Fisher Paykel Washer Diagnostic Mode? (Let’s Find Out)

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Washing Machines can work for a few years without developing any faults. However, this might be possible if you purchased an original brand or a trusted model.

But, of course, your washing machine cannot serve you forever.

Factors like damaged water valves or malfunctioning heaters, amongst others, could also be a contributing factor to a faulty washer.

Hence, you should run your Fisher Paykel Washer on Diagnostic Mode when you notice any malfunction.

You can achieve the diagnostic mode on your  Fisher Paykel Washer by first connecting the washer to a power source. Then you long-press the power button on the washer. Hold for about 2-3 seconds until you hear a beeping sound. Next, the machine comes on and displays the previous washer error codes; then, you restore factory settings.

Why Do You Need to Run Diagnosis on Your Fisher Paykel Washer?

You need to run a diagnosis on your Fisher Paykel Washer to be able to identify the cause of the problem.

Then, of course, identifying the issue provides a route to discovering the solution.

All these are to the end that the washer works perfectly without any obstructions. Therefore, you can efficiently run diagnostic mode for a Fisher Paykel top load washer. 

Consequently, if the display module shows a load washer error, there is urgent to run diagnostic mode.

This will enable you to locate the problem site via the various washer error codes.

However, you can also decide to reset the washing machine if it has been tampered with previously.

Either by a child fascinated by the buttons and knobs or a confused adult.

Nonetheless, it must be reset once you notice that something is off in the display module phase.

This will help you restore your regular wash cycle and avoid unusually long cycles.

Hence, the cycle duration is dependent on the cycle chosen. Each period lasts not less than thirty minutes, either it’s the wash + rinses or washes + rinse + spin cycle.

Step by Step Process to Fisher Paykel Washer Diagnostic Mode?

To troubleshoot the washing machine, you have to follow these steps accordingly;

#1. Connect to a Power Source

Firstly, connect the washing machine to an electric socket; this way, you can observe each display module’s actions because the display interface requires an electric current.

The washer works only if it’s connected to a power source. However, note that you shouldn’t load the washer at the repair time.

#2. Long-Press the Power Button

Secondly, locate the power button on the control module displayed for operation. Then, long-press the start button alongside the pause/play button until you hear a beep.

Immediately the washing machine comes on, and the different washer error codes are displayed. 

After locating the problem, restore factory settings to reset the washing machine.

This will cancel any pre-existing commands or cycles, solving the issues if the issues result from manual factors, like clogged drains or leaking pipes.

However, it might require a physical examination and replacements of damaged parts.

How to Reset the Fisher Paykel Washer?

To reset the Fisher Paykel Washer, you can first disconnect it from the power source. Leave it disconnected for a while (not less than 20 seconds)before turning it back on.

This should reset the washing appliance back to the normal cycle. Alternatively, you can turn off the power button and turn it back on, and it automatically returns to the typical setting.

On the other hand, if an error code requires that the washer returns to default settings, follow these steps;

First, you turn on the washing machine, search for the spin cycle, start button, and pause and play buttons.

Long-press these buttons until the display interface comes and you hear a beep.

As a result of this action, your top load washer has been restored to the default setting.

Fisher Paykel Washer Too Long Cycle?

When the wash cycle duration becomes too long, it could indicate a problem. Either the water heater isn’t heating up quickly. Or there is excess sud as a result of too much detergent.

Furthermore, if the gadget is being overused, it deserves a break. Ensure that there is adequate cold and hot water during each cycle.

In addition, if the lid cover is not closed correctly, it will refuse to start even after giving the command.

Therefore, you have to pay close attention to each cycle so that it doesn’t exceed its duration. Of course, if the drain hole is partially or entirely clogged, this will result in a problem.

The slower it takes for water to be drained, the longer the wash cycle period. Therefore, this debunks any notion that the longer the cycle duration, the better it works.

This is not true, as each time is dependent on the programmed cycle.


Having understood the need for diagnostic mode for a Fisher and Paykel Washer, the solution is more effortless.

Nevertheless, do not forget to contact a licensed repair person if the task appears cumbersome.

Of course, you do not want to damage your washing machine to repair it. This will cost you more than following the correct procedures in the first place.

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