GE Profile Refrigerator Displays 0000 Error? (What’s This)

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We use refrigerators daily to keep our food fresh and our drinks cool. Unfortunately, this frequent use may cause the refrigerator to malfunction.

As a result, it may develop one or more problems, and then we will need to fix them.

So, when these refrigerators develop specific faults, they find a way to indicate the particular issues troubling them.

In the same way, your GE refrigerator can keep on flashing four zeroes on display; when this occurs, what does your refrigerator mean to pass across?

When your GE Profile refrigerator displays 0000, this is an indication that the motherboard or main control board is defective and may need subsequent replacement. You can try fixing it by resetting the refrigerator, adjusting the temperature, or replacing the motherboard or control board entirely.

Why is My GE Profile Refrigerator Flashing 0000?

Flashing zeros indicate that the control is in test mode, but if you don’t hold it in. The flashing zeros become solid zeros if you hold them in.

Attempt to reset the refrigerator control panel by disconnecting the refrigerator for more than five minutes. This should clear all error codes.

Hold the energy saver button and alarm light button for ten seconds to reset your GE refrigerator.

Also, the motherboard or the control board might be defective. I’d start by inspecting the main control board for any obvious evidence of damage.

On the GE profile refrigerator, your refrigerator’s motherboard hides beneath a cover on the back of the cabinet.

Replace the mainboard and expect it to fix flashing problems, but if it doesn’t, you may have an issue with the cooling system.

This causes the lights to flash because it’s warming up inside, possibly from staying in defrost too long or the compressor starting to go out.

What Does it Mean if My GE Profile Refrigerator Displays 0000?

It is possibly a communication problem between the main control board and the electronic display board. It is pretty common and easy to replace.

The control panel displays a flashing 0000 error, a fault, or function code when you identify a failure.

A beep may accompany this.

To clear an error code on a GE refrigerator, simply push the system check button. If the code is returned, your refrigerator has a faulty component or another issue.

How to Fix GE Profile Refrigerator Flashing 0000?

One of these methods will help solve the problem of why your refrigerator is flashing 0000.

But first, you can use the refrigerator’s self-diagnostics to see whether it can detect a faulty component by following the methods below:

All GE refrigerators have a dual temperature display and an electronic control board.

It also controls door alarm, Turbo Cool, water filter alert, and other features and adjust temperatures for the freezer and fresh food sections.

More crucially, you may utilize this LED display to access the internal diagnostics mode of the refrigerator, which is used by GE personnel.

Please keep in mind that this control diagnostic function does not identify any faults with your refrigerator.

Instead, you can notice this through symptoms like the refrigerator being warm.

So, how does this help? First, the diagnostic module will test and display the component status rather than forcing you to test each component.

To perform a self-diagnosis on your refrigerator, push the diagnosis button on the refrigerator. The position depends on the model of your GE refrigerator.

#1. Resetting the Refrigerator

This might be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time, so I’ve put together a guide on how to reset your refrigerator and clear every error fault function :

#2. Remove the Refrigerator’s Plug

Wait 30 seconds after disconnecting the GE Profile from the AC outlet before plugging it back in.

#3. Replace the Blown Fuse

Check and reset the circuit breaker if your refrigerator did not reset after unplugging and reconnecting it.

You can also reset the fridge by replacing the main control board or household fuse.

Restart your refrigerator completely. You can use a self-diagnostic option on the GE Profile to perform a complete system reset.

First, press the temperature button on the control panel to enter the self-diagnostic mode. Then, set the freezer and refrigerator to level ‘5’ once both temperature indicators are lit up.

Then, for 3 seconds, press the temperature setting buttons with your fingers. You’ll see the number 0 flash in the electronic display after that.

#4. Replacing the Motherboard

The motherboard, also known as the mainboard, is in charge of everything; thus, you could trace anything wrong with a GE electronic refrigerator back to it.

If you ever find your GE Profile refrigerator flashing 0000, this may also be due to a faulty display board or temperature sensor; in this case, the only fix is to replace it with a new motherboard.

#5. Adjusting the Temperature

The temperature controls in the refrigerator compartment are set to 37 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer compartment to 0 degrees Fahrenheit at the factory.

If you find out that the temperature of your refrigerator is not in the above setting, you should adjust it.

First, however, allow for a 24- hours cooling period when the temperature has stabilized.

Here are the suggested settings:

Temperatures in the refrigerator can be set according to these Fahrenheit: On the other hand, the freezer temperatures may be placed between 33 degrees Fahrenheit and 46 degrees Fahrenheit, while you can adjust the refrigerator temperatures between 30degF and 42degF.

#6. Using a Surge Protector

To protect your refrigerator, always put a surge protector on your refrigerator.

When it senses exceptionally high voltage fluctuations, a power surge protector turns off the power to your refrigerator. This protects your refrigerator from the effects of a power spike.


It’s our utmost desire to get value for money on all our purchases. Therefore, durability is crucial when shopping for home appliances like the GE profile refrigerator.

However, technology is not perfect and so when your refrigerator is malfunctioning or displaying error codes, do not panic.

Often, these errors are not severe faults and can be easily fixed with a switch or by pressing a button.

However, when all these do-it-yourself techniques fail, one last resort is to consult a professional technician.

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