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HBO Max Not Working On Xfinity: 5 Causes & Fixes!

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Getting Xfinity with all the shows you have access to sounds like a very good idea, and you go ahead and get it.

After getting it, as a great lover of HBO, you decide to stream it but discover that it isn’t working on your Xfinity and get alarmed.

Don’t worry; it’s not something you need to spend extra on to fix. I’ll explain in this article why HBO Max isn’t working on Xfinity.

There are several reasons HBO Max isn’t working on Xfinity. It can be because of a bad network, parental control, outdated TV software, or bad data stored in the HBO Max app. Whatever the reason is, it’s a minor issue, and you can fix it and get back to watching your shows.

Why Isn’t My HBO Max Working on Xfinity?

HBO Max Not Working on Xfinity

Your HBO Max not working on Xfinity is a result of several factors, which I’ll explain in this article, and how to fix those issues.

Here are some reasons why your HBO Max isn’t working on Xfinity;

  • Poor internet connection
  • Your TV software is outdated 
  • The data stored in the HBO Max app is bad.
  • Parental control.
  • HBO service availability.

#1. Poor Internet Connection

If your internet connection is weak, HBO Max cannot load on Xfinity; hence it won’t work. HBO requires a stable internet connection, so a poor one won’t do.

Even if it does work, and the network is bad. It will load slowly and crash often. It would help if you had a download speed of 5 Mbps to stream HD.

#2. Your TV Software is Outdated

If your TV software isn’t up-to-date, HBOMax won’t work because HBO pushes updates just like other apps, so your Xfinity device’s old software won’t be able to play the new updates.

#3. The Data Stored in the HBO Max App is Bad

If the stored data is bad, it won’t work on Xfinity. However, HBO requires stored static data to load on Xfinity, but once the data gets damaged or outdated, then it won’t work.

#4. Parental Control

Sometimes, we lock ourselves out of the system by mistake. For example, you are using parental control to protect your children’s viewing and mistakenly lock yourself out.

Even if you do not set parental control on your account, it might sometimes turn on due to a system error. So check if it’s on if HBO Max isn’t showing on your Xfinity.

#5. HBO Service Availability

Your HBO Max is not working on Xfinity might be because the service’s availability and your subscription to HBO Max have not been unlocked yet.

You may also run into this problem if there is an issue with your HBO Max connection in your area. For example, your HBO Max app may crash or stop working if the server goes down.

It can also be that service maintenance is being done on HBO, so when you try streaming it on Xfinity, it won’t show at that moment.

How Do You Fix HBO Max Issues Not Working on Xfinity?

Fixing your HBO Max so you can stream your favorite shows on Xfinity won’t take much time as long as you follow the instructions in this article.

Here are a few things you can do to correct the issue;

  • Reboot your internet.
  • Restart your device and log in to HBO.
  • Clear the cache 
  • Reinstall the HBO Max app.
  • Reset parental control.

#1. Reboot Your Internet

If you can’t stream HBO Max due to poor internet connection, you need to reboot your internet by removing your wifi/router from the outlet for a few minutes before reconnecting it.

After rebooting your internet, initiate the HBO Max app to check if it’s now working on your Xfinity device.

#2. Restart your Device and Log in to HBO

If, after rebooting, your internet still doesn’t work, so you have to restart your Xfinity device. Before restarting, you have to log out of your HBO Max account.

After logging out of your account, you can restart your Xfinity device. Restarting it clears your Xfinity device’s memory and closes all open apps, including the HBO Max app.

Restart your device by turning it off and unplugging it from power for 30 seconds before turning it on. Then, sign in to your HBO Max account.

#3. Clear the Cache

Clearing the cache of your Xfinity erases all the stored data and resets the device. Unfortunately, when you have too much-stored data, your device lags, and your HBO Max app might not work.

Clearing your cache will also erase the damaged data that isn’t allowing your HBO Max to work on your Xfinity device.

You can clear your cache from the Xfinity homepage >> Settings icon >> Privacy >> Clear cookies & local storage data.

When clearing your cache, it is important to remember your login details, as it will sign you out of all your logged-in apps.

