How To Find Age Of Whirlpool Water Heater?

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Figuring out the length of existence of your whirlpool water heater can be so advantageous. First, it gives you a hint of possible replacement when needed.

Also, with your whirlpool water heater age, you’ll know how much time it takes before inefficient functioning scenarios. So let’s see how you can determine your whirlpool water heater age.

You can discover your whirlpool water heater age by serial number. The serial number is that which usually begins with four digits. Out of the four digits, the first two represent the production year of the heater. The last two represent the production week of the heater. 

Is It Hard To Determine Appliance Age?

How To Find Age Of Whirlpool Water Heater

Determining the age of any appliance is not difficult. All you need do is merely locate the appliance serial number and identify the manufacturing year.

As simple as that. Another way you could determine the age of your appliance is by consulting the user manual. You’ll find the manufacture date somewhere around the back or front cover.

Though Instruction manuals are another excellent option, I still prefer the serial number option. Be as it may be, you might not even have your user manual anywhere close.

Remember that different brands have different ways of coding their serial numbers.

Like the whirlpool brand, their water heaters, to be specific, some brands have theirs beginning with four digits. Well, a few of these brands include Amana. 

But, as I said, serial number coding systems differ by brand. Not just only brands but even appliances of brands and models too.

If you have a whirlpool device, you could visit their Official Site to find your device and trace the exact model you’re using. You’ll find its existing coding system.

Brands like GE have their appliance serial digits beginning with two alphabets, after which six numbers follow up. You can identify their month of production using the first letter.

On a similar note, designate the manufacture year using the second alphabet.

In the case of Maytag appliances, their serial number generally end with two alphabets. It’s unlike the GE brand that begins theirs with two alphabets.

Here, the first letter identifies the year of manufacture, while the second determines the month of manufacture.

For Samsung products, their serial digits naturally contain 11 or 15 characters. For 15-character serial numbers, the 9th and 8th depict the manufacture date.

The 8th represents the manufacturing year, while the 9th represents the manufacturing month.

For 11-character serial digits, the 4th and 5th represent the production year and month, respectively. So determining the age of your appliance isn’t tricky.

Merely locate the serial tag or number, and Identify the manufacture date.

How To Tell Whirlpool Water Heater Age?

Firstly, locate its serial tag if you want to find your whirlpool water heater age. After that, identify the manufacture date. That is the production year and month.

Don’t panic about the serial tag. On the heater is an attached label. You’ll find several details like the model and product number, including the serial number.

Serial numbers usually have the production dates of appliances encoded in them, and it’s the same case for whirlpool water heaters.

In the serial digits of whirlpool water heaters, the first two digits represent their production year. The following two represent its production month. 

Let’s say the serial number of your whirlpool water heater is 1023T516236. From what we have above, the first two digits are 1,0, implying that its production year was 2010.

The following two digits, 2,3, show that its production week was the 23rd week of 2010

Irrespective of different whirlpool water heater models, this coding system remains. The first four digits of the serial number depict the heater’s production date.

Never mistake the product number on your whirlpool water heater for the serial number. Product and serial numbers are different and don’t match with whirlpool water heaters. 

What Is The Best Way To Find The Appliance Age?

There are many alternative ways to find your whirlpool water heater age. The most ideal and probably common one is identifying its serial number.

It’s easier, and you don’t need any technician or expert. Apart from the serial number methodology, there are many other alternatives to finding the current lifespan of your whirlpool heater.

They include;

#1. Making Use Of Code Search Web Pages

Another good option is utilizing code search websites if you find the serial number methodology somewhat inconvenient or stressful.

With your appliance’s model and serial number, code search web pages instantly provide the production date of your machine.

 You must get ready your whirlpool heater serial and model number and visit any code search engine web page. When you get there, merely fill in the necessary details of the appliance.

The data will process and present your appliance’s manufacture date. You could use Appliance 411 as a code search web page if you don’t have an idea of one.

#2. Contacting Your Producer

Most people doubt information from code search engines like Appliance 411.

If you’re uncertain about the information you’re getting from code search web pages, the next option is to contact your manufacturer.

In this case, whirlpool customer service. Look for a way they can perfectly identify your model to give you accurate information.

For example, you could either send them the heater’s model and serial numbers or describe its physical appearance or features. 

You can likewise send them photos if you cannot get your model and serial number. Again, they’ll probably be able to help you out.

#3. Consulting Your Manual

By now, you should know the power of your instruction manual. It redirects you and puts you in a state of clarity. Here, there’s no need to get any model or serial number.

Instead, you’ll directly find the production date of your whirlpool water heater in your user manual. 

The only problem is that the manual booklet could be nowhere close, or you might not even know where it is.

In cases like this, you can contact the previous occupants of your house or the appliance.

They should have a clue of the manual’s whereabouts.

This alternative will hardly fail, but should in case it does, visit Whirlpool’s Official Site. There you’ll for sure get helpful information and probably solve your problem. 

#4. Having An Idea About The Age Of Your Home

I’m sure you’re wondering how the age of your home can assist you in determining your whirlpool water heater age. Well, there are slim possibilities.

However, if your house is still new, there is a high chance that your whirlpool heater production date is the same as that of your home. 

In the same way, if you recently renovated your kitchen, there are even higher chances that your whirlpool heater has similar dates to the renovation.

Where Is The Serial Number On A Whirlpool Water Heater?

You can find the serial number on a label attachment close to the rear of the heater. It exposes the age of the heater.

This fact is not only applicable to whirlpool water heaters or whirlpool appliances. It applies to most home appliances.

Some have serial number labels close to other attachments like energy instructions and warning labels. 

Apart from exposing the age of appliances, serial numbers also play a significant role in unique identification.

Serial numbers are essential because they make different brands and models easy to identify, especially in cases of repair or replacement.

Moreover, consumers do not only utilize serial numbers. Brands also use serial numbers in monitoring their products.

What Is the Life Expectancy Of  A Whirlpool Water Heater?

Numerous factors can influence the life expectancy of your whirlpool water heater. These factors include frequent maintenance and usage.

As a result, your whirlpool heater will stay for about ten years before malfunctioning issues begin.

When malfunctioning issues start manifesting, I strongly advise you get a replacement.

Below are some signs that indicate a whirlpool water heater replacement.

#1. Rumbling Commotion

Over long periods, calcium sediments can result from hard water. So they’ll build up, harden and gradually cause a rumbling commotion whenever you utilize your heater.

When such situations occur, check if you can clean it up. If you can’t simply get a replacement, it’s probably aged.

#2. Less Heating Capacity

This sign is typical and obvious. Appliances that stay for seemingly long periods operate ineffectively in some areas, like your whirlpool heater.

It will not heat up properly or effectively as it should. Anytime you notice ineffective heating in your heater, get a replacement.

You’ll only do wrong if you continue using it and deliberately wasting your time.

#3. Moisture or Water From Your Heater

If you find moisture or water anywhere around your heater, check and inspect properly, there might be a crack somewhere.

For example, it could be along the pipes or fixtures. Try to fix any opening or crack.

If you see that the damage isn’t fixable, you know what to do already. Get a new one.


Determining your whirlpool water heater age is no tedious process. Your serial tag is the perfect solution. You’ll always find it on a label attachment.

Producers always encode their production date in it. The first serial number digits represent your whirlpool heater’s production date.

Always maintain your whirlpool heater regularly to prolong its usage. Avoid hard water usage!

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