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Different refrigerator brands have their own defrost drain. Therefore, the location of the Haier refrigerator defrosts drain differs from another. 

However, its presence in all refrigerators shows its importance. Not knowing where the defrost drain is in your refrigerator isn’t good.

This is because, apart from affecting the quality of the food stored, it can also affect the condition of your refrigerator. 

Well, in this article, I’ll let you know the location of your Haier refrigerator defrost drain.

The Haier refrigerator defrosts drain is in the center of the back wall of the freezer section. You can find it where the freezer floor slopes up to the back. However, you should know that some Haier models have a defrost button depending on the model you have, which makes defrosting easier.

Where Is the Defrost Drain on My Haier Refrigerator?

Haier Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location

The location of your Haier refrigerator’s defrost drain depends on your refrigerator’s model and if you are using an automatic or manual defrost for your refrigerator.

You can find a Haier refrigerator drain in the freezer’s back wall for the model that needs manual defrosting. 

In your freezer compartment, look for a small box or filter. If you find a square plastic filter with holes, that is your defrost drain. 

If you don’t find yours in the back compartment, the best way to find your refrigerator’s defrost drain is by reading your manual. There will be a diagram on each model that you can use as a guide. 

How Do You Defrost a Haier Refrigerator?

You defrost when the freezer ice is 1/4 thick. When defrosting, do not use metal tools to clear the freezer of ice or frost.

To defrost a Haier refrigerator, follow the steps below. 

  • Before defrosting your refrigerator, disconnect the power cord and remove any food items to avoid electrical hazards.
  • Using a spatula, remove the ice from your refrigerator and insert a tray beneath the exterior drain plug.
  • Unscrew and take out the drain plug, allowing the water in the tray to flow out. Keep an eye on the container under the drain to prevent overflow.
  • Leave the doors to the refrigerator open for a few hours, going the whole night and allowing the refrigerator to defrost.
  • Next, after defrosting and removing water, wipe all surfaces dry with a soft, dry cloth to get rid of any water.
  • Plug in your Haier refrigerator and set the temperature to your desired setting.
  • Put all the food and items back in the refrigerator.

Defrosting your refrigerator isn’t so stressful, and you can finish it in about 10 minutes. However, if you cannot do it yourself, it’s best to call a professional to help you.

How Do I Unblock My Haier Fridge Drain?

To unblock the drain in your Haier fridge, follow the steps below and get your refrigerator drain working well.

  • First, wipe the excess water accumulated in the bottom of your refrigerator and any drawers or boxes.
  • After you’ve wiped off the water and the drain hole is dry, clear the dirt causing the block using a metal wire, cotton bud, or pipe cleaner.
  • Finally, use your cotton bud or pipe cleaner to clean the drain hole but ensure it doesn’t fall in and also block the drain. The blockage should be gone now.

If, after following the steps above and you’re still unable to clear the blockage, you have to understand what is blocking the drain; then, you can go about unblocking it.

It might not just be a clog causing the blockage you need to clean but also that you have to replace some parts in your refrigerator, so understanding the problem is important.

The drain doesn’t function as a regular hole because it drains water from the fridge’s freezer compartment. 

So here are some likely causes for the block in your drain and their solutions:

#1. Ice in the Drain

If there’s ice in the drain,  the temperature may be too low, causing a temperature difference with the outside environment. Also, that can freeze and obstruct your Haier fridge’s water vapor.

In a situation where ice is in the drain, it causes a barrier, and the water won’t flow, which causes a block in the drain.

To unblock the drain, defrost the refrigerator to remove the ice clog and increase the temperature of your refrigerator.

#2. A Block in the Drain

Other things apart from ice can cause a block in the drain of your refrigerator. If you notice that it isn’t ice blocking your refrigerator, then the block falls into this category.

To remove the block in the drain, remove the clog blocking it. For example, you can put a thin iron wire inside the drain pipe of your Haier refrigerator to remove the clog in it. 

#3. A Malfunctioning Thermostat

If your thermostat is broken, it won’t be able to keep your fridge at the right temperature, which could cause it to get too cold.

If this happens, ice could form in the drain, which could cause water to back up into your fridge, resulting in a block in the drain.

To unblock the drain, adjusting the refrigerator’s thermostat may help. However, if the appliance is still very chilly, the thermostat may be faulty and must be replaced.

#4. A Clogged Drip Pan

Waste can build up at the end of the drain tube connecting to the drip pan, clogging the drain.

It would be best to clean the drip pan and tube to resolve this problem. If they’re broken, you’ll have to get new ones.

#5. A Damaged Non-return Valve

If the rubber flap between the compressor and the refrigerator body is dirty, it can cause a block in the drain due to the dirt in it.

To unblock the drain in a non-return valve, if it’s dirty, clean it. But if the valve is damaged, you need to get a replacement.

#6. A Blocked Drain Gutter

Dirt in the gutter at the end of your refrigerator can also cause a drain blockage.

To unblock the drain from the accumulated dirt, use warm water to clean the drain and also a metal wire to remove whatever dirt is there.

#7. A Faulty Gutter Heating Element

Automatic defrost refrigerators are outfitted with a unique heating element that keeps the gutter from freezing. 

If this heater doesn’t work or is faulty, the water used to defrost the evaporator could leak into the freezer.

It would be best if you got a new gutter heating element to remove the blockage caused in the drain by the faulty gutter heating element.

#8. A Faulty Circuit Board

If there is a problem with the circuit board, your refrigerator may get very cold, and the gutter may freeze up. The water then spills over and runs down under the fridge drawers.

When a fridge has automatic frosting technology, the circuit boards no longer tell the appliance how to defrost.

Therefore, it is nearly impossible that the board is the problem with these kinds of fridges.

In the rare case that this happens and causes a blockage in the drain, get a new circuit card to unblock it.

Why Is My Haier Fridge Leaking?

In the table below, I’ll explain why your Haier fridge leaks and how you can fix this problem.

ReasonsHow to Fix it
Defrost drain problemClear the drain of any clogs in it.
Broken drain pan.Replace the damaged drain pan.
Damaged water filter.Remove and check the filter’s head. If the seal isn’t intact, replace the filter.
Damaged water filter housing.You need to replace it.
Worn-out door seal.Replace the door seal if worn out.
Cracked water inlet valve.Replace it to stop the leak.

Where Is Drain Hole in Haier Refrigerator?

Most times, the drain hole of a Haier refrigerator is at the bottom of your fridge. However, depending on your refrigerator’s model, the drain hole is located in different places.

If you cannot locate your refrigerator’s drain hole at the bottom of the fridge, refer to your owner’s manual. 

You can use manuals available online to find them; you can also download them. If you don’t have an owner’s manual, contact Haier customer service for further assistance. 


In summary, the drain hole of your Haier refrigerator is in the bottom part of your refrigerator. Knowing this will help in the maintenance of your fridge.

You can go ahead and do some repairs on your refrigerator without spending money on a technician or be without a fridge while waiting for it to be fixed over a minor issue.

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