Drawer Pulls In Middle Or Top! (Must Know This)

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If you have ever used a drawer with no handle, you should know how frustrating a drawer without a pull is.

One of the prominent features of a drawer is the drawer pull. When setting up a drawer, it is essential to consider the exterior.

The cabinet knob pulls, which are part of the exterior of a drawer, say a lot about the drawer.

It is not advisable to put the drawer pull at the top. Instead, the drawer pull should be centered. No matter how the drawer is, setting the drawer pull at the center is advisable. However, with drawers made with cabinets, it is recommended that the pull is at the top. It makes the location of the drawer accessible and convenient.  

Do Drawer Pulls Go Back in the Middle or Top?     

Drawer Pulls in Middle or Top

 Proper installment of cabinet hardware is essential. For paneled drawers, the pull should be within the drawer panel.

However, most kitchen users prefer to install the drawer pull at the top of the drawer so you can easily reach it.

The drawer pull should be in line with the railing; ensure that where you install the cabinet hardware pull is ideal.

Installing it in line with the railing ensures that a more significant percentage of the force applied causes the drawer to open easily.

Most kitchen users feel that the centered drawer pull is not as efficient as the drawer pulls installed at the top of the drawer.

Where Should Drawer Knobs Be Placed? 

You can place a drawer knob on the drawer in several places; the most common place is the lower corner of the drawer.

The knobs are placed 2 or 3 inches from the lower corner for drawers on the counter space. However, the cabinet knob placement should first be because of the functionality, then your preference.

For tall cabinets, to easily access them, knobs are placed vertically in the center of the drawer panels. However, ensure you are tall enough so that your hand will reach where the knob is. 

It would be best to put considerations in place for drawers below the counter. You can place the knobs 2 to 3 inches from the upper corner of the drawer.

The placement should be on your preference since you can access the drawer anytime. Most people prefer to put the knobs at the corners because the cabinet looks busy.

However, regardless of where you want to put it, there should be 1 to 4inches clearance from the drawer edge.

The method makes it the ideal place for cabinet knob placement, making the drawer look great. Above all, comfortability when fixing the knobs should be the top priority.

How to Align Drawer Pulls?

With simple procedures, installing cabinet hardware pulls is not tricky. However, drawer pulls without alignment can be frustrating. Centered drawer pulls are entirely different from aligned drawer pulls. 

The centered drawer pulls the center of the handle at the same height with no clearance between them, while aligned drawer pulls have some distance between them.

The distance between the drawer pulls it easy to grab and open the drawer. 

Aligning drawer pulls is advisable, especially when you want to open the cabinets from the two sides. The alignment helps you reach the drawer and lets you take out what you want quickly.

How Do You Install Drawer Pulls Evenly?          

Installing the drawer pulls quite easily. Generally, drawer pulls are centered on the drawer both horizontally and vertically.

To install drawer pulls evenly, you should notice how your drawer is. Some drawers come with pre-drilled holes in them.

You need to insert the drawer pulls and fix them for this type of drawer. However, if your drawer does not come with pre-drilled holes, the following steps can help you fix your drawer pulls on it:

  • On the front panel of the drawer, put some tape on it. Do this also to each of the corners of the drawers. Then place a tape that is larger than the other tapes and the drawer pull you want to install at the center
  • Draw a line from the edge to the lower opposite corner. Make sure the line pass through the tape in the middle.
  • Do the same to the other corner. Also, ensuring that the line passed through the center tape.
  • The points will intercept at the middle. Mark the points at which they intercept; that is the point where the holes will fit in to place the drawer pull. The hole will center your pull both vertically and horizontally.

Regardless of the shape of the drawer pull, the method will indeed work. The drawer will align appropriately on the drawer.

However, if you have drawers with double columns, the method of fixing the drawer pull is the same.

The only difference is that you must put tape horizontally down the center of the drawer. Then mark where the tape stopped at the two ends of the panel.

You just created two identical panels to make the double-wide panel. Make the two identical panels into single panels.

You will then have an alignment of the drawer pulls, each at the center. However, if the draw panel at the bottom is taller than the other panels. Then You should put some considerations in place.

Generally, the drawer pulls on the taller panel should be close to where the drawer starts from so that all the distances between each drawer pull will be the same.

Most plumber applies this rule to make the drawer and its fixtures appealing. With accurate measurement, you will get the fixing right and straightforwardly.

Below are some of the types of drawers pulled and where you can install them:

Drawers PullLocation
Standard PullCabinets
Cup PullCabinets/Drawer
Finger PullCabinets/Drawer

Tips to Align Drawer Pulls 

There are a lot of things to put into consideration when setting a drawer pull. It requires attention to detail, especially if it is your first time or you are not a professional. Below are some tips that will help in setting the drawer pull:

No matter how you install your drawer pull, ensure you choose functionality over aesthetics.

Having an appealing installation with difficulty in usage is not a good idea. The functions and style are essential, but one is more important than the other.

Setting your drawer pulls with the right tools ensure you do not make a mistake from the beginning.

Using high-quality processes speeds up your work and ensures that you finish on time. Plastic tools are not advisable in this case.

It is also essential to follow the guidelines that show that you should fix the specific standard measurements in which the drawer pulls.

Below are some of them:

  • For the centered drawer pull, the pulls should be at the center on each side of the drawer front.
  • The top pull should be 2 inches away from the lead edge
  •  by measuring from the lead edge.
  • The bottom pull is placed 4 inches from the bottom edge by measuring from the bottom edge.
  • The drawer pull should be in the middle of the drawer, measuring each side.


Fixing drawers pulls on drawers is relatively easy if done correctly. First, check the drawer pull to know if your cabinets or drawers are correctly installed.

Apart from the functions it does, drawer pulls provide comfortability for the kitchen user.

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