Frigidaire Dishwasher Spray Arm Melted? (Things To Know)

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Frigidaire dishwashers are a popular set of products in the kitchen appliance industry. Frigidaire, an American company, designs a variety of products to meet the needs of various customers.

As a result, any Frigidaire dishwasher model guarantees a solid performance at an affordable price.

But, of course, it all depends on your budget and what product type you fancy.

Despite the broad range of products, all Frigidaire dishwasher models have the same working principle. The distinction between models is usually in the aesthetics.

The function of a dishwasher is to wash dishes. However, a dishwasher also makes a fine finish to the kitchen.

Usually, the wash arm melts when it’s not properly secured into the pump. It is not unnatural for your Frigidaire dishwasher spray arm to melt. When the lower wash arm is loose, it will get stuck on the heating element bracket as it rotates. Also, if the dishwasher doesn’t fill with water or spray water, that will damage the lower spray arm

Why the Frigidaire Dishwasher Spray Arm Melts?


The spray arm is what sprays water on dishes in a dishwasher during a cycle. It is responsible for cleaning dishes properly.

You will find a spray arm at the bottom of the dishwasher. Any damage to the spray arm means the dishwasher will not function as it should.

So, as little as the part may look, it has a very delicate function in the dishwasher.

There aren’t many reasons why the spray arm melts, so it is not so technical to make a diagnosis. Usually, the spray arm melts because it’s not properly secured into the pump.

The spray arm will fall onto the heating element bracket if loose. You also need to ensure the heating element brackets are in their proper position.

There is also a problem when the spray arm doesn’t spin freely. It will most likely make contact with the heating element and melt.

Instead, the spray arm turns with the help of water pressure. The spray arm will turn without trouble when it fits on the pump. If it doesn’t, you need to check the water inlet valve.

Usually, the water pressure is low. Rectify that, and you’re good to go.

During the setup of the dishwashing set, it is vital to install the lower spray arm correctly. If you do not install the lower spray arm well, it will melt after a few runs.

Furthermore, when the dishwasher does not fill with water and spray water to the top rack, the spray arm melts due to excessive heat.

Hence, the spray arm can melt because it isn’t secured properly to the pump or the water flow in the dishwasher is restricted.

As with all equipment, there is a need to change parts after using them for a long time. The dishwasher is no exception.

Over time, the spray arm can wear down and become loose on the support. When this happens, the spray arm tilts.

Therefore, it may touch the heating element during a cycle and melt.

How To Remove Spray Arm From Frigidaire Dishwasher?

Every Frigidaire dishwasher model comes with a simple design. This setup is to help customers take out and replace parts in the dishwasher if the need arises.

The total repair time is minimal. Therefore, it’s not so tedious a task to remove/replace the spray arm from a Frigidaire dishwasher.

Pretty much anyone can do it, with or without any experience.

First, unplug the dishwasher from the power source to avoid electrocution. Then you open up the dishwasher and remove the lower rack from the dishwasher.

You can then access the spray arm. Hold on to the center of the lower spray arm and pull it up. In some Frigidaire dishwasher models, the lower spray arm has a locking tab underneath it.

You can use a screwdriver to ease the lock.

You’ll find the wash arm support and trap assembly underneath the lower wash arm. Turn the trap assembly in a clockwise direction of about 90°, and lift it out of the dishwasher.

You can separate the wash arm support from the trap assembly to check for any damage to the parts.

Assess the damage on the spray arm after you remove it from the dishwasher. If the damage is slight, you can salvage the spray arm and fix it back in the dishwasher.

But it is only a temporary solution. However, if the holes on the spray arm are clogged and the damage is severe, you need to buy a new spray arm part.

How To Replace Spray Arm On Frigidaire Dishwasher?

When you are ready to put the spray arm back into the dishwasher, double-check the parts you took out. Ensure the wash arm support rests correctly on the trap assembly.

Next, position the unit in the dishwasher with the lever pointing downward. Press it down firmly and rotate it anticlockwise until you hear the lock sound.

Take the spray arm and ensure that the two tabs are still in place. Set it on the wash arm support and push it until it locks in place.

Once the spray arm is in place, spin it to see that it turns freely and doesn’t touch the heating element.

When you see that the spray spins well, return the lower dish rack to its position.

Then you can close the dishwasher.

Plug the dishwasher back into the power source and turn the water on via the water inlet valve. Add some load to the rack and have a test run of your dishwasher.

Your dishwasher should be cleaning dishes properly again.

How To Ensure The Spray Arm Doesn’t Melt?

Frigidaire Dishwasher Spray Arm Melted

It is only proper to take precautions with equipment and observe good maintenance habits. So, routine checks on your dishwasher will always do you good.

But, first, you must always ensure the proper function of the water inlet valve. The water inlet valve will allow the spray arm to turn freely during cycles and not touch the heating element.

Ensure the spray arm fits on the pump and is locked in. It will come off immediately after you begin a cycle.

The water pressure will knock off the spray arm, and it will fall onto the heating element and get damaged.

Make it a routine to inspect the spray arm and the wash arm support every few months. This way, you can ensure that it is in good condition.

Check the nozzles on the spray arm. Make sure there’s no obstruction. Ensure the spray arm is not loose. If it is, you need to get a new one.

Lastly, always ensure that the water flow to the dishwasher isn’t interrupted during a cycle. A stop to the water flow will expose the spray arm to very high temperatures and make it melt.

The water also serves as a coolant for the spray arm.


The spray arm is responsible for cleaning dishes properly because it sprays water on dishes during a washing cycle. It melts when it comes in contact with the heating element.

It is not an uncommon scenario when a spray arm melts. Usually, the spray arm is loose and falls off during a cycle, or the heating element is out of place.

Watch out for these factors that can affect your spray arm, and you wouldn’t have to bother about a melted spray arm.

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