How To Get Magic Eraser Residue Off Wall? (Step-By-Step)

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Magic Eraser is a popular product that helps professionals and DIYers remove scuffs, marks, and stains from many surfaces.

However, in the process of utilizing it on walls, unpleasant residues can result. But not to worry, this article will provide you with a few steps to follow to get rid of these residues.

You’ll need water, a soft brush, and a dry cloth to remove magic eraser residue on your wall. To begin, sprinkle little water on the residue until it becomes wet.

Then, scrub the area with your hand or a soft toothbrush until all the residue vanishes. After that, eliminate excess moisture from the surface with a dry cloth.

Step by Step Guide on How to Get Magic Eraser Residue Off Walls?

How to Get Magic Eraser Residue Off Wall

The suitable methodology depends on your wall’s nature, whether plain or glossed paint; there are no exact procedures.

But the most accessible and straightforward strategy is using a piece of fabric, a soft brush, and water.

To use this strategy, sprinkle some water on the residue, and scour the affected area with the brush till the residue vanishes. After that, use the fabric to clean the surface.

But since the process depends on wall types, I will explore different types of walls and proffer suitable strategies for each situation.

I’ll focus mainly on walls covered with flat paint, gloss paint, and wallpaper.

#1. Flat Paint

You can use three methodologies to clean any magic eraser residue on walls with flat paint.

While the first requires you to renovate the wall, the second and third merely involve using vinegar and typical soap solutions, respectively.

#1. Alternative 1- Renovation

This alternative requires you to repaint the affected wall. You may either decide to repaint the entire wall if it’s old.

But if it’s already looking renovated, repaint only the affected area. One thing I like about this renovation idea is that it doesn’t involve mixtures.

Of course, one may say it isn’t time and cost-effective. Still, I believe it’s worth it.

#2. Alternative 2- Vinegar

You can utilize the vinegar alternative if you don’t want to renovate your wall surface due to issues like inefficiency in cost and time.

A few kinds of stuff you may need here include a little water, a microfiber towel, vinegar, and a spray jar.

To begin, mix the water and vinegar in a ratio of 2:1, then transfer the mixture into the spray jar.

After the transfer, sprinkle some amount of the solution on the residue; gently clean the residue with the microfiber towel till they disappear.

Using vinegar to eliminate magic eraser residues on walls with flat paint can be so helpful, especially in situations of deep marks.

#3. Alternative 3- Soap solution

You can likewise implore the use of soap solutions if you don’t want to repaint or use vinegar either.

A soap solution is usually a mixture of soap and water; it’s more like a gel. To utilize this alternative, sprinkle a little amount of the soap gel on any cloth or fabric.

And just as the fabric is still wet with the soap gel, gradually clean the magic eraser residue. Then use a completely dry fabric to remove the remaining moisture on the wall.

#2. Gloss Paint

There are two alternatives: conceding that your wall consists of gloss paint and you want to eliminate the magic eraser residue.

While alternative one involves the utilization of baking soda, alternative two suggest using toothpaste.

#1. Alternative 1- Baking Soda

Here, you’ll need baking soda, a toothbrush, water, and a wet fabric piece. To begin the process, make a paste by mixing the water and baking soda; it should be thick.

Then, apply the paste to the marks and allow it to sit for some time(about 4-7 seconds). 

After allowing it to sit for a certain period, scour out the applied mixture with the damp fabric piece.

Finally, clean the baking soda completely. Note that baking soda can be reactive to gloss paints sometimes.

As a result, it’s advisable not to leave the paste on the residue for more than the suggested time frame.

#2. Alternative 2- Toothpaste 

Complaints about the baking soda alternative by most DIYers have led to the introduction of this methodology.

This approach employs powdered toothpaste, a soft toothbrush, water, and microfiber material.

Here, you need to mix the powdered toothpaste with little water. Then using the soft brush, apply the mixture to the erase marks; gradually scour the marks in a to and fro motion.

Thereupon, wet the microfiber cloth; use it to clean the surface.

#3. Wallpaper

It may seem strange to Some people to use a magic eraser on your wallpaper, but it’s possible.

I’ve used it on my wallpaper, and it works great. Here, I’ve just one alternative- the methylated spirit alternative. Let’s see what this method entails.

You’ll need a methylated spirit and a piece of towel. First, put some amount of the methylated spirit on the towel and mildly clean the magic erase marks.

Ensure you clean until every residue vanishes, even if it means pouring the alcohol on the towel anew. Thereupon, use a dry fabric piece; completely clean everything.

Can I Use Magic Eraser on Wall?

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You can use magic erasers on your wall, but not in every scenario. For instance, if your walls consist of natural or untreated wood, you should stay off magic erasers. Magic erasers have their pros and cons.

Pros of Magic ErasersCons Of Magic Erasers
They’re easy to handle and cost-effective. They can result in unpleasant situations if you don’t use them correctly and carry out every procedure rightly. 
They clean up stains and remove scuffs on wallsThey sometimes impair wall surfaces in the cleaning process.

As much as magic erasers aren’t suitable for untreated finished woods, you can use them on flat walls(made of non-gloss paints).

Conversely, when it comes to gloss paints, you must be very careful to avoid unpleasant damage situations.

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Some professionals ultimately discourage utilizing magic erasers on gloss paints. The process requires optimum care.

Will Magic Eraser Remove Sticky Residue? 

Magic eraser removes stains and marks; it eliminates sticky residue too. So if you have any stubborn sticky residue, try the magic eraser.

Magic Eraser is made from melamine foam(melamine and formaldehyde mixture); the mixture makes it an excellent cleaner.

It’s important to note that using the Magic Eraser may not be safe for all surfaces. It can damage or even destroy some materials like marble, stone, or linoleum flooring if it’s left on for too long.

Will Magic Eraser Remove Tape residue?

Many DIYers have questioned the effectiveness of magic erasers on tape residues.

Magic erasers remove many types of surface marks; tape residue is no exception.

But aside from magic erasers, alcohols are another excellent choice. Alcohols loosen the adhesion of adhesives, making them easy to clean or brush off. Note that alcohol sometimes impairs painted surfaces.


Cleaning off magic eraser residues from walls isn’t problematic. However, it requires utmost dedication; you must be careful to avoid damaging the wall.

Also, avoid using this on highly glossy surfaces or walls coated in wax, shellac, or lacquer.

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