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Do Dryers Come With Power Cords?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

Dryers come in handy during household laundry sessions, and it’s amongst the most used household equipment. However, one question on almost every home owner’s mind is if dryers come with power cords.

New electrical dryers don’t come with a power cord attached. You’ll need to pay for a different power cord for the dryer. Better still, you can use the power cord from an old dryer to replace an older one. However, you must ensure that the old power cord fits the new dryer and it meets the current electrical code for your location.

Do Dryers Not Come With Power Cord?

Electrically powered dryers do not come with a power cord. This is because the electrical codes and outlets differ from location to location and from appliance to appliance. This is not a cash-making strategy for making extra profits from customers, as some may think. There are reasonable and valid reasons why this is done.

This power cord omission is a consequence of the high variability of electrical outlets and electrical codes for dryers. This particular equipment varies to an enormous degree.

Consequently, as you may have suspected, there is no standard for dryers as it exists for refrigerators and washers. Thus you should note the following points:

  • An electric dryer makes use of a 3-prong plug or a 4-prong cord. A gas dryer, on the other hand, makes use of a 120v cord.
  • Also, the power cord for dryers makes use of free-end types called pigtails. These are attached to the appliance. The cable terminals should be connected to the screw terminals to provide a strong connection.
  • The affixed metal fastener provides tension relief at the juncture where the cable penetrates the cord cushion and the device.
  • Furthermore, the attachment plugs for dryers which are heavy-duty types, are larger than the standard ones. Most plugs are shaped like an “L” shape, the cord feeding the outside.
  • In addition, the power cord for dryers has a voltage requirement ranging between 30 amps to 50 amps.
  • This difference in amperage of the plugs makes them not to be interchangeable because of the disparity in configuration.
  • Dryer power cords are incredibly similar to themselves. Therefore, you should be extra vigilant when buying so as not to pay for the wrong type.
  • The National Electric Code expects receptacle installations for new dryers should be grounding receptacles that are 3-pole and 4-wire. The grounded circuit conductor, which is neutral, should not be used to ground the dryers’ frames.

On the contrary, however, gas dryers usually come with a 3-prong factory-installed standard cord with a 60 Hz/15 amps/120 volts rating.

These gas dryers come equipped to connect to a line of natural gas.  Another option is to purchase the accessory conversion liquid propane kit to heat the dryer.

What Does A Dryer Come With?

Both types of dryers, whether electric or gas types arrive with parts required to be connected to water for the steam feature. This includes the “Y” connector and the hose. The other components that’ll be required to install the units include:

1. Vent duct

The vent duct is responsible for discharging steam.

2. Bottom/side vent conversion kit

Gas dryers usually vent through the rear, bottom, or left. Electric dryers, on the contrary, vent out through the bottom, rear, right, or left.

3. Conversion kit

The conversion kit is an optional accessory.

4. Pedestals

This is also an optional accessory user only if you want the washer and dryer next to each other. It would be best if you elevated them up to a more satisfactory height. Furthermore, the pedestals also have drawers for keeping dryer sheets and detergent.

5. Stacking kit accessory

Also, an optional accessory. It is used if you want to save floor space by putting the dryer above the washer.

6. Installation guide and user manual

The dryer comes fitted with an installation guide and user manual.

You should have the dryer installed by a professional electrician or technician that’s conversant with the procedure. This is because of the technical characteristics of both the electrical and gas connections.

Are Dryer Cords Universal?

Even though some dryers don’t come with a power cord attached to them, some do, however. If your dryer doesn’t come with one, you can pay for a new cord from the appliance store. Largely, the new dryers that come with power cords have four-prong plugs. Nevertheless, you can still use them on the older dryer outlets with 3-prong cords.

Plugs have diverse amperages which are not interchangeable as a result of their differences in setup. The cords can be very similar, so ensure that you pay for the appropriate cord.

What Should I Do If My Dryer Does Not Come With A Power Cord?

It’s not difficult. Enlighten yourself on the type of outlet you have. You should also note the amperage of the outlet and the dryer so that you’ll get an appropriate cord. To know the amperage of the dryer, check the user manual.

 I also suggest discussing with an electrician who is licensed locally. This is to ascertain the type of cord your dryer will need, whether a 3-prong cord or the 4-prong cord.

 The electrician will also determine if the appropriate thing to do is hardwire the dryer to a suitable electrical connection.

The shop dealer will have the appropriate cord for you. If you don’t have an old cord at home, you should purchase a new cord along with the dryer.

This ensures that there isn’t any hold-up during the process of installation.

If nonetheless, you have an old dryer and you’re simply just replacing it with a new one, you can use the old power cord as well. Just be sure the old cord matches the new dryer in terms of electrical specifications.

If the old cord is torn or worn out or doesn’t correspond with the new dryer in terms of model, it’s best to replace it with the newer model. This guarantees your safety.

Newer models of appliances can demand a higher electrical current from the cord. Thus a worn-out cord possesses a greater fire risk. With just $14.99, you can acquire a brand new power cord.


The question on the mind of most consumers when buying electrical dryers is, “where’s the power cord?”. Even though electrical dryers don’t come with power cords, you can get one from an appliance store. Gas dryers, on the contrary, come fitted with power cords, so you don’t have to worry about getting one.

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