How To Find The Age Of A Whirlpool Dryer? (Let’s See)

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Sometimes, we find equipment from the same manufacturer, wondering about the yearly production volume. 

Some look so odd and obsolete that we can’t accept they could function so well.

Sometimes we want to buy new components for some equipment and require to know about the age of the equipment. 

Whirlpool appliances have been around for so long, and they are known for their rigor and efficiency.

Maybe you’ve owned that Whirlpool appliance for so long that you wonder how old it is.

To find a Whirlpool dryer’s age, you need to subtract the manufacturing year from the current year. You can find the manufacturing year through the dryer’s serial number. The second number or letter in the appliance serial number indicates the year of manufacture.

How to Tell the Age of a Whirlpool Washer and Dryer?

To know the age of a Whirlpool dryer and washer. First, you should subtract the manufacturing year of the equipment from the current year.

Each Whirlpool appliance has its unique serial number. The serial number affixed on the dryer and washer gives information about the age of the product.

It also provides information about the model and details about the production of the equipment.

You can also specify the model of your washer and dryer with the model code number affixed with the appliance.

This detail is the first thing to consider whenever you consult a professional to help fix any of these devices.

In addition, the model or serial number will help you locate vital information on your whirlpool washer or any other appliance if you can’t find your owner’s manual. 

The owner’s manual contains information on every detail about your equipment, but you may misplace them because you don’t think they’re helpful.

A minority of equipment owners read their owner’s guide but only remember it when they need info. 

If you have misplaced your guide, you can access one online but only with the appliance’s serial number. Your serial number is an essential reference for device repairs.

There might be various information online on whirlpool washers and dryers, but you only need precise information on your model.

Finding detailed information saves you the time you would waste on consultations and helps you give out accurate information to the handyman. 

Also, understanding the model and serial number can assist you in changing equipment if you want to upgrade or acquire new spare parts.

Whirlpool washer models vary, but your whirlpool serial number makes the work easier for you.

You only need to give out the serial number information, and you’ll receive the exact part you need for your appliance.

How Hard Is It to Find out the Age of a Whirlpool Dryer?

Whirlpool assigns letter codes for manufacture identification to help you make calculations for its age.

It’s not hard to tell the age of a Whirlpool appliance if you have the appropriate chart and understand it correctly.

Although it may seem complicated initially, you will comprehend it if you take your time studying the chart. 

Additionally, It helps to write the serial number at the beginning and identify the position and meaning of each number and letter before checking the chart.

You can find the whirlpool serial number on a plate—the dryer. You can find the washer’s serial number either by the whirlpool washer’s door, side, or end of the dryer, relying on the model you use.

The second symbol determines Whirlpool’s serial number and can either be in letter or number. 

Number serial codes are for whirlpools that existed before 1990, while after 1999, the letter serial codes games into existence.

To decode the serial numbers, you should understand what they mean. The first symbol signifies the manufacturing district code; the second symbol highlights the manufacture date and the crucial information you need.

It would be beneficial to know what each letter and number indicates. 

The first symbol represents the manufacturing district code; the second symbol highlights the manufacture date and the crucial information you need.

The initial and the following number on the serial number plate indicate the week of the manufacturing year, while the rest of the characters specify the production order.

However, you need to understand that the model number is different from the serial number. The model number code determines what year the model came into the market.

The model-serial number can also be found on the appliance and usually stands in the same place as the serial number.

This information helps you differentiate each model from the same manufacturer.

Can You Tell How Old a Dryer Is by Serial Number?

Yes, you can tell the age of the dryer by the serial number. Whirlpool assigns a personal number to each appliance it manufactures, including each dryer.

Therefore, the dryer serial number provides a lot of information about the dryer’s age and the place of its manufacture.

The Whirlpool serial number consists of letter and number codes that allow you to identify the year the manufacturers made it, which helps you determine its age.

You should find the serial number by opening the dryer, as some models have serial numbers on the interior handle. In other models, you can check the rear of the appliance or even its top.

After finding the serial number, view it on your web browser to get your Whirlpool dryer’s correct age and manufacturing department. 

There is always information on every whirlpool appliance online, either from the company or other whirlpool owners’ forums.

You can trust the information you receive from authorized websites since you uploaded your precise serial number.

While serial numbers are the way to find out the age of your appliances, ensure not to make mistakes when inputting them as it could give you inaccurate information. 

In other situations, you may not discover any news as such a number may not exist.

The historical information you receive from the Whirlpool owners forum is somewhat reliable because most of them own similar appliances or have owned one before.

However, ensure to inquire about information only from the appropriate sources to ascertain the validity of any information you receive. Your owners’ guide is also helpful.

You can also reach out to Whirlpool customer service for assistance in decoding the serial number and informing you of the appliance’s age.

You can text them or call them directly, and they will check their records for every detail you need based on the serial number you give.


The serial number determines the age of Whirlpool appliances; you need a serial number decoder to understand.

It also indicates the date of production and manufacturing code, which can help you know the manufacturing location of the equipment.

Also, remember that the model number varies from the serial number, so don’t use it instead of the serial number. 

Many people make the error of confusing both numbers for the same thing resulting in complications.

You can also check the user manual guide or contact the Whirlpool customer service line for further assistance.

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