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What Do These Features Mean On A Coffee Maker?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

Over the years, many appliances have been technologically refined to lessen the stress of manual operation. Well, your coffee maker is not far from this as it has been improved with certain features that you can effortlessly program.

But, after establishing this fact, what exactly are these features, and what do they mean for a coffee maker?

The features on your coffee maker represent the functions performed by each of them to suit your taste. Some features include prog, bold, brew, delay brew, descale, auto, etc. These features are displayed on your coffee maker and can be programmed to produce an aromatic cup of coffee.

What Does Prog Mean on a Coffee Maker?

The prog feature depicted on your coffee maker indicates that it can be programmed to brew coffee independently. For this to work, you have to accurately set the time on your coffee maker to operate without any assistance.

This is one of your coffee maker’s exceptional features as its function has gone a long way to reducing the stress of making coffee manually. In addition, you can program your coffee maker to the time you want it to commence brewing.

And you will have a fragrant cup of coffee ready when you wake up from bed.

However, various models of coffee makers operate in different ways, and while some take a lot of time to brew, others don’t consume a lot of time. So, you need to accurately estimate the time taken for your coffee maker to brew coffee.

It is important to note that your coffee maker will not function on its own if the time set is not correct. That said, you must set the time correctly.

For instance, if you plan to wake up by 7:00 am, you can set your coffee maker to start brewing by 6:50 am.

But this solely depends on the time your coffee maker consumes for brewing. Your coffee maker can brew for five minutes, 10 minutes, or more. So you can do yourself some good and get a coffee maker that can produce coffee right on time for breakfast.

What Does Bold Mean on a Coffee Maker?

This feature depicts the strength of the coffee to be produced by your coffee maker. Your coffee maker increases the strength of your coffee by reducing the amount of water used during the brewing cycle.

This feature is particularly used by people who prefer a strong cup of coffee every morning. When the water ratio is reduced, the level of caffeine present in the coffee increases, which makes the coffee bold.

It also intensifies the flavor and aroma of the coffee. The bold feature may produce a very strong smoky or woody taste which may subside afterward. So, if you want to make your coffee bold, you can press the bold button on your coffee maker.

Unfortunately, if the amount of water used is too small, you might end up with a bitter cup of coffee, and you might be unable to consume it. Thus, it is important to release a sufficient amount of water for the brewing process that will maintain the strength of your coffee.

This way, you will still receive your coffee well-flavored and bold.

What Does Descale Mean on a Coffee Maker?

This feature usually signifies that your coffee maker needs proper cleaning. This happens when the descale light appears, which could be due to sediments of calcium in your coffee maker.

Many people tend to leave their coffee makers for a long time without taking some time to clean out the debris from the machine. And this leads to the formation of sediments of calcium.

Although calcium is not unhealthy, it can hinder the full operation of your coffee maker. Firstly, the water used during the brewing cycle might not attain the required temperature. Therefore, you might get a cold or warm cup of coffee.

Secondly, you will not get an intense aroma, and the coffee will taste bland. Lastly, the mineral scale formed in the machine might obstruct the passage of water. In the worst-case scenario, the machine might break down.

Fortunately, you can save yourself these dire consequences and take some time to clean your coffee maker. Additionally, you can clean your coffee maker every month or every week to avoid unnecessary damages.

What Does Brew Mean on a Coffee Maker?

The brew feature often regulates the time to prepare the coffee and the water that flows into the coffee beans. In addition, it releases the amount of hot water required for brewing, which determines your coffee’s strength and flavor.

This feature is found on every coffee maker that is well manufactured as it controls the brewing cycle. As a result, you can enhance the strength and flavor of your coffee via brewing.

You can reduce the amount of water that flows into your coffee beans, producing an aromatic and flavored coffee. However, if the water stays in the coffee beans for a long time, your coffee will be too bitter for consumption.

So, it is best to control the time and the amount of water for a unique taste.

What Does Auto Mean on a Coffee Maker?

Typically, the auto feature symbolizes your coffee maker’s ability to switch on when in use and off when not in use. It has been programmed and can function without regular supervision from its owner.

With this feature, your coffee maker can function properly and save you the stress of turning off your coffee maker manually. Well, if your coffee maker fails to turn off after brewing coffee, then there’s something wrong somewhere.

A fire might start in the kitchen if this goes unnoticed for a long time. In addition, your coffee maker will be completely faulty and will need repairs.

Furthermore, you might experience high energy charges, which will drain electricity if care is not taken. Nevertheless, you can rectify this by checking your coffee maker regularly and making repairs where necessary.

What Does Delay Brew Mean on a Coffee Maker?

The delay brew feature enables you to preserve your coffee for a long time. It also lessens the brewing cycle and still produces a hot and soothing cup of coffee.

This feature is highly valued by people who are always engaged with many activities in the early hours of the morning. Although delay-brew is time-consuming, it is worth every second as it produces the best results.

It slows down the rate of brewing and ensures that water flows into your coffee beans. Plus, your coffee maker shuts off after it has completed a brewing cycle. So you don’t have to panic if you leave your coffee maker without switching it off.

Nonetheless, it is not advisable to leave your coffee maker without care despite its remarkable features. Instead, I’d advise you to switch it off after it has completed a brewing cycle.

Unfortunately, some coffee makers do not have this feature; hence, the brewing method might differ. So, if you want a coffee maker that will lessen your burden, then you can settle for one that has the delay brew feature.

What Does Prime Mean on a Keurig Coffee Maker?

Prime is simply an indication that the water reservoir is not appropriately aligned to your Keurig coffee maker. As a result, your Keurig coffee maker fails to dispense water for making coffee.

More often than not, the Keurig coffee maker tends to experience prime appearance on its machine, especially when your water reservoir is extremely dirty.

In most cases, dirt is one of the major reasons why your machine keeps displaying prime. And this residue clogs the entry and exit needles. Regardless, you can clean your Keurig coffee maker for free passage of water.

First of all, you need to clean your coffee maker with water and a soft cloth. Next, you have to get rid of all the debris accumulated in your machine.

Lastly, you have to align or attach the water reservoir with your Keurig coffee maker properly. This is done to enable the free flow of water to enable the success of the brewing cycle. In addition, you need to carefully observe your Keurig coffee maker as a malfunction could lead to other problems.


Coffee makers are exceptional appliances with outstanding features that serve different purposes when put to good use. Nevertheless, they might begin to malfunction if neglected and if your coffee maker is left without cleaning and repairs.

So, it is best to observe them regularly, carry out proper cleaning and make repairs where necessary to prevent damage to your coffee maker.

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