How To Defrost Frigidaire Freezer? (Things You Should Know)

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The freezer is one appliance we all love at home; it’s a reliable companion for storing our foodstuffs in the kitchen/home.

But no one loves to see some thick ice taking up space inside the freezer.

Apart from its space, the freezer is left looking untidy; it’s annoying to experience such, hence the need to defrost. So how do you defrost a frigidaire freezer?

For a freezer model with an electronic panel, press and hold the freezer ON/OFF button for three seconds. This turns off the compressor and starts the defrosting; defrost for 30 minutes. For other models, it’s pretty different but the same; you can defrost manually by switching off the freezer and letting the ice melt.

How Do You Force Defrost on a Frigidaire Freezer?

Sometimes, when the defrost system of your freezer malfunctions or doesn’t respond well, force defrosts should be the next option.

You can either force defrost a refrigerator by doing it manually or pressing the refrigerator light switch five times within six seconds.

The defrost control board will send electricity through the thermostat to the defrost heater by pressing this switch. 

Before you consider defrosting your freezer, a likely question to ask is, why should I defrost my freezer?.

The primary purpose of defrosting is to increase the freezer’s efficiency and reduce energy use. 

Apart from the odd look of the freezer’s interior, the food items will tend to lose their quality.

In addition, the extra ice will occupy some space in the freezer which will compromise the working efficiency of the freezer.

Leaving this ice will also increase the cost of electricity because the freezer will use more energy to work when the space is filled.

Not every refrigerator has the feature to defrost automatically; that’s why a manual defrost can be another option.

However, for most new frigidaire refrigerators, with an automatic defrost system, defrost is set by a thermostat with a timer that controls the thermostat with an automated defrost system. 

And these new model freezers also have temperature control options that you can use to force defrost, either automatically or manually.

Below are ways you can turn on the timers to force defrost on both freezers having a mechanical and electronic timer.

Follow the steps to force defrost frigidaire refrigerator:

#1. Mechanical Timers

  • Open the freezer door of the fridge.
  • Locate the screw for the timer.
  • Use a flathead screwdriver to turn the timer screw clockwise. Do this slowly until you hear a click sound that indicates the defrost mode’s activation.

#2. Electronic Timers

  • Open the door to the freezer compartment.
  • Locate the temperature control panel, where you set your freezer’s temperature.
  • Suppose your frigidaire freezer control panel has an ON/OFF button option, press and hold the button for about three seconds to turn off the cooling system. However, if yours has a control knob, turn it to zero.

How to Defrost Frigidaire Upright Freezer?

You will have to use the manual method to defrost a Frigidaire upright freezer; a manual defrost process is best for such freezers.

Manually defrosting a freezer can also include natural means like removing the items in the fridge/freezer and letting the ice melt.

All refrigerators that are household types will preferably use this defrost system. 

During this defrosting process, to save you more time, you can use some materials to help melt the ice frosts.

Besides, allowing the ice to dissolve in a cold region is like waiting a long time, so it’s a good practice to fasten the process.

You can follow these steps below to defrost the upright freezer;

#1. Turn Off The Temperature 

This should be the first thing you should do before doing anything concerning the temperature of your refrigerator.

You can either find the temperature control on the exterior front of the fridge on the door for newer models.

Or inside the middle of the rear wall, for old models, locate it and turn it off.

#2. Power Off The Upright Freezer

After turning off the freezer, unplug it from its power source. Also, avoid touching the thermostat; handling it might affect the temperature.

#3. Open The Freezer Door 

Keep the door wide open by supporting it with a board or something else. However, do not forcefully widen the door to avoid damage to it.

#4. Unpack The Freezer

Remove all the items from the freezer to create space for the ice to melt. You can put the items in coolers, corrugated bags, or insulated bags to keep things cool.

Also, if your upright freezer has a defrost drain plug, remove the grille from it.

#5. Speed Up The Melting Of The Frost

You can use a heat gun or pan of hot water to fasten the defrosting. If it’s a heat gun, direct it to the open freezer to ensure the vents are accessible for hot air.

Do not take it too close to the freezer to avoid water spilling. 

If it’s the hot water, place it inside the freezer for it to distribute the heat inside. Also, remember not to leave the hot water or heat guy for too long.

