How To Find The Age Of Whirlpool Dishwasher? (Let’s See)

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Sometimes, the age of an appliance can be helpful to know how long and well it will last. 

Knowing the age will help determine if you will have to change or repair any parts or get another one.

Moreover, you will want your dishwasher to work smoothly with no unexpected disappointments, hence the need to find the age of your whirlpool dishwasher.

You can find the age of your whirlpool dishwasher by looking up the serial number. However, when you find the serial number, you have to decode it to get the date of manufacture. You can find the serial number on the same label where the model number is, mostly inside the dishwasher, on the rim.

How to Tell the Age of My Whirlpool Dishwasher?

How to Find the Age of Whirlpool Dishwashers?

The most accurate and common way to tell your whirlpool appliance’s age is from the serial number.

The serial number has numbers and letters that show where it was manufactured, the year and day, and the order of manufacture. 

Before you go ahead to find the age of your dishwasher, you first need to find the model/serial number label tag.

And get the serial number, not the model number, to know the date of manufacture.

The serial number mostly has two letters, or a letter and a digit in front and seven digits following, depending on the date.

Where can you find the serial number? Serial numbers are on the same label where the model number is.

So if you already know where the model number is, you can find the serial number too.

For example, most whirlpool dishwashers have this label tag inside the washer on the rim; it’s always around the door side.

You should not mistake the model number with the serial number; they are two different things.

The serial number comes with nine characters; the second character tells the year while the third and fourth determine weeks.

Other manufacturing companies have other date codes and code interpretations, so ensure you follow whirlpool’s own.

For this reason, you can’t directly tell the age with the serial number; you will have to decode it first.

Let’s look at this serial number as an example, CP3520767.

First character: this indicates where it was made. C means it’s from Clyde, OH.

Second character: the year manufactured. P =2003

Third and fourth character: these digits indicate the weeks of the year it was manufactured. That is the 35th week of the year, around August 25th.

Fifth to ninth characters: this is the manufacture order for that week.

Sometimes, people mistake thinking the model and the serial number give you the age of your appliances.

Well, It’s true in a way, but the thing is, the model number only provides enough information about your dishwasher and the manufacturers.

So while the serial number gives you information about when and where the company made it, the main thing here is the serial number.

Apart from using the serial number, there are other ways you can tell the age of your whirlpool dishwasher.

Sometimes, the serial number decoding method can be the most time-consuming, especially when you are not used to it.

Therefore, below I will be giving you some ways you can also tell your whirlpool appliance age.

Three Ways to Tell the Age of Whirlpool Dishwashers?

As earlier said, the serial number lookup method is sometimes time-consuming and unfamiliar when trying to decode it.

Although, on the other hand, you might just get the calculation wrong, not everyone settles well with calculating. 

We will be looking at these various ways to provide you with age quickly. And it will give you a good idea of your whirlpool appliance age without necessarily doing any calculations.

So now let’s look at the other ways to tell the age. 

#1. The Age of the House and Previous Occupants

Like other major appliances in the house, the dishwasher is also one major appliance in every home.

So when you get into your new home, you will want to make sure everything is ok.

Trying to know the age of an appliance is a wise step to take to minimize disappointments.

So the first question you should be asking when you get a new house is, how old is the house?.

Getting the answer to this question will give you a rough estimate of when the owners installed the dishwasher and other appliances. 

Sometimes the house construction date may vary, from when appliances were installed or how long it’s been in use.

The previous occupants or the agent/seller selling the house will know when a device was replaced or bought.  

So you can get the date of purchase and other information about all the appliances from such persons.

You might be lucky to find a previous occupant keeping the appliances’ installations date and replacement records.

#2. Using Online Website Services

This might sound weird, that you are being directed to another site when you are already in one.

Notwithstanding, some sites have a reliable database that contains code interpretations or even tells you the date of manufacture.

All you need is to get our model number and serial number.

A site like Appliance 411 has a complete database that can interpret or decipher the date of any appliance.

You just need to fill in information like the brand, type of appliance, and model/serial number. And it will provide you with the date of your dishwasher; it’s also a reliable site.

You can also find others with a good number of serial number decode information but are not up to the Appliance 411 site.

Also, these other sites will require some calculations too, which is a bit of stress.

Contacting the Manufacturers and Professionals Directly

Another option here is communicating with the manufacturers directly.

Manufacturers sometimes drop a means of communicating with them in their user manual; it could be their phone number or a website.

In addition, there are other interactive sites out there where professionals are willing to help you out on any issue, so engage in such sites.  

You will also need your model and serial number here too. Or you can just describe or take pictures of the dishwasher, and they can tell you the age.

You don’t need to decode this time around or be unsure if you did it right. Instead, you can just ask, and the manufacturers will answer you.

In conclusion, the quest for telling your dishwasher’s age still falls back to the serial number.

But, regardless of all, you go through to know the age with the serial number, it’s the most accurate and worth it. 


Unlike other companies, it’s easy to tell and find a whirlpool appliance age. Also, whirlpool as a company is reliable; they create most appliances for brands like the reputable Kenmore.

Your dishwasher will serve you for a longer period, but you should also practice good maintenance. 


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