What Does Flow Sense Light D80/D90/D95 Mean On LG Dryer?

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It gets tricky with error codes because there’s a long list. But it’s hard to avoid them when using electronics. Thus, confusion becomes a swift companion.

All appliances have off days, so you’re bound to face one sooner or later. That’s the case when you come across either the D80, D90, or D95 error code on an LG dryer.

However, you need help to make sense of error codes when you see them for the first time.

If error codes D90, D95, or D80 show up on your dryer’s control panel, there’s an exhaust venting issue. So that points to poor ventilation in your home’s exhaust system. What happens next is that the dryer will start to overheat. Thus, the system will shut down as a safety measure to avoid a fire outbreak.

If an LG dryer shuts down due to D80, D90, or D95 error codes, that doesn’t mean it is permanently damaged. Remembering this is key in navigating ventilation problems. 

How to clear up these error codes so you can freely use the LG dryer again must be on your mind. Well, go through this article to learn more about the error codes and their fixes.

What Is the Flow Sense D80 Error on an LG Dryer and How to Fix it?

What Does Flow Sense Light D80/D90/D95 Mean On LG Dryer

The Flow Sense D80 error code on an LG dryer means there’s 80% air blockage in the exhaust venting duct. Blockages can come from either inside or outside the exhaust duct.

The dryer doesn’t let off its heat effectively when there isn’t proper airflow in the vent. But that may be fine at first because the unit can’t be void of heat.

LG dryers can work as expected, even with less than 80% blockage in the exhaust vents. But air blockages of 80% and above can cause fires, hence the warning on dryers.

An LG dryer may continue to work optimally even with a D80 error. But the system will initiate measures to cool down at that point.

Air blockages in the exhaust vent can result from clogs in the duct. Lint buildup is the usual culprit for dryers. Sometimes, a broken exhaust venting conduit can restrict airflow.

So, cleaning the exhaust duct to the damper can clear the error. Emptying the lint filter also normalizes airflow. Then, you have to fix the exhaust conduit if it’s broken.

Below are some troubleshooting steps you can apply to resolve the D80 error code.

#1. Examine the Lint Filter

An LG dryer will lack proper airflow if lint clogs the filter. All you have to do if you notice lint buildup is to clean the filter, and that solves the issue. 

Here’s how to do that; 

  • Raise the lint filter from its sitting.
  • Use your fingers to roll out any lint off the filter.
  • Return the filter to its correct place.

#2. Examine the Rear Exhaust Duct

Besides the filter, lint can also build up at the end of the exhaust duct. It helps to assess the area and the internal wall venting exit point for lint buildup.

After checking the vent, you can remove the lint buildup if you find any.

#3. Examine the Exhaust Venting Conduit

The exhaust duct will only have proper airflow if the exhaust venting conduit is broken or kinked. That can happen when you move or reposition your dryer.

So ensure the exhaust venting conduit is in good shape at all times. That means ensuring the absence of kinks or breakages anywhere around the conduit.

Cleaning the exhaust duct only sometimes fixes the D80 error code. That’s when the error codes pop up, even when there’s no obstruction.

Are you facing the same issue? Don’t worry. As you continue with this article, you’ll get the solution.

What Do Flow Sense Light D90 and D95 Mean On an LG Washer, and How to Fix?

D90 and 95 error codes on an LG washer mean 90% and 95% air blockage, respectively. Those codes are red zones when operating an LG washer.

The table below gives an overview of an LG washer’s D90 and D95 error codes.

The dryer detects 90% blockage in the ductwork.The dryer detects 95% blockage in the ductwork.
It was overheating kicked in.Excessive heat and risk of fire.
The dryer goes into cool down.The dryer shuts down.

Trying to force your washer to cycle after seeing these error codes is a bad idea. That’s because the heat in the exhaust system presents a fire hazard.

The best thing to do is turn your attention to clearing any blockage in the duct and fixing the codes.

It’s important to note that you can also use the troubleshooting steps for the D80 code here. 