#6. Drain Or Clean The Melting Frost

You should drain the water from the melting frost, either with a drain hose to avoid overflowing on the floor.

However, another alternative is using a towel to drain the water every few minutes.

#7. Clean The Freezer Interior

Clean the inside with a soapy towel and warm water to keep it clean again. And use another towel to keep it a little dry.

Then, return the accessories, such as the grille, drain plug, and others, to the freezer.

How to Defrost Frigidaire Gallery Freezer?

Most models of the frigidaire gallery freezers have an automatic defrost system. This means the freezer can automatically start a defrost cycle based on some actions carried out in the freezer.

For example, activities such as opening and closing the freezer door can trigger a defrost cycle twice a day, depending on how you use the freezer.

For some models that allow automatic defrost, you can follow these steps below;

  • On your temperature control panel, while setting ‘2’, press and hold the up and down (warmer and colder) button for three seconds.
  • After that, it will display a ‘d’, which means it has entered manual defrost mode. You can follow the same process to cancel the process.

When pressing both UP and DOWN keys for 3 seconds while on setting “2”,

Such auto defrost freezers are pretty fast and require less effort from a person. When the ice melts, it drains into a drain pan beneath it instead of using a towel to get rid of the water.

But you can still use the manual method when the frost is thicker or more critical.

How to Defrost Frigidaire Bottom  Freezer?

Since a bottom freezer is a fridge freezer, the process can be simple/easy. Some models can have an automatic defrost system, but manually doing it is still viable. 

Always remember to refer to your user manual and guide to ensure that any method you are using is not contradicting the freezer.

Follow these steps below to defrost your frigidaire bottom freezer;

#1. Unplug The Freezer

Unplugging the freezer from its power source is always the first thing. Next, turn the refrigerator off and unplug it; also, remember to leave the door open.

#2. Empty The Freezer Part Of The Refrigerator

Relocate the foodstuffs from inside the freezer. Instead, store your most important stuff inside a cooler with ice to preserve it.

And this is also an opportunity to do away with the foodstuffs you don’t need again.

After removing the foodstuffs, you can also remove the drawers and shelves from both compartments. This will give you space to also clean the refrigerator.

#3. Arrange Towels At The Bottom Of The Freezer

You should do this so that the towels will drain the water from the melted ice. It is not necessarily a good/new towel; it can be an old towel or something else, just to keep the floor clean.

#4. Melt The Ice

You can wait to allow the ice to melt or use hot water or something else to fasten the process.

This is where the user guide comes in; it should provide you with information about your refrigerator and what does contradict it. 

#5. Clean The Freezer

Clean the water from the melted frost. Afterward, use a towel, soapy water, and warm water to clean the inside, both the freezer and fridge compartments.

Also, ensure to use a dry towel to clean the freezer.

#6. Replace The Items And Power The Refrigerator On

After some minutes of cleaning, return your stuff to the refrigerator, including the drawers and shelves. Then, power on the fridge back and let the fridge cool back.

How to Defrost Frigidaire Chest Freezer?

A chest freezer is quite different from other freezers; others have a fridge and freezer compartment, making defrosting easier. Why is it?

Most refrigerators or upright freezers can self defrost, thanks to defrosting features like the defrost control board.

However, you just have to defrost a chest freezer manually since most chest freezers lack the self defrost ability.

Defrosting a chest freezer is more of a natural way, whereby you unplug the freezer and let the ice melt.

And later, use a towel to drain the water; your beloved ice cream and other foodstuffs also melt during this time.

Not to worry, there is a more safe and easy way to defrost your freezer; follow these easy steps below ;

#1. Pre Defrost Preparation

This step is as crucial as the defrosting process. Here, you will want to plan the defrosting earlier to avoid any critical freezer use during the defrosting process. 

However, you should reduce the items in the freezer. You can plan your defrost during the period when you know you might be low on stock; eating from it is another option. 

Next is to relocate the items to another refrigerator or a cooler with ice. This creates space for defrosting.

#2. Defrosting

First, unplug the freezer from the power outlet, open the door and allow the ice to melt.

Then, according to your freezer-type plan for removing the ice, you can use a spatula or wooden spoon to remove the ice.

Check your freezer user manual to know its recommendations, if you can use a fan or hot water to speed up the melting.

