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5 Reasons Funimation App Not Working On Samsung TV!

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Any anime lover is a big fan of the Funimation application and knows how frustrating it gets when your Funimation application fails to load up or gives off error messages.

Many factors will make the Funimation application not work on your television. And be that as it may, the causes are normally equivalent regardless of the brand.

The Funimation app is not working on Samsung television because of issues with the app server, your Internet connectivity, or when your app or television is outdated. Also, when you have corrupted app data or a filled-up app and cache data.

Why Is Funimation Application Not Working On My Samsung?

Funimation Application Not Working On Samsung Television

The Funimation application allows you to watch the broadest assortment of English-dubbed anime and other captioned Japanese shows on your appliances.

Yet, some factors will cause your Funimation application not to work on your Samsung television. Most of which are easily resolvable. 

#1. The Funimation Server Is Down

There are moments when the Funimation server will be down due to technical problems. Or the inability of the server to handle the number of users at the moment. 

Funimation has millions of people streaming their favorite animes every second. As such, the application can stop working. As a result of the failure to handle the number of connections at a certain time.

#2. No Internet Connection 

When not connected to the Internet. The Funimation application will not work on your Samsung television. 

While it is easy to detect the availability of internet networks on other devices like your mobile phone, you won’t always be aware when your television has disconnected from the Internet. 

Also, your router could be out of service, or the connectivity could be poor. The Funimation application requires a good network to function properly.

#3. The Funimation Application Is Out Of Date

An outdated Funimation application won’t work even when every other element on your Samsung television is in place. 

New elements are constantly added to applications to enhance perp performance, and one needs to update their Funimation application regularly.

To continue enjoying the services they offer. An application that is out of date will fail to load up contents. 

#4. Corrupted Application Data

When corrupted data is on your Funimation application, the application will fail to function. 

Generally, an enormous amount of cache or overfilled data will cause your Funimation application to malfunction. 

#5. Television Is Out Of Date

The Funimation application must be compatible with your Samsung television for it to work. The application will not work on an older version of Samsung television. 

A device needs certain features that enable the Funimation application to function properly. Unfortunately, older versions of Samsung televisions lack such features. 

Only Samsung televisions from 2015 and above are compatible with the Funimation application. 

How Do I Get Funimation to Work on My Samsung Television?

Having to deal with your Funimation application can be annoying, but there are a few steps you can take to get Funimation to work ok your Samsung television.

#1. Power Cycle

The first thing to consider when the Funimation application is not working on your Samsung television is to power cycle your device. 

Please turn off your television and allow it for some time before you power it back the television. If the problem is with your television, this will fix the issue.

#2. Clear Cache 

It is important to clear the Funimation application’s cache regularly to keep it functioning properly. 

When caches build up, they interrupt the smooth running of applications, and hence that will cause the application not to work on your Samsung television.

#3. Update Television and Funimation Applications

An out-of-date television or Funimation application will cause the application not to work on your device. 

When Funimation is not working on your Samsung television, it is important to check and confirm that both your television and the application are not out of date. After confirming, ensure to run an update when necessary.

#4. Uninstall Funimation Application

When Funimation is not working on your Samsung television, you can uninstall the application and then reinstall the application again. 

When you reinstall the Funimation application, you will be sure it is the latest edition of the application. If the problem is with the application, this step will easily fix the issue. 

#5. Use an External Device 

Another step to consider when fixing Funimation application issues is to use an external device. 

Attach an external gadget with an HMDI port to your Samsung television. The external gadget will run the streaming and transmit the video feed to your Samsung television. 

#6. Check Internet connectivity

Your Samsung television needs a strong internet connection for the Funimation application to work. Therefore, a poor network will cause your device not to function. 

You can also restart your router to ensure no problem with your internet connection.

#7. Reset Your Television

An easy way to fix the Funimation application problem is to reset your Samsung television. 

A reset will clear out every data on your television. Therefore, you should only reset the television when you must have tried every other step. 

Why Is Funimation Marathon Mode Not Working on Samsung Television?

One of the primary reasons why Funimation marathon mode is not working on your Samsung television is the failure to turn on the marathon mode in the settings.

The next episode of a movie automatically starts to play once you turn on the marathon mode. 

Therefore, you should always permit the marathon mode in the video player settings before seeing an episode of the movie.

If you are still encountering the problem even when you have turned the marathon mode on, it must be an issue with a bug.

And to fix the bug, it is recommended that you contact the Funimation application support center. 

The Funimation application is excellent for streaming various anime, and like every other application, it has pros and cons.

The table below contains some pros and cons of the Funimation application.

Pros Cons 
They offer offline downloadsThere are no original shows 
They have varying prices, including a free version with ads.They have no manga readers.
They have hundreds of dubbed movies.Focusing only on dubs confines the overall library.
They have a stylish interface.Users always complain of constant glitches.

How Do I Fix Applications On My Samsung Smart Television?

Samsung smart televisions enable you to install some of your favorite applications so that you get to watch your special shows and other television programs without stress.

Your device may encounter a few situations that will cause certain applications to stop working. However, you can take a few steps to fix the problems.

Most of the time, the problems result from negligence in proper appliance maintenance, leading to outdated applications without you noticing.

Below are the steps to fix applications on your Samsung smart television.

#1. Run a Cold Reboot 

One of the most important ways to deal with software issues is to run a cold reboot

Depending on what is wrong with your Samsung television, a cold reboot gives your appliance a fresh start, thereby fixing the problem. 

A cold boot could be done using your remote control or unplugging your device from the power source.

#2. Run an Application Update

An application will fail to load on your Samsung smart television if the application is out of date.

You must update the application and rerun it in such a situation. It is best always to check out the status of your Samsung smart television applications.

#3. Reset Samsung Hub

Another step to consider is resetting your Samsung hub. While resetting your Samsung hub will remove all your installed applications, you are sure you will be able to install them back.

#4. Reinstall the Application

In most cases, all you need to do to fix application issues on your Samsung smart television is to uninstall the application and then reinstall the application on your device again. 

You do away with the old data, and your application resumes as a new one.

How Do You Restart an Application On a Samsung Television?

Most situations will arise and require you to restart an application on your Samsung television. Regardless of the type of glitch, any malfunctioning of an application is annoying. 

Restarting an application on a Samsung television is quite straightforward. All you need to do is to reboot your television.

You can reboot your Samsung television by pressing the power button on your television’s remote control until the television turns off.

Another way is to unplug the Samsung television and plug same back after a few seconds. This way, you will be able to restart the applications.

Sometimes, a simple television rebooting will not be enough to restart an application. You will need to uninstall and reinstall the application for such a situation.

Running a smart hub reset is another option if all these methods fail. It is important to call an expert if you are not knowledgeable enough.

Final Thoughts 

Many situations will prompt the Funimation application not to work on your Samsung television. 

Such as a Samsung television that is outdated, has corrupt application data, poor internet connection, and when the Funimation server is down.

The good news is that you can follow simple steps to fix the problems. And do not hesitate to call on a professional when you can’t find the solution.

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