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Hisense TV Red Light Blinks 2 Times (Easy Fixes & More)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:24 pm

When looking for affordable, quality TVs, and your budget isn’t that huge, Hisense is one the best TV you can pick.

It saves the cost of maintenance peculiar to other TVs and some spare change for getting more expensive Television sets. But what is wrong when a Hisense TV starts blinking red lights? 

A Hisense TV blinks red light when there are minor issues with the set, like faulty, LED back arrays. Also, more significant problems associated with the TV’s power board cause this effect. When this occurs, the TV refuses to turn on and needs you would have to provide technical attention. 

What Does It Mean When The Red Light Blinks On a Hisense TV?

Hisense TV Red Light Blinks 2 Times

When the red light on your Hisense tv blinks, it detects a problem which can either be minor or technical problems with the TV. You must ensure you saw the light blinking before taking any measures.

However, some reasons your Hisense tv might be blinking are listed below. 

#1. Stuck on Standby 

After using your TV for a while, you discover the TV might be stuck on standby. Though this randomly happens, it sometimes doesn’t respond to functional buttons or the TV’s remote control system.

For example, the red light on the Power button will blink when the TV is stuck on standby. 

#2. Issues With The Power Board 

The Powerboard failure is a very severe problem in the TV. It can result from damaged batteries, bad capacitors, burnt fuse, or other components of the power board.

If any of these happens, the power board will cease working, and the TV will blink red. 

#3. LED Back Array Issue 

Sometimes you might notice your TV blinking red light on the power button continuously and doesn’t want to stop.

And it does this all the time even when the TV is in use, then the panel of your led may be having some issues that need attention and maintenance services.

Sometimes the issues might be little that we can take care of, but at other times, they become complicated, so we need to call a technician to check it out.

These causes are the most common causes of Hisense tv blinking red light; however, before trying to fix it, you should ensure you get the problem right to avoid further damage to the TV. 

Why Won’t My Hisense Roku TV Turn On, But The Red Light Is On? 

The Hisense Roku TV always turns on when the red light blinks, but what if it doesn’t turn on? Then we know we have a problem at hand we need to fix. Fixing this problem will depend on the problem the TV has. 

The first issue we will be looking at is the low power supply. When your TV receives a lesser power supply than the regular supply, it might not turn on, but the red light blinks.

It happens because the power supply is too small for the normal functioning of the TV, and if the power supply adds, the TV will work fine. 

It will only work if the problem with the TV is a low Power supply. Any issues other than this might need technical attention to ensure the TV works perfectly fine. 

You might be having hardware issues or issues on the panel. Issues on the panel can also fail the To turn on, but the red light is blinking. You have to consult a technician to service your TV. 

Suppose you notice this at the early stage of being used. Check for the warranty period and kindly draw the producer’s attention to this issue so the producer can fix your TV.

Although similar problems arise, the TV doesn’t blink light or turn on. Several reasons can also cause this. 

No Power Supply: Always check if your power supply is intact; if this is your problem, you have to get a working power supply and enjoy your Hisense tv 

Broken Wires: Your wires might be wrong or broken; sometimes, it makes your TV not turn on. All you need to do is get a new and good wire so your TV can turn on properly. 

Hardware Issues: You might have a problem with your TV’s hardware that you must fix as soon as possible. 

Bad Remote Battery: When the remote battery is terrible, it won’t be able to control the operations of the television anymore and needs a new remote battery. 

How To Fix Hisense TV That Won’t Turn On But Blinking Red Light?

Fixing your TV not turning on is very important, but you can only do this if the problem is known.

Otherwise, you might even damage apart trying to fix the wrong part. Like the problems, you should fix the TV without causing more damage to the television. 

#1. Unplug and Reconnect TV Stuck on Standby 

If your television is stuck on standby, you can fix the issues yourself without the help of a technician.

To fix this, you have to unplug your tv for about 10 to 15 minutes, then press the power button for about a minute. It should work.

We call this process resetting; your TV is to work perfectly fine after you reset the TV.

However, if it doesn’t work, we have a bigger problem than we thought and need to be checked out by a technician. 

#2. Check The Hardware or Power Board 

A technician must fix a hardware or power board failure, but if you feel you can do it, give it a try. Although doing it yourself is not advisable.

You are to open the back of the TV and get the power board, search for any burnt or damaged item on the power board, and replace it. But if the board is damaged, you must fix a new one. 

#3. Replace The Led Light Array 

Like the power board, you can also replace the led light array. You must get a new light array and replace it with the damaged or spoilt light array. If this is the problem, your TV will work. 

#4. Find Compatible Remote Control

The TV will fail to turn on when using the wrong remote control system, especially when there is more than one Hisense in the house. All you have to do is get the original remote and use it.

#5. Reset your TV

Unplug the TV for about 10 to 15 minutes, press the Power button for a minute, then plug your TV back, and it will work fine. 

#6. Fix All Incorrect Connections

You should also check and ensure all the connections are proper; if there is an issue with the connection, it could alter the functioning of the television.

So you have to monitor it for possible wrong connections anywhere. 

#7. Check For Broken or damaged wire

If you find any damaged or broken wire, you must get a new, good, working wire and replace the broken ones.

However, even if it doesn’t alter the functioning, it might serve as a danger zone for kids and adults. 

Hisense Blinking Codes 

When your Hisense tv blinks lights, sometimes it might be working, but sometimes it’s trying to tell you that there is an issue with the television.

Some of the blinking codes are listed below :

Light Color Number Of Blinks Problem Associated 
RedTwoTV hardware (circuit) 
RedThreeInternal circuit board
RedSixBacklight, motherboard, inverter board, power board 
RedTwo short blinks pause and repeat Connection loss 
Blue SixCorrupt motherboard 
RedSlow blinks TV is doing something 
BlueBlinks often Corrupt video source, damaged power supply board, inadequate power supply 


Whenever you notice your Hisense tv blinking red lights, do not panic. The solutions might be simple and just very easy.

When you notice red light blinks, you, first of all, try to find the problem with the television before going ahead to take any measures. If the problem is severe, call a technician.

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