How To Fix UL Code On Maytag Washer? (Let’s Find Out)

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Error codes in your Maytag washing machine show that something has gone wrong in your washer.

You can narrow down the inspection of your washer by checking the display for error codes.

The UL error code displayed in your washing machine could mean different things. But, how do you correct the UL error code? 

To fix the uneven load (UL) error code in the Maytag washer, position your washer sideways on the ground to access the bottom part of the machine and tighten the washing machine drain pump. If that fails, move the load in the washer tub around, shut the washer lid and click on the start switch to begin the cycle again.

What Does the Code UL Mean on a Maytag Washer?   

The UL washer error codes in a Maytag washing machine occur when the load in the tub is uneven.

An unbalanced load (UL) code error usually displays when the load fixing routine is inconsistent when running at the last washer cycle.

Therefore, it is often prominent in Maytag front load washers.

An uneven washer could be from the wrong positioning of your laundry in the tub during your washing cycle or an unbalanced washer.

If the laundry in your washer tub is uneven, it could reduce the speed of the spin cycle

It could also result in violent movements in your washer and noise in your top load washer during the last cycle.

Try rearranging your laundry and repeat the wash cycle. A flashing UL error code could also result in badly washed laundry.

A faulty suspension rod could make your washing machine unbalanced, triggering the UL error code.

For a Maytag washing machine, a loose drain pump is usually why the washer displays a UL error code. 

How To Fix UL Code on Maytag Washer

UL error codes in the Maytag washing machine mean that the load in your washer’s tub is not even in the tub.

As a result, the device could produce badly washed clothes and quite violent and loud movements during your wash cycle.

Ignoring these signs will be rather tricky. A basic fix is to even out the laundry in the tub and restarts the cycle.

Starting from simple to complex, here are some fixes to your UL error code cycle problem:

#1. Even Out the Laundry

If the UL code on your Maytag washing machine is flashing or the washer is shaking, then your washer has an uneven load problem.

Stop the cycle, open the lid, and evenly redistribute the wet laundry. Then, cover the tub and start your washing cycle.

#2. Washing Single Clothes

The Maytag washing machine has a predetermined range of laundry that should be in the tub.

Washing a single cloth during laundry puts the washer off balance and sets off the washer error code.

Fill your tub according to your Maytag manual instructions to avoid setting off the UL error code. 

Also, ensure to use the correct cycle for the cloth material you are about to wash.

Choosing the proper washing cycle can save you a lot of error codes and issues.

#3. Lighten the Load

If you overload your Maytag washing machine, probably to get the laundry done faster, this might make the UL error code flash.

Lighten the laundry in your washer tub to address this problem. The laundry should not be over 80 percent of your washer tub. 

Try removing the heaviest clothes to lighten the laundry in your top load washer or the light clothes for the front load washer tub.

Don’t forget to even out the clothes before starting your wash cycle.

#4. Level the Washer

Your washer might generate UL error codes because of its position. To check if your Maytag washing machine is uneven, place a flat plank at the top of your washer.

If the plank is not straight, you need to balance your washer properly. 

Slightly lift the washer and adjust the stand. Keep doing this until the washing machine is at an evenly balanced position.  

#5. Reset the Washer

You’ve balanced your washer, but the UL error code is still flashing? Then you should reset the washer.

Resetting the washer would clear the error codes. It might not get rid of the UL error message, but it’s worth trying. 

Resetting involves switching off the washer for a few minutes and selecting a new wash cycle.

For example, to reset your Maytag washing machine:

  • Turn off the power switch on the machine and disconnect the washer from the power source.
  • Leave it off for ten minutes.
  • Connect the washer back to the power source
  • Select a washing cycle and turn on the start switch.

#6. Tighten the Drain Pump

A loose washer drain pump is usually the problem when the simple fixes don’t work.

However, if your UL error code is still flashing after trying the fixed above, this solution should do the trick:

  • Place a large, soft towel on the floor beside your Maytag washing machine.
  • Carefully lay your Maytag washer on its side on the towel.
  • With a screwdriver, tighten the loose drain pump now visible to you at the bottom of your washer.

#7. Faulty Suspension Rods

These soften the inner drum friction when the spin cycle is in fast motion. An unbalanced washer error could be because of a damaged rod.

To change the suspension rods:

  • Move the washer to a comfortable work position.
  • Disconnect the machine from the power outlet. Working on a plugged washing machine is very dangerous.
  • Unfasten the washer’s front panel with a screwdriver.
  • Gently unscrew the covering at the top until the washer’s main components are visible.
  • Locate the defective suspension rod and lift the inner tube. Slowly release the pressure from the rod and pull it out.
  • Replace the old suspension rod and hold it in. Fit it carefully into the tub’s fastening cup until it’s tight. The new suspension rod should be even with the other rods.
  • Fix the panels back in place after ensuring the suspension rods are secure.

Replacing the suspension rod is costly, so it should be your last option. If you think this process is complex, call a professional technician.


Error codes are usually responses from your Maytag washing machine to abnormalities in your washer.

It is easy to fix these problems once you understand the error codes.

For example, for a Maytag washing machine, you can resolve an Unbalanced Load error code by tightening the pump drain at the underside of the washer.

You could also distribute the load in your machine’s tub.

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