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Frigidaire Freezer Making Buzzing Noise? (Read This First)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

Freezers are reliable home appliances that are a must-have for either small or large families. Because most edible items undergo storage for long hours, weeks, even months.

However, when your freezer develops a clunking noise that disrupts your peace, it needs to be fixed. Hence you might require professional help immediately.

When a Frigidaire freezer makes a buzzing noise, it works perfectly. However, if the sound becomes unbearable, the compressor might be faulty. Hence, before jumping to the conclusion that you need to get a new refrigerator, get it checked out first. However, a regular functioning refrigerator has to make a low buzzing sound.

Frigidaire Freezer Making Loud Humming Noise?

Your Frigidaire refrigerator makes loud humming noise due to one or several of the following reasons:

#1. Faulty Evaporator Fan Motor

A freezer making a loud humming noise is a pointer towards a malfunctioning evaporator fan motor.

When it is working correctly, there’s a low humming sound which is noticeable but not disturbing.

Consequently, it signifies a fault when it gets loud, especially when you’re not close to the freezer. 

Of course, the evaporator fan motor controls the movement of the evaporator fan blade. The blade is attached to the engine for it to move automatically by the mechanism of the motor.

Accordingly, without the motor, correctly cannot work correctly.

#2. Malfunctioning Condenser Fan Motor

Furthermore, abnormally loud noise can also be a malfunctioning condenser fan motor. Specifically, it is responsible for drying up water stored in the drain pan after each cycle duration.

Of course, these vital parts of a freezer are crucial to the proper function of the freezer.

Thus, if the humming sound becomes deafening, the motor might be faulty. This could result from overuse if you’ve used the freezer for a long time.

While this may be a factor, it could also be that something is obstructing it, causing the damage.

So, if you notice that your freezer has been making loud noises and you can’t ignore it anymore, get it checked out. It should be as soon as possible.

Since the more you leave it unattended, the more damage is done to the refrigerator.

#3. Blade-Motor Collision

When the evaporator fan blade collides with the motor as it moves, the friction produces a loud sound.

Also, of course, this occurs if the fan no longer aligns adequately so as not to interfere with the motor.

As a result, there will be a sound accompanying each movement.

So, if the fan or motor shifts out of place or its position, it should be replaced or appropriately fixed to get it back to running perfectly again.

However, the most likely solution would be to completely replace a bent blade instead of trying to straighten it. 

Since it hardly ever gets back in shape if it ever bends. Therefore, a new blade should be acquired and replaced in the stead.

Thus, the freezer should work appropriately after replacement without any more troubles.

#4. Ice Build-up Due to the Frozen Evaporator Fan Blade

If there is a problem with the defrost drain system, water will not automatically evaporate.

So, of course, when there is an unusual ice build-up, either due to a clogged drain pan or waterline.

This will lead to ice build-up on the fan blade that could hinder the movement. Hence, this abnormal movement will produce an odd sound.

For a drain pan to become frozen, It could either be because;

#1. Improperly Connected or Torn Waterline 

When the water line that supplies the dispenser and ice maker water inside the freezer is torn or loose, this leads to a leaking freezer since the water will overflow the drain pan and onto the floor.

Since the condenser fan blade is frozen due to the overflowing water, it cannot function properly.

#2. Dirt Builds Up in the Water Line

When the drain hole is not cleaned from time to time, a gradual build-up of dirt will occur. Granted that the freezer is constantly in use, and items are stored often.

However, this is one of the reasons why you should ensure to clean the freezer regularly to avoid potential problems.

If not handled on time and correctly, these things will lead to a croaky evaporator fan. 

Possible Solutions To Fix Frigidaire Freezer Buzzing Noise?

In truth, it might be a scary episode to wake up at night and hear your freezer humming loudly. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your beloved gadget.

When you hear your freezer making a loud noise, you can decide to do any of the following;

#1. Switch Off the Freezer

This is the first step to protecting yourself from electric shock while servicing the freezer. Again, leaving the refrigerator on increases the risk of electrocution.

Afterward, let the freezer defrost/thaw out so you can ascertain the area of damage particularly.

#2. Remove the Panel to Access the Area of Suspected Damage

The panel is located at the back of the freezer. It is a metal plate that protects the rear components of the freezer.

To access the evaporator fan or motor, you have to loosen the panel first. So, with a screwdriver, loosen each nut on the sides of the panel and place them somewhere safe.

This ensures that none of the screws end up missing and the board cannot close correctly.

After removing each screw, carefully set aside the panel so it won’t be damaged or cause injury. The evaporator coil and condenser fan motor should be in your view.

Then, you observe the blade to check if it’s bent or at an odd angle. However, if it isn’t, you move on to check the next culprit.

In the same way, check out the other components. For example, check if the fan is rolling properly or obstructed by something.

If it is, remove whatever it is and try to repeat the same process over again. 

Of course, you have to apply the same method to all the components to ascertain the problem.

However, you can decide to turn on the refrigerator with the open panel to locate the problem quickly.

This way, the noise is closer, and you can visually observe if the blade or motor is malfunctioning.

#3. Note Your Observations and Contact a Professional

While you can confirm the problem, you may not be in the right place to repair the noisy freezer.

However, unless you are a skilled technician yourself, you should not risk causing more damage; contact a licensed technician immediately if that is not the case.

Your refrigerator will be attended to and parts replaced by a trusted expert. Although, if you are entirely clueless about how to get someone to help you repair it, check the manual guide.

This guide tells you all about the product, and also, there should be a helpline contact written down somewhere. 

Of course, there may be some unavoidable cases where you cannot find the guide.

Then, you can simply check the website and contact their customer service or check any gadget repair shops close by.

You should embrace whichever way seems more manageable for you. However, you can decide to work with these methods, precision matters.

For instance, you should not consult a Kenmore repair shop to fix your Frigidaire freezer.

Even though basic principles run all refrigerators, each brand is manufactured differently.

Because each manufacturing company intends to outdo the other to prove a point, it is safer to be reasonable to stick with your preferred brand. 

Indeed, it is not a bad thing if you cannot identify the cause of the refrigerator making a loud noise.

You can decide to contact an expert once you notice unusual sounds, especially if you do not have the luxury of time due to very tight schedules. 

There is no particular order to repair the freezer; just go with whatever you prefer. Besides, the most important thing is to get the job done perfectly.

A thoughtful piece of advice will be that you should maintain your gadget correctly. This is done by routinely checking for underlying problems even before they become accelerated.

This way, you can tackle minor problems, spend less and save more.


The world is already so noisy, don’t let your freezer make it worse. Hence, you should fix a bad compressor as soon as it is noticed, and shouldn’t be left unattended.

Bear in mind that it is entirely normal for your freezer to make buzzing or humming sounds. This means that it’s functional; therefore, it shouldn’t cause concern.

But, if it gets too loud, it is experiencing some kind of malfunction and should be checked immediately.

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