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Having the right portable freezer can keep you from getting groceries in small quantities. These regular trips to the store can leave a massive dent in your wallet if you purchase an inadequate freezer.

The size of a freezer is an important feature to consider when buying a new fridge. 

However, if you plan to purchase a seven cubic feet freezer, you can find out how to determine its capacity in this article. 

A seven cubic feet freezer is a moderate-sized freezer capable of carrying about 111 kilograms of food. Generally, a cubic-foot freezer holds about 35 pounds of food. Therefore a seven cubic foot freezer can carry 245 pounds of food. A seven cubic foot freezer can also carry the quarter size of a cow’s beef.  

How Large Is a 7 Cubic Feet Freezer?

How Big Is a 7 Cubic Feet Freezer 

A seven cubic feet freezer is large enough to carry about 245 pounds of food. The amount of food a freezer can carry often depends on the freezer’s model, size, type, and settings.

However, the rule of thumb to ascertain the capacity of a freezer is the cubic feet.

As a rule of thumb, a cubic feet freezer can carry about 35 pounds of meat. Therefore, a freezer with a size of seven cubic feet is capable of holding 245 to 280 pounds of beef.

A freezer’s size depends on the freezer’s height, width, and depth. In terms of height, a freezer with seven cubic feet capacity has a height of 32 to 33 inches.

In industry terms, it is a long chest freezer. The width of the freezer will measure between 37 to 39 inches.

The depth of the fridge, however, is also an essential factor as it measures the deepness of the freezer. A freezer of seven cubic feet is about 21 to 22 inches deep.       

What are the Dimensions of a 7 Cubic Foot Freezer?

The dimensions of a freezer of seven cubic feet include its height, about 32 to 33 inches, and its width, measuring about 37 to 39 inches. It also includes its depth which measures about 21 to 22 inches. 

The dimension of a freezer generally varies with different factors like the manufacturer, model, and type.

However, these dimensions are mostly for chest freezer types. You can also get a dimension range of the upright freezer type though it might offer from that of the chest freezer.

In contrast, an upright seven cubic feet freezer has a dimension of 34 inches in height, 36 inches in width, and 25 inches in depth.

After calculating the estimate of your freezer’s dimension, consider the amount of space the fridge will need on each side for free air circulation.

Freezer Types, Capacities, and Dimensions

How Do You Measure the Cubic Feet of a Freezer?

To measure the cubic feet of your freezer, open the freezer door. Then, from the outer freezer part, measure the freezer dimension (in feet) from the front to the back of the fridge.

Do not include the door in the measurement. Instead, measure the freezer’s width, depth, and height and multiply all three units to get the cubic feet.

It is necessary to take the correct measurement of your freezer to determine how much load it can carry.

Overloading your fridge can reduce its efficiency and cause food spoilage. In addition, due to a large number of food products in your fridge, the air will not circulate freely and thoroughly. 

However, an empty fridge, on the other hand, can render the freezer ineffective. It also consumes more power, which can be a waste of energy.

Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the cubic feet of the fridge correctly if you want to make a purchase.

To measure your freezer cubic feet, you will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Paper for taking notes.

#1. Step 1: Clean the Freezer

If you have placed food inside the freezer, take it out and transfer it to another location or freezer.

After emptying the freezer, the next step is to clean the interior of the freezer. Emptying and cleaning the freezer ensures that you take the proper measurement.

#2. Step 2: Open the Door and Start the Measurement

After emptying your fridge, you can start taking the measurements for each unit. First, measure the fridge depth starting from the front of the freezer opening to the back of the fridge.

Ensure you measure the fridge in feet rather than in inches. After measuring the depth, note down the unit digit on the note paper. 

#3. Step 3: Measure the Height and Width

While your refrigerator is still open, measure the width and height of your freezer. Note down the measurement on the note paper.

Then, multiply the width, depth, and height you noted to give you the exterior freezer cubic foot measurement and write the result on the note.

#4. Step 4: Repeat the Measurement for the Freezer Interior

Measure the width, depth, and height of the inner part of the freezer and note each measurement down. Then, multiply all three units to get the interior cubic foot measurement. 

#5. Step 5: Calculate the Total Cubic Foot Size

Add the freezer interior cubic foot measurement to the freezer’s exterior cubic foot measurement. This calculation will give you an approximately total cubic foot size for the freezer.

Before purchasing a freezer, ensure you have enough space for the freezer by measuring your space and the freezer. When measuring the freezer depth, ensure the freezer door is open.

The open door will enable you to take an accurate measurement that will correspond with the space you measured. Also, include extra inches for proper ventilation.

Will a 7 Cubic Foot Freezer Hold Half a Cow?

A seven cubic feet freezer will not hold half a cow because its weight is almost eighty percent the weight and capacity of the freezer.

However, an eight cubic feet freezer can carry half a cow’s beef without causing any damage to the refrigerator. 

Unlike the right cubic feet freezer, a seven cubic feet freezer can carry a quarter of a cow’s beef.

Therefore if you need a freezer that can hold half a cow, you may need to purchase a seven cubic feet freezer.

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Generally, a freezer size of one cubic foot can carry about 35 to 40 pounds of beef. It can also store an extra portion of food if you manage the refrigerator space.

This one cubic rule of thumb implies that a refrigerator of seven cubic feet can carry about 245 to 280 pounds of beef or a food equivalent.

You will have an idea of the size of freezer you require after estimating the beef you will get from a quarter, half, or whole cow.

A cubic-foot freezer can hold a 35-pound cut of beef comfortably. In addition, the amount of meat you will harvest from a quarter of beef is about 100 pounds.

If you remove the bones and fats from the beef and grind some of it, you will have a meat cut of 80 to 90 pounds. 

The most miniature freezer size that can carry this size of beef is a four cubic feet freezer.

On the other hand, a half cow beef cut can fit into an 8-cubic feet freezer. A whole cow will fit into a 16 cubic feet freezer.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Freezer?

Apart from the size of the fridge, there are several other factors to consider before purchasing a freezer. Though your budget is essential, you must consider your basic needs and household size.

Some of these factors include:

#1. Household Necessities

Whether you like purchasing food in bulk from the grocery store or just storing frozen foods in your freezer, your lifestyle determines the size of the fridge you need.

Consider your household size and the amount of food you want to consume before buying a freezer for your home.

#2. Freezer Type

There are two popular freezers on the market: the chest and the upright freezer. Chest freezers have doors at the top of the freezer.

They can also carry more significant quantities of food than the upright freezer though they occupy more floor space.

On the other hand, upright freezers do not have as much capacity and occupy less space. 

#3. Available Floor Space

The available space for the freezer also determines the size of the freezer you need to purchase.

For instance, if you have enough floor space, you can purchase a chest freezer of larger cubic foot size.

However, if the space available for the fridge is small, purchase a smaller fridge size or change the location of the refrigerator. 


A seven cubic feet freezer is a moderate-sized refrigerator capable of carrying about 245 pounds of food.

Though it has a large size, it will be unable to hold half a cow without damaging the freezer.

However, consider the factors and take proper measurements, where necessary, to avoid purchasing the wrong freezer size for your home.

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