#4. Reinstall the HBO Max App

If, after using all the previous fix methods, your HBO app still isn’t working, you need to delete it and reinstall it again. After reinstalling the app, sign in to see if it works now.

#5. Reset Parental Control

If it’s the parental control that’s the cause of your HBO Max app not working, you can fix it by following the steps below.

Xfinity homepage >> Settings Icon >> Device Settings >> Parental Control (Enter your pin) >> Reset Parental Control >> Confirm.

If, after doing all these, you still can’t get your HBO Max to work, then you should contact the HBO helpdesk.

Why Does HBO Max Keep Buffering on Xfinity?

There are several reasons why your HBO Max app keeps buffering on Xfinity.

I’ll share those reasons with you in the table below.

Reasons Description
Unstable internet connection.If your internet isn’t stable, your HBO Max will buffer and be slow in loading.
HBO Max server difficulties.If they are experiencing technical issues or the server is down, your video will buffer.
Corrupted data.If your cached memory is full or corrupted, it can result in buffering.
Use of VPNThe use of a VPN when connecting can sometimes result in buffering.
HBO sign-in on several devices.When more than three people use the same account simultaneously, it buffers.
Outdated device and app.HBO Max won’t load on Xfinity and buffers if your device or app isn’t updated.

The good news is that you can fix the buffering issue with your HBO Max. You only have to do these;

  • Ensure you are logged out of all other devices or get the people sharing the account to pause to provide your device with more bandwidth to do what you want. 
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection. You can even ensure you are close to your wifi/router while streaming the video.
  • Always update your app and device regularly so you can get the latest fix with the update and not experience any buffering while watching a video.

How Do I restart HBO Max on Xfinity?

To restart your HBO Max app on Xfinity, you must sign out of your account before logging in again.

To sign out of your HBO Max account:

  • First, go to the main page and click on the left arrow.
  • Menu bar
  • Click on settings.
  • Move right to sign out.
  • Choose the sign-out option and click OK.

After signing out of your account, then restart your Xfinity device. Follow this process to sign in to your account.

  • Put Off your Xfinity device.
  • Disconnect your device from its power source and wait for 30 seconds.
  • Power on your Xfinity device.
  • Restart your HBO Max app
  • On your Xfinity remote, press the left arrow button.
  • Sign in to your account.

Why is HBO Max Not Loading on My TV?

HBO Max not loading on your TV might be because of a few things:

  • Outdated TV software.
  • The HBO Max app is not downloading.
  • Poor internet connection

#1. Outdated TV Software

If your TV software is outdated, HBO Max won’t be able to load. That’s because it’s outdated and can’t keep up with the current update of HBO Max.

According to HBO’s website, you must have the latest TV software to use your HBO Max and for it to work.

Therefore, you need to check if any software update is available, so you can update yours and not have issues when trying to access your HBO Max with your TV.

#2. The HBO Max App Is Not Downloading

If you cannot download the app or if you can download it and not install it, the app wouldn’t work on your TV.

#3. Poor Internet Connection

If your internet connection is poor, the HBO Max app won’t load on your TV. You must have a stable internet connection before you can stream if you do not want your video to buffer.

If your internet is extremely poor, it won’t even load, not to mention buffering.

#4. Technical Issues

If HBO Max is experiencing a technical issue, say their server is down or they’re doing maintenance, then you might not be able to load it on your TV at that moment.

In this case, you can wait to try it another time, and it will work without any stress from your end.

How Do I Restart HBO Max App?

You can restart your HBO Max app by doing this:

  • First, you have to exit the HBO Max app.
  • Wait for one minute.
  • Relaunch the app.

However, restarting your HBO Max app depends on your device. If you are using a smart TV, restart it, wait 20 seconds to turn it on, and relaunch the app.

Another way you can restart your HBO Max app is to uninstall the app and reinstall it again. Then launch it.


In summary, your HBO Max not working on Xfinity can be because of something you can resolve yourself or a technical issue.

Whatever the cause is, you can fix it yourself without stress and get back to enjoying your shows if you follow the instructions in this article. However, if it still doesn’t work, contact their customer care for help.

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