Farmhouse Sink Vs Undermount Sink? (In-Depth Comparison)

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Kitchen sinks are an essential part of the home’s appliances. It is popularly known as the “heart of the home” and the busiest “part of the house.”

However, it’s come to my notice that preferences matter regarding kitchen sinks. 

You have the choice to decide on the brand that does it for you. So, we will discuss the difference between farmhouse sinks and undermount sinks.

Of course, after reading this article, you will decide on the particular sink you want sitting in the center of your kitchen. 

Farmhouse sinks are vintage sinks that take up most of your kitchen. They have an enormous capacity to create a more natural and classy look in your home. On the other hand, undermount sinks are smaller, smoother, and have a seamless finish. So, let’s go ahead and find out their differences once and for all.

Differences Between Farmhouse Sink and Undermount Sink

Farmhouse Sink Vs. Undermount Sink

The differences between the farmhouse and the undermount sinks are apparent and cannot be mistaken for the other.

From the installation process to the physical appearance, it’s easy to tell the differences.

Therefore, we will explicitly discuss the feature, cost, pros/cons, which is trendy, and the cost of each sink, among others.

In addition, it might be helpful to note that the farmhouse sink is more difficult to install than the undermount sink.

#1. Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink is a more outdated sink style than the undermount sink. Although it’s older in style and does not deplete its authenticity, this sink is as useful.

It is preferred by folks who want the apron front sink style in their kitchen.

But, in trying to differentiate the two types of sinks, keep in mind that they are both kitchen sinks.

Consequently, these sinks serve the same purpose; drain water and provide a place to wash the dishes.

Hence, it doesn’t mean that any is better than the other, but it depends on your choice due to certain factors.

#2. Special Features

The farmhouse sink is produced from fireclay, a fine clay and glaze blend. It can withstand a temperature of about 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Naturally, it appears as a fine white ceramic resistant to scratches and is non-porous.

The farmhouse sink weighs about 100 pounds, making it very heavy and cannot be installed by one person. 

If you want to break an arm, you can try lifting it all by yourself.

#3. Trending Or Not?

Even though a few people regard the apron front sink as outdated and out of style, this type of sink is still as trendy.

The farmhouse sink has improved tremendously over the years and is produced from various materials.

These materials may be copper and ceramic, all of which are updated with specific features. 

So, just as every business upgrades to not go out of style, the same with the farmhouse kitchen sink. The various brands include a double basin sink and a single basin sink.

Whichever you prefer, you can purchase.

#4. Cost

Before we know the price or cost of purchasing this apron front sink, it’ll be helpful to know that it is more expensive than the undermount sink.

The high cost is due to its capacity, size, durability, low maintenance, and long lifespan. It’s best to know that this fireclay basin may cost you a few thousand bucks.

 Nonetheless, it shouldn’t discourage you from purchasing this durable and unbreakable work of art, tested by a thousand degrees of heat

#5. Pros

To know which to choose between the undermount and farmhouse kitchen sinks, we will list the pros.

  • High durability
  • Great capacity 
  • Double basin option
  • Available in various colors
  • Available in different styles
  • Non-porous
  • Easy to clean
  • Adds vintage feel

#6. Cons

Unfortunately, a few downsides come with this incredible package that must be listed.

  • Takes too much space because of the extra countertop
  • Too heavy to install alone
  • It must be cleaned after each use so there’s no dirt buildup.

#1. Undermount Sink

The undermount kitchen sink or the bottom sink is from the cast iron. Alternatively, it is made from stainless steel and is smooth, sleek, and has a neat finish.

Everything about this exquisite basin speaks of flawlessness and clean lines. Having the undermount adds a modern touch even to your not-so-modern kitchen.

 Installing this sink can instantly improve your kitchen, especially if you decide to renovate the kitchen.

In addition, the seamless finish is from the fact that it is installed underneath the kitchen’s countertop.

So, if you need to install an undermount sink, ensure that you change the countertop and it’s suitable.

Nonetheless, certain features will make it impossible to miss the cast iron sink. During installation, you need to get a professional to get it done.

You’ll need a very good adhesive, and the installation kit comes with clips. It would be best to glue the sink as it needs much support since it’s hanging downwards.

However, it has some support that keeps it from suspending in the air.

#2. Special Features

The undermount sink is easy to identify because of its stainless-gray color. It has little to no countertop, which saves vast room for other necessities in the kitchen.

Of course, the sink is not the only thing meant to be in the kitchen’s space. However, it plays an important role in the kitchen’s overall appearance.

The installation process is much easier than the apron front sink, and it weighs only about 20-25 pounds. Look at that! Such a huge contrast, isn’t it?

In addition, the smaller capacity does not mean that it is unreliable. It implies that you may not be able to store many dishes at a time.

#3. Trending Or Not?

Of course, the undermount sink is modern and is very much trendy! Consequently, it is the perfect option if you wish to ditch your fifteen-year sink into a recent upgrade.

Compared to the farmhouse sink, customers think the undermount kitchen sink is more modern and trendy. I agree because it is eye-catching and allows for space for other appliances.

#4. Cost

The stainless steel bottom sink is less expensive than the apron front sink. However, the cost depends on several things.

  • The material it is made from
  • The size
  • Double or single basin option
  • Special feature
  • The depth of the bowl

#5. Pros

Here are the reasons why we prefer the undermount sink.

  • Consumes less space
  • Sleek and smooth
  • Seamless  finish
  • You can mount the faucet on the wall above the sink, which adds to the finish
  • 22 by 33 inches

#6. Cons

  • It can be easily cracked
  • Not as durable
  • Prone to damages
  • May require to be installed on a new countertop

Tabular Comparison Between the Undermount Sink And the Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse SinkUndermount sink
Cost It ranges between 300-2,000 dollars, which is pretty expensive.It costs around 80-400 dollars. However, the prices differ according to the model or unique feature.
Features Apron front sink, extra countertop, and consumes a lot of space.Stainless steel, shiny gray, seamless finish, and rimless edge.
Lifespan About 20 yearsAt least 30 years.
Capacity 20-60 by 9-10 for a basic bowl.22 by 33 size but at least 7m deep.
Quality Highly durable, non-porous, versatile.Sleek, attractive, seamless finish.


In conclusion, after all, it’s left for you to choose between the two brands of kitchen sinks. Of course, your choice will depend on cost, durability, and installation method.

Consequently, the undermount and farmhouse sinks are incredible brands to be reckoned with. Go ahead and make your choice.

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