wall and single wall ovens have a compact height, usually around 70cm. This enables them to fit in perfectly under a worktop. 

On the other hand, built models have an average height of 88cm. This makes it a bit difficult or impossible to fit under the worktop. 

This means you have to inform the technician at the store where you intend to get your single wall oven or double wall oven and tell them about your plans to place it under a worktop. 

The built-in and built-under models usually come in black, white, or stainless steel finish. The stainless steel finish models are the most popular of the three.

Furthermore, you can measure the space under your worktop. This would enable you to make a more customized choice of oven to purchase.

You would be able to make a more informed decision regarding the height of the oven to buy.

Of course, with the guidance and professional expertise of the technician you meet at the gadget store, you can rest assured of making the best choice in all aspects of the oven’s specifications.

The ovens have a lot of excellent features. For instance, each of the two compartments they possess can function simultaneously at two different temperatures.

The only difference between the built-in and built-under models of ovens is the oven capacity and, of course, the height.

Therefore, the height parameter is a huge determinant of the type of double wall oven you can get for installation in this circumstance.

As earlier mentioned, only the built-under models of these ovens can suitably serve this purpose. Even if it’s a close relative, the built-in model can neither fit nor perform in its place.


You can install double-wall ovens under the counter. An excellent electric and gas supply source to the single wall or double oven is essential.

You must provide a suitable cabinet for the sake of safety. Furthermore, you can install only built-under double ovens under a worktop. This is due to the suitability of their height for this purpose.

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