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When relocating from one house to another or from the factory to your home, you often come with situations where you need to take unfitted materials in your cars, such as your king-size mattress, cushions, tv set, and other home appliances.

Mattresses are there to help people get comfortable while sleeping. Taking care of your mattress is something you need to do to increase the longevity of your foam.

In this article, you’d see how to treat your mattresses.

Folding a mattress can damage it as it tends to weaken the metal or other solid used to support it. Moving your mattress from one place to another can make users bend it to fit into their vehicle, but this is not advisable as it voids your warranty. The only mattress that you cannot fold is the memory foam.

Will Folding a Mattress in Half Ruin It?

Folding a Mattress Damage It

Half-fold mattress can ruin your foam’s longevity due to its contents—most mattresses come with metals and some solids that make them strong, allowing users to lie down after a stressful day.

Innerspring and coiled-filled king-size mattresses do not need to be folded in any way or at any time.

Coiled mattresses, also known as hybrid mattresses, come with solid structural components such as supports and metal spirals to make them strong and comfortable for users to rest well.

When coils are bent, they could go like that permanently, and this would make your loose bed shape, which would make it uncomfortable for you to sleep.

Most times we find ourselves in such a situation where we’ve to relocate from our home to a new home or after making some purchases we have to take it back home.

When such a time comes, the only option people tend to use is to make it fit in their vehicle as they fold it in half to make it fit. 

Some squeeze a little fraction that couldn’t enter comfortably to save the cost of hiring a truck to transport it. But, unfortunately, this action isn’t suitable for your mattress.

While folded mattress foam can be hard sometimes, some users go the extra mile to tie their mattresses on the top of their vehicle.

This might look like a good idea, but some foam is very heavy and tend to break out when moving from one place to another in your automobile as this could cause road accidents or disturb motorists with traffic.

While you may be wondering if all folded mattress foam behaves like this, I should also inform you that the only mattress that can be folded and regain shape in a couple of hours is the latex foam or polyurethane memory foam. 

With this mattress, you can squeeze, press, and fold it without it losing its shape—if the shape is still there after offloading your goods, take a rest because everything will be alright.

Steps to Move Mattress

It’s good to know the steps to move your mattress because the procedure’s main purpose is to ensure you’re protecting your property by all means.

Below are steps you can use to move or transport any mattress, even if it’s a king-size mattress:

#1. Hold Down The  Mattress Using Straps

If your mattress is foldable and can be transported, you should use straps or belts to keep it firm so that it doesn’t get worn out.

Also, when it’s folded, the straps on the mattress make it more simple to remove and carry. 

These straps wrap the mattress in a specific position, allowing easier handling while ensuring it utilizes the least amount of room possible.

It is enough to fasten the straps by wrapping them over this folded mattress. When pulling the belts tighter, take care not to pull them too tightly to prevent the mattress from being ruined.

If you notice that the belt is starting to cut through your mattress, this is an indication that this belt tighter than it should be. 

During this process, you must exercise extreme caution so that you do not harm the mattress. Also, ensure that this hold does not go off so the mattress does not swiftly unfold, causing injury. 

The mattress measurements will determine the number of straps or belts required to secure the mattress.

After that, I’ll advise you to make use of a higher number of belts, which will extend less heavy pressure on the mattress. 

#2. Compress the Mattress Using Vacuum Bags

The most efficient method is moving or storing your foam mattress by vacuum packing.

Mattress plastic bags do not only offer a means by which you can compress your mattress, but they also offer protection against dust and moisture for the mattress itself.

Every relocation can kick up a significant amount of dirt and dust.

There is a possibility that the automobile or truck is filthy, which transfers to your mattress; this is something that you would love to steer clear of.

There’s also a chance that the weather won’t cooperate with you the day you move. 

Your mattress might be ruined by exposure to the elements, even if it’s just for a short period.

Even if some of the damage does not become apparent instantly or in a way that is quite evident; eventually, it will affect your king-size mattress’s convenience, odor, and cleanliness, decreasing its longevity and durability.

The air can be drawn out of a space using vacuum bags, which protect against damage caused by moisture and also stops the proliferation of dust, and inhibits bacterial growth.

In addition, it offers a surface layer of protection, which will assist in keeping the mattress free from physical harm and stains when transported or stored. 

The method of vacuum packing your foam mattress is quite straightforward. First, get yourself a reasonably priced seal mattress bag in the appropriate size for the mattress.

Next, place the king-size mattress inside the bag, then check to see that the plastic mattress bag is completely sealed and won’t let any air in or out. 

Push air from the bag using a household vacuum cleaner hooked to the bag’s valve, and then close the bag’s valve.

#3. Lift the Mattress Using Moving Straps

This is necessary to transport a king-size mattress from one room to another or from one vehicle to another.

You can do this when it is shrunk, folded, or compressed, by employing a strap lifting device for two persons.

Moving large objects is made easier by using straps that maintain the burden in your front and prevent awkward twisting.

The low-cost straps make lifting and moving large home goods like mattresses and appliances easier, and they also help safeguard your friends’ bodies from accidents and strains.

These adjustable lifting and moving straps are a favorite of ours.

#4. Hiring Professional

One way to save the stress of keeping your mattresses intact is by hiring a professional carrier to do the job for you.

A carrier could be a larger truck—a larger truck for your king-size mattress would help keep it in shape.

A carrier could also be some group of persons who have volunteered or paid to transport the mattress from one place to another.

Hiring professional movers is one way to help transport your mattress from one place to another in good shape.


In order not to void your warranty by destroying your mattress structure, one must ensure to avoid things that contribute.

Mattresses are made by different companies and come in different sizes. It’s good to know the one that best suits you and work towards maintaining it.

Half folded mattress kills most king-size mattresses, so get a carrier when relocating.

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