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How Long Does Flan Last? (Things You Must Know)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

Flan is a baked custard or dessert made with eggs, sugar, vanilla, and sweetened condensed milk. It’s always topped with caramel.

People consume it as both a snack and a main meal.

Flan is delicious, and this makes it almost everyone’s choice. However, it does not seem to like overstaying after making it.

This article will explain the reasons and how you can preserve them.

Generally, a flan can last for 2-5 days. This, however, depends on how you preserve it. If you ensure that it is adequately preserved, then the average shelf life of your flan is guaranteed. 

How Long Is Flan Good For?

As yummy as flan can be, it’s only safe to eat for up to 5 days.

Yes, unluckily, flan does go bad. And when you consume it, it can lead to food poisoning such as abdominal cramps, vomiting, and so on, which is dangerous to your health.   

Below are the two main things that will happen to your dessert after completing its shelf life:

  • First, it begins to lose shape and its pleasant taste.
  • And eventually, it becomes unpalatable.

If only flan isn’t made of eggs, sweetened milk, and so on, its shelf life would have been longer than this.

What Should I Do With My Leftover Flan That Has Not Completed Its Shelf Life?

Of course, you won’t throw away your leftover flan that is yet to complete its shelf life. Instead, store it inside the fridge but note that you must consume it within five days.

How Long Does Flan Last In The Fridge?

Flan can only last up to 5 days or less than a week inside the fridge.

There is this common belief that when you preserve your food by keeping it in the refrigerator, it will prevent bacteria such as Salmonella, Streptococcus, fungi, and so on from growing on it.

This is true, at the same time, not 100% accurate. 

Keeping food inside the fridge can only help you maintain its freshness to some extent; it cannot extend its shelf life.

For example, suppose you keep flan inside the refrigerator for more than a week.

If it begins to separate, it will lose quality and eventually becomes contaminated, which won’t be safe for you to consume.

When keeping warm flan in the fridge, ensure it cools at room temperature 68-72°F.

This is advised to prevent the warm flan from cracking and ensure that it comes out fluffy and nice when cold. 

How Can You Cool Flan Quickly?

The shortcut to cooling your flan faster if you can’t wait for it to cool naturally at room temperature goes thus;

  •  After the flan has been baked, remove it from the flan water bath.
  • Then, place it inside an ice bath or a cool water bath for at most an hour.
  • Remove it from the bath after it cools.
  • And lastly, cover it with wax paper and transfer it to the fridge.

How Long Does Raymond’s Flan Last?

Raymond food Group is one of the best American restaurants that produces and sells handcrafted desserts.

They make delicious and savory flans equal to the taste of home styles’ own and even better than it.

Their customers’ testimonies will surely leave you in awe. 

They warn their consumers not to freeze their flan, but they can refrigerate it. You will always see this on their flans’ containers and papers.

This, therefore, explains that you can’t cheat on the shelf life of your flans. And their flans, just like other flans, can only last for five days and generally less than a week. 

How Long Does Chocoflan Last In The Fridge?

As its name implies, chocolate cake batter is added to its ingredients. This, of course, has effects on it and its shelf life.

Hence, the custard smothered on top of it can only last for 3-4 days inside the fridge.

You need to refrigerate it after baking before consumption.

Allow it to cool after baking at room temperature to prevent curdling; transfer it into the serving dish and place it inside the fridge until it is ready to be eaten.

Chocoflan is so much mouthwatering, and I bet you won’t even wait for it to last for days before consuming it all.

However, the refrigerated, warm caramel on top of it may become hard as it cools. If this happens, you can reheat it with some tablespoons of cold water, and it will still maintain its quality.

Should You Refrigerate Flan?

Yes, you should refrigerate it to enjoy it more, but it’s not always necessary. Some people like to serve their flan warm because they find it more delicious and creamy.

Above all, it depends on how you want to eat your flan. You can eat your flan chilled or warm at room temperature, 68-72°F.

However, if you are the type that likes it chilled, then all you need to do after baking it is to allow your hot flan to cool at room temperature, which is 68-72°F.

After it cools, the next thing is to place it inside your refrigerator for at least 4 hours or even overnight.

Then the next day, you can enjoy your chilled and yummy flan. You can also keep a warm flan with the warm caramel fluid in the refrigerator.

However, always ensure that both the flan cake and the warm caramel fluid cool to room temperature, that is, 68-72°F, before placing them inside the fridge. 

Does Flan Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

This depends on when you are planning to eat your flan. It won’t go bad if you leave it overnight without refrigerating it.

But anytime longer than this, it becomes unsafe, which will attract the risk of it going bad.

So the best thing is to preserve your flan inside the refrigerator, and it’s best to consume it after 48hrs when it’s still very fresh and delicious.

How Do You Store Your Leftover Flan?

The best way to store your leftover flan is to place it inside the fridge. Preserve your leftover flan by keeping it inside an airtight container or your baking dishes (ramekins).

Cover the baking dishes with plastic wrap or wax paper. Whichever you choose to use, ensure that it covers the warm caramel fluid.

The reason is to prevent vapor from forming on top of the custard and avoid any food from getting on it, making it attract foul odors.

Another reason is to prevent it from exposing to air because egg custard soaks up odors quickly.

And this can lead to it becoming contaminated when exposed to air, making it unsafe for consumption.

However, these preservation methods can only work if the flan is prepared correctly. Make sure that you place the mixture in a flan water bath.

This ensures that the temperature is evenly distributed and circulates heat at equilibrium around the flan.

The flan water bath also prevents the flan from cracking on the top, making sure it is smooth and fresh.

Preheat your oven to 350°F. Place the water bath inside the oven and allow the custard to bake for about 40 minutes at 170°F.

To confirm if it’s appropriately baked, dip the blade of your knife in the center and almost the bottom.

The knife should come out clean without anything gluing to its surface if the flan is set.  

If you follow these instructions and ensure that your flan is well-baked, then the preservation method will work properly.

You will want to ask this question;

Can You Rebake Flan?

If you notice that it’s undercooked or not properly baked after baking your flan, here is the best thing: extend your flan cooking time to 10-15 minutes longer or increase the initial baking temperature by 50°F, making it 220°F.

Meanwhile, if you’re still facing this same issue after following the instructions above, definitely, your ingredients are not in normal proportions.

And it happens either due to the insufficiency of the eggs used or milk.

How Do You Know If Flan Is Bad?

If flan passes its shelf life, it will become spoiled no matter how much you try to preserve its freshness.

The moment your flan begins to curdle, feel soft, and also when the custard on top of it begins to separate, it’s giving you some signs of contamination.

Another way to know if your flan goes terrible is when tiny ice crystals start forming on the creme.

These ice shards may disguise as part of the crime, but you can tell if your flan is going bad by looking at it.

Although you can scrape it off and consume the rest if it’s not much, this isn’t always advisable because it may be dangerous to your body system.

You can also know if your flan is spoiled when you notice that the outside of the container is gelatinous and when the flan starts becoming watery.

Another best way to tell if your flan is spoilt is by smell. Flan has a delicious and pleasant aroma, but it will begin emanating a horrible and unpleasant odor when it spoils.

So, the best way to help yourself is to walk towards the dustbin and throw away the spoiled flan.

Do not consume it; it’s harmful to you and your health.


Of course, you can have your flan and at the same time eat your cake if you have all the basic knowledge about its shelf life and preservation methods.

Furthermore, you can store your flan longer than before, which will still give you your desirable taste if you correctly follow the instructions mentioned in this article.

You should also be able to discover when it spoils and when it becomes due for disposal if you read this open-mindedly and comprehend all the hints discussed in this article.

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