How To Find The Age Of A Whirlpool Appliance?

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The joy of getting new appliances for your home is always exclusive. But unfortunately, this joy can be cut short when you discover that the new device you are enthusiastic about is not new.

Therefore, it is essential to know the age of an appliance before buying it. So, you may ask, how can one find the age of a Whirlpool appliance?

The most accurate way to decipher the age of a whirlpool appliance is by checking the serial number. The serial number uses codes to communicate the month and year of manufacture, thus displaying the exact age. The second Alpha character usually signifies the year, while the 1st and 2nd digits identify the week of manufacture.

How Can I Tell How Old My Whirlpool Appliance Is?

How know age of whirlpool appliances

The whirlpool serial number age tells you how old your Whirlpool appliance is. It contains the week, the month, and the year the Whirlpool appliance was manufactured.

However, this is not the case for some Whirlpool appliances, as a different brand name under the company may be the manufacturer.

In such cases, the serial number will look different. If this is the case with your appliance, contact the company for any necessary information. 

Brands under Whirlpool include but aren’t limited to the following.

  • Roper
  • Kenmore
  • Maytag
  • Kitchen Aid
  • Inglis
  • Jenn Air
  • Crowley
  • Amana
  • Sub Zero
  • Sink Guard

When calculating from the week it was manufactured through the month and year, the serial number tells precisely how old your Whirlpool appliance is.

The serial number starts with letters that symbolize the place and year of manufacture. And then, digits follow, indicating the week of the year.

The third to seventh digits represent the batch order of manufacture for the week.

You can discover your Whirlpool appliance’s precise age by identifying the serial number and interpreting all the codes to get the details above.

The corresponding age is always correct unless you fail to understand the codes and then end up misinterpreting them.

You can find the serial number of a Whirlpool appliance in any one of the listed places: 

  • The left-hand side of the attached product label. 
  • The receipt of the appliance and the label behind the refrigerator (if the appliance in question is a refrigerator).
  • And finally, the manufacturer’s guide.

Please note that different appliances may have other places where the labels are attached.

Whirlpool Serial Number Lookup

The image below will help you to understand the whirlpool serial number better, It is very frustrating when you don’t know how to find the whirlpool serial number age.

Please have a look at the image for a better understanding.


Whirlpool Date Codes

Once you understand how to break down whirlpool serial numbers, the next step is finding whirlpool date codes.

The image below describes whirlpool date codes from 1970 to 1989.

Whirlpool Serial number codes 1970 1989

The below image describes whirlpool date codes from 1990 to 2029.


Whirlpool Model Number Breakdown


Whirlpool Model Number Codes

The image below describes whirlpool model number codes before and after 1981.

Whirlpool Model Number Codes

Model Number Vs. Serial Number (Which Is Best To Find Manufacture Date)?

The model number always gives a detailed description of an appliance’s manufactured place, using country codes.

It also indicates the model’s year of production and introduction to the market using an Alpha code. 

For pre-1981 models, the code is the second digit of the model number. In contrast, for post-1981 models, the code for the year of introduction is in the eighth digit.

In addition, it provides information about the manufacturers of a device.

Meanwhile, the serial number describes the actual manufacture date, starting from the batch order, and the week to the year.

Once you have this information, you can always tell other details. For example, you can deduce the month using the week.

So, regarding the manufacture date, it is best to use the serial number. Meanwhile, check the model number for the year the model was introduced.

Different brands of appliance manufacturers have different styles of writing model numbers. While some do not include letters in their model numbers, others do.

The same is true with serial numbers, as some start with alphabets for some companies while others do not. 

However, no matter how the model or serial number is written, you can easily understand them.

For instance, Kenmore model numbers are written only in numbers and usually have prefixes.

It indicates the code number of the country that manufactured the appliance, and their serial numbers start with the alphabet.

Kenmore serial numbers with alphabets indicate the month the appliance was manufactured, making it easier to understand.

The latter is the best for identifying any machine’s manufacturing details between model and serial numbers.

How To Find The Age Of A Whirlpool Washer And Dryer?

Check out the serial number when looking for how long a Whirlpool washer and dryer has existed.

The serial number often contains the date of manufacture for the Whirlpool washer and dryer, telling the exact age.

The Whirlpool washer and dryer age are found on the tag with the serial number print.

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Below are various steps on how to find the age of a Whirlpool washer and dryer:

  • Look out for the tag; most companies have the model and serial numbers printed on the same label. 
  • The serial number usually starts with alphabets called alpha characters. The first alpha character indicates the manufacturing division code, while the second alpha character indicates the year of manufacture.
  • The first and second numbers indicate the manufacturing pattern of the Whirlpool dryer and washer.
  • The third number after the first two numbers, up to the seventh number, shows other manufacturing details of the Whirlpool washer and dryer. 

For example, a Whirlpool Washer with Model No.: WTW6000EW1 & SN: C60842978 shows that the washer was Manufactured in eight weeks (08) of 2016 (6).

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Then the eighth character of the model number (E) shows that the model was introduced in 2015.

How To Find The Age Of A Whirlpool Refrigerator? 

How To Find The Age Of A Whirlpool Appliance

isn’t it would be easy if you can find whirlpool refrigerator models by year? But, Unfortunately, it is not possible.

The easy way You can determine the age of a Whirlpool refrigerator is from the serial number, which is often printed on the label.

You can find the label on the body of the fridge on the left top side of the door. 

Check beneath the logo if you do not find it on the door. Apart from the label, you can also find the serial number on the receipt of the refrigerator.

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From the serial number, you can identify the month, the year, and the week it was manufactured.

You will also find the batch and sometimes even the time, giving the exact age of the refrigerator. However, when checking out the age, it’s the year you have to be conscious of.

Finding the label on the body of the refrigerator can only be possible when the refrigerator is not old. Because when it is old, you may have removed the tag or scratched the label.

In cases like this, you can find the age of the refrigerator from the store where you purchased it.

Alternatively, you can find the age of the Whirlpool refrigerator by checking for date stamps on some metal components.

How Long Do Whirlpool Appliances Last?

How Long Do Whirlpool Appliances Last?

The life expectancy of Whirlpool appliances is usually from 10 to 20 years, but this depends on how they are used.

When appropriately used, Whirlpool appliances can last longer than the above time range stated. Still, when not used properly, they won’t.

Whirlpool appliances may not last up to the above-stated time. The frequency of their usage also contributes to how long they last.

Considering whether or not the appliance will last, the time a frequently used instrument will stay isn’t the same as that used seldom.

A machine used once in a while will last longer because the lifespan of appliances diminishes with usage.

Also, handling the devices contributes to their lifespan. So, with adequate maintenance, your machine may live longer than someone else’s, even if they’re the same brand.

Another factor that determines the lifespan of an appliance is whether it is used in line with the manufacturer’s guide or not.

Adhering to the manufacturer’s guide can always avoid some usage mistakes. According to the manufacturer’s directions, the devices will likely not last long when you do not use them.

The reason is that possible errors will affect the appliance when not used in line with the usage guide.

Also, the lifespan of each appliance varies, though they are products of a single company.

For example, most times, the use of iron is rare, but a fridge is used more often. So, a Whirlpool iron and a Whirlpool refrigerator can not have the same lifespan. 


Knowing details such as the purchase date, age, and model number of a machine is significant.

These details acquaint you with your appliance and save you from buying older models of devices.

So, this article shows how to discover a Whirlpool appliance’s actual age quickly.

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