When the melting process is done, use a towel and soapy water to clean the freezer.

After that, use a dry towel to dry up the freezer; doing this will ensure there is no more water to build up frost.

#3. Power Back And Restock The Freezer

After defrosting and drying, turn the freezer back on and close the door.

Before restocking the items back, it’s advisable to wait for about eight hours for the freezer to retain its proper temperature fully.

Lastly, fill the freezer back with the items for safe freezing.

Also, you can use a Frigidaire freezer with a defrost while defrosting. Place the drain pan under the drain outlet, and let the drain plug drain the water out of the freezer.

You should check your user manual for your freezer to know the best way to remove the ice.

Defrosting a chest freezer will take several hours, but the time will become lesser when you speed up the ice melting.

Where Is the Defrost Timer on a Frigidaire?

The Frigidaire defrost timer is in the defrost control panel of the freezer; it can be around the freezer’s lower kick plate.

However, for some freezers like the upright freezer, you can find the timer at the back of the refrigerator on the back wall.

Defrost timers come with four metallic terminals which extend from the bottom.

To locate the timer in some models and Frigidaire refrigerators/freezers, you might need to remove a cover to see the timer.

Or to open the door and remove the kick plate grille. Of course, you can always call the manufacturers or use your user manual guide.

Most of these timers can be hard to find because some are not visible. So always be patient because it might take you hours to see it.

Furthermore, locating your Frigidaire defrost timer can be an excellent start to diagnose if your timer is faulty and if it needs replacement.

A defrost timer is just a clock with a motor that allows it to open and close contacts that control electric flows.

So, it directs it to the defrost heating elements or the compressor motor.

How Do I Manually Turn on Defrost Timer?

To turn on a defrost timer manually is easy to do. First, locate the screw slot on the timer, and use your screwdriver to turn the screw clockwise.

This enables the opening and closing of internal contacts.

You should turn it slowly till you hear a click sound.  The first click sound means that the compressor defrosts heater will be enabled, closing the compressor.

While the second does the opposite.

Why Is My Frigidaire Freezer Not Defrosting?

If your frigidaire freezer does not defrost as it should again, then the problem could be from a faulty;

  • Defrost control board 
  • Defrost timer
  • Defrost heater 
  • Defrost thermostat 
  • Defrost sensors

#1. Defrost Control Board

The defrost control board determines the defrost cycle of the Frigidaire refrigerator. So from the control board, you can tell when and a defrost cycle should run.

So a faulty board will cause the freezer not to initiate any defrost cycle.

#2. Defrost Timer

The timer, as known, starts a defrost cycle. However, the defrost timer turns on the heater to melt the ice during defrosting. 

You can find out if your timer is faulty when the timer is not advancing.

#3. Defrost Heater

The defrost heater helps to defrost the freezer from the inside. When it gets faulty or bad,  the defrost system won’t work.

All that will be is a continuous frost accumulation on the evaporator coils.

You cannot repair the component, so you must replace it. However, you can diagnose if it’s genuinely the fault by using a multimeter to run a continuity test.

#4. Defrost Thermostat

The work of the thermostat is to monitor the temperature of the evaporator coils.

Then, the thermostat closes to allow the flow of electricity to the defrost heater when the temperature drops. 

When the defrost thermostat gets faulty and refuses to complete, then the heater won’t be able to melt any ice. 

#5. Defrost Sensors

A defrost sensor is a device inside the defrost system of a freezer. It sends signals from the control board to the defrost heater.

It has a fuse to backup in case of any failure, and the sensor can obstruct defrosting in two ways;

if the defrost sensor fails to control or shut off the defrost heater, the fuse blows instead to shut the defrost heater off.

And If the fuse blows, the defrost system won’t work.

You can do a quick check to try and find out what part is faulty and the defrost is not working.

The primary way to know a defective freezer is when the coils are covered in ice. 

You will have to remove the interior panels covering the cooling ice. If this seems impossible to solve your defrosting problems, you can always reach out to your manufacturers or other pros online.


Defrosting your freezer is one way to maintain the operating efficiency of the freezer, avoid food waste and save energy.

If you discover that your freezer creates frosts more often, then your freezer might be faulty and needs repairs.

Have fun defrosting your freezer since most of the time during the process is waiting; you can also do other activities.

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