Below are possible solutions to D90 and D95 error codes.

  • Ensure the lint filter is free of buildup and any clogs.
  • Check for strong airflow in the outside washer air vent while running. Weak airflow will point to an obstruction.
  • Turn off the washer and unplug the power cord.
  • Next, detach the vent from the washer and check for clogs. Remove any obstructions and return the vent.
  • Plug back the power cord and turn on the LG washer. You will only see the error codes again if there’s proper airflow.
  • However, if your ductwork is too long and bendy, you’ll need professional help with duct cleaning. It’s easy for blockages to occur in such ductwork.

It’s always best to turn off your washer when you see D90 and D95 codes. You need to turn it off because the flow of excess heat in your home exhaust system can cause a fire outbreak.

Does a Reset Clear Flow Sense Light D80, D90, and D95?

Resetting an LG dryer doesn’t clear the Flow Sense lights for D80, D90, and D95 codes unless it’s a glitch. That’s because the error is usually due to clogs in the venting ductwork.

Electric glitches may trigger the error codes, and resetting the dryer will help clear them. But that will only give you a lasting solution if the ductwork has air blockage.

That’s because the main trigger is the action of heat on the heat sensors in the dryer. Now, you can’t reset the heat sensors in case of a malfunction.

The solution, in that case, would be to turn them off entirely, but that’s after ensuring zero ductwork clogs.

It’s vital to keep in mind the three major factors that trigger clogs in the venting ductwork—first, lint and moisture buildup blocking the airflow.

Second, a crushed or kinked exhaust conduit. Third, ductwork that’s too long and has many bends such that air from the blower fan can’t reach outside.

The solution to clogged long ductwork is to clean or shorten it. But if the issue continues, the remedy is to replace the ductwork entirely.

So, always pay attention to the ductwork and look out for clogs. Unfortunately, resetting the LG dryer won’t fix the error codes since it has to do with heat and airflow.

Below are some precautions to keep vent blockage and the D80, D90, and D95 codes at bay.

  • Clean the exhaust venting pipe when installing the LG dryer.
  • Ensure no section of the exhaust venting duct is kinked, crushed, or damaged.
  • Install the venting duct according to the instructions in the owner’s manual.
  • Always ensure your wall vent end cap covers are open and clear.

Why Does the Flow Sense Light D80, 90, and 95 Come On When There Is No Obstruction?

Sometimes, you’ll continue to see the error codes even after clearing the ductwork of any clogs. That’s due to an oversensitive notification from the Flow Sense system.

You can disable the display panel’s D80, D90, and D95 prompts. But you have to be sure there’s no air blockage anywhere before proceeding.

Turning off the prompt will mean that you’ll get no warnings for clogs in the ductwork while it’s off. So, you’ll have to be on your toes to ensure proper airflow during that time.

For most LG dryers, pressing and holding down the “Signal” and “Time Dry” buttons for three seconds stops the prompts.

After holding down the two buttons for three seconds, you’ll see “OFF” appear on the display window. That confirms that the notification has been turned off.

You don’t have to run around to figure out how to turn on the notification after disabling it. Instead, pressing and holding down the same buttons will restore the function.

Please note that the two buttons for that operation differ across the models of LG dryers.

The tables below show LG dryer models and their buttons to disable the D80, D90, and D95 notifications. There are five different sets.

“Signal” and “Time Dry” Buttons

Matching Washer TypeDryer Models
Front Loader DLE30*/DLG30*
Top LoaderDLE73*/DLG73*
Front Loader DLEX37*?DLGX37*

“TurboSteam” and “Less Time” buttons

Matching Washer TypeDryer Models
Front loaderDLEX89*/DLGX89*

“Energy Saver”  and “Time Dry” buttons

Matching Washer TypeDryer Models
Front LoaderDLE34*/DLG34*
Top LoaderDLE70*/DLG70*

Holding down the two buttons for three seconds deactivates the persisting D80, D90, and D95 notifications. Also, repeating the process turns the prompts back on.

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