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Hanging a mirror over the dresser may seem like a simple task, but if not correctly done, you stand a chance to miss out on the impact of the beauty it adds to a room.

Mirrors have an excellent way of making a room appear more prominent and, at the same time, are fantastic for decorations.

As such, placing mirrors right should prioritize making your room stand out.

Creating a balance between your mirror and the dresser is pivotal for your mirror to serve its ideal purpose.

Whether your mirror is for decoration or an accessory to stare at before stepping out of your house, hanging it at the right point is crucial. As such, how high should you hang your mirror over the dresser?

The appropriate point to hang a mirror over a dresser is six to eight inches. Thus, this creates a visible break that does not allow the mirror to tower over the dresser. These dimensions are adjustable, depending on the height of your dresser and the mirror.

How High To Hang A Mirror Over Dressing Table?

How High To Hang Mirror Over Dresser

Hanging a mirror over your dressing table adds a finishing touch to your room and a trace of expression and character.

And as such, you don’t want to hang your mirror just in any manner that won’t wholly bring out the beauty of your bedroom as expected.

However, having the satisfaction of a beautiful room set up or seeing your decor flow in the agreement will give you a fantastic feeling. Dressing tables come in various sizes and shapes, and so do mirrors.

To hang a mirror over a dressing table, you must first consider the size of the dresser and the mirror, as it will aid you in deciding on the positioning.

In addition, mirrors make a statement in the bedroom. As such, you must balance the distance of your mirror from the dressing table by strategically hanging your mirror.

Remember that mirrors act as wall decorations when hung above dressing tables, but the reflection finishes the decoration.

As such, you must be cautious when choosing the point to hang your mirror as it will reflect everything on the opposite side.

The steps you can follow to hang the mirror over the dressing table include the following:

  • Measure the center point of the dressing table.
  • Measure at least six to eight inches from the top of the dressing table.
  • Next is to drill the holes. You must ensure the holes are in line with each other
  • Put bumpers on the back of your mirror.
  • Now, set the mirror, ensuring it is solidly in position.

What Is The Proper Height To Hang A Mirror?

The proper height to hang a mirror depends on the type of mirror. In most cases, it comes down to which height makes you feel more comfortable.

As such, you can try several heights and settle for the one that makes your room more proportional.

However, one must know that personal taste matters when deciding how to hang your mirror.

Deciding on the height to place a mirror can be tasking, knowing that the height of your mirror will ultimately affect what it reflects and how valuable your mirror will be.

Another thing to consider is whether the mirror will hang amidst other wall decoration pieces.

The type of mirror on the wall is a top factor in determining the height it will hang. The size and length of the mirror will also play a key role in deciding the height it will hang.

Also, if you are to hang over a dresser, you must consider the height of the dresser too. Full mirrors are even left standing in some cases.

Some of the recommended heights to hang mirrors are in the table below.

Inches Of Furniture Height To Place Mirror
40 inches 3-4 inches 
35 inches 6-8 inches 
30 inches 8-12 inches 

How To Measure Proper Height To A Mirror Over A Dresser?

When hanging a mirror over a dresser, one of the most important things to consider is getting the proper measurements.

Here, the dresser’s height is the primary determining factor in how high or low you will place your mirror.

And sometimes, you can go as far as measuring the person’s height using the mirror.

While measuring, you are looking at placing a balance so that your dresser and mirror blend.

Therefore you must ensure that you don’t place a tiny mirror over a large dresser, so your mirror goes hidden.

Or a huge mirror over a subtle portion of a dresser, retaining the aesthetic of the mirror. The key is striking a balance.

As such, you must be careful not to place a large mirror over a small piece of a dresser, and a thin mirror should not go with an overly large dresser table, keeping the beauty of your placement intact.

So, measure out the center of the dresser and the center of the mirror to ensure the mirror is hung on the wall and in the middle of the dresser

Round Mirror Over A Dresser How High?

There are numerous alternatives for a mirror, and sometimes making a choice can get overwhelming.

The good thing is that round mirrors never go out of style because they offer universal and elegant design solutions.

Whatever the shape, there is a round mirror for every style and space. There is a need to know that, more often than not, no bedroom is complete without a mirror.

A mirror hanging over a dresser is one of the essential focal points of your room, so placing the mirror at a functional height will be best.

Although, at the same time, you must ensure the mirror is aesthetically pleasing to the room.

In determining the height to hang a round mirror, consider the dresser’s height but most importantly, place it at a height that serves the intended purpose.

Other factors also influence the height you can place a round mirror over a dresser. The size and style of the mirror will go a long way in deciding how high or low tin can place it.

Place the curves of the lower part, so the mirror remains at eye level. The idea is to ensure your mirror reflects all you desire to attract, and you should not deny yourself the satisfaction.

Rules For Hanging Mirrors

Mirrors serve essential purposes in various homes, from complementing your decorations to serving as a final stop point to check yourself before stepping out of your home.

Ensure to place mirrors suitably if you plan on making the most out of them. When hanging mirrors in your room, you must consider using natural light.

Note that perfectly hanging your mirror can make all the difference you want to see in your room.

When you place your mirror in the wrong place, you blur the supposed good energy in your space.

Before installing your mirror on the wall, you should first define its intended purpose, a decision that will aid in the perfect placement of your mirror.

Some of the rules to follow while hanging a mirror include the following:

  • Don’t hang the mirror across a clutter, as you want your mirror to reflect positive energy.
  • Do not hang a mirror directly above or opposite your bed.
  • Don’t hang mirrors on the ceiling.
  • Avoid hanging a mirror opposite your front door.
  • Always use mirrors to enhance and not distract.
  • Avoid hanging mirrors over fireplaces.
  • Hang mirrors opposite beautiful views, and avoid placing mirrors in the kitchen.
  • Do not leave your mirrors dusty. Always ensure to clean them.

Final Thoughts 

Mirrors come in various shapes and sizes and act to complete a room.

Regardless of your reason for installing a mirror, you must ensure that it hangs at the right height, thereby making your mirror look aesthetically pleasing and also usable